Review: Daisy Jones & The Six

Daisy Jones & The Six

Daisy Jones & The Six
By Taylor Jenkins Reid
Ballantine Books, 9781524798628, March 2019, 368pp.

The Short of It:

An accurate depiction of what fame can do to a person, to a band, to a family.

The Rest of It:

Daisy Jones & The Six has been everywhere. It was chosen for Reese Witherspoon’s book club Hello Sunshine and so many of my reader friends have read it…or tried to. Not everyone has loved it, which is the way it goes when a book hits the scene with so much hype.

I, however, loved it. I’ve not felt like this about a book in a long time.

The story is about the beginnings of a fictional rock band called The Six during the late 60’s, well into the 70’s. Headed up by Billy Dunne, a writer and singer with talent coming out of his pores, The Six clearly has a sound that the record industry immediately notices.

At the same time, Daisy Jones is this barefoot wisp of a thing. Young and strung-out on drugs, but possesses a voice and presence that is hard to ignore. Under the same record label as The Six, it’s only a matter of time before their manager tries to put the two of them together and their chemistry if off-the-charts. The crowd loves them.

What happens when you put two, larger-than-life people together and ask them to share the stage? What happens to the rest of the band? What happens to Billy’s relationship with his wife and kids? What happens to Daisy as she slowly sinks ever deeper into a cloud of drugs, desperately wanting what other people have?

Wow. Wow. Wow. The story started off slow but once I got into it, I could not turn the pages fast enough. Throughout the story there is this sense of doom that I could not shake. I had to know what it was.

The format did not bother me. It’s written like a script so it’s not surprising that it’s slated to be a TV series soon. Reid mentioned that Fleetwood Mac might have been the inspiration behind the book. I can totally see it. What I cannot stress enough is how the story made me feel. It contains that classic mix of love and pain and recklessness and danger. Anyone who has experienced complicated love or love that makes you question everything you know to be true will get totally caught-up in this story. You don’t even have to love rock and roll to get it.

This is a book you must experience for yourself. Read it. Feel it. That’s all I can say about it. Readers have said the audio book is fabulous so if you don’t like the script format perhaps that’s the way to go.

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16 thoughts on “Review: Daisy Jones & The Six”

  1. You make this sound so good. I had initially given it a pass but that “complicated love thing” makes me reconsider and, I loved Fleetwood Mac.

    1. It took about a quarter of the book for me to really get the vibe of the story but once I got it, I was hooked. These characters felt so real and that complicated love thing… I could totally get. It was like this pulsing thing. Maybe you have to be within a certain age range to really enjoy it but I totally got it.

  2. I know a lot of people who loved this but I just didn’t. One of our customers read it and she said it was a quick read but she felt very letdown in the end. I did think the audio production was fantastic.

    1. A lot of people don’t read all the way to the end. I didn’t feel let down but I felt like it was a realistic ending given how Camila was the entire time. What didn’t you like about it?

    1. I always get a little nervous when I love a book that has a few mixed reviews but I honestly loved it. These characters were so flawed but trying… you know? They felt so authentic to me. I was pretty young in the 70s but I remember what it was like during that time and I felt like the author nailed that decade.

    1. Do. Not one person has said anything negative about the audio. Everyone says it’s fabulous and has a full cast of great people reading it.

  3. Oh boy, I went back and forth on whether to get a copy of this book or not and finally decided to not. Now, after reading your thoughts, I’m thinking I would like it. If I do get a copy, I’ll go with the audio.

  4. I was nervous about the format at first. But it actually enhanced the read. Loved it. It’s not the easiest book to sell. Once I began reading it I did not want to stop.

    1. Right? Once I got to the middle, I would say I was completely in love. It’s not a perfect story but the angst and all those side-long glaces and tension. It was intense. Didn’t you love Camila?

  5. Hi Ti — so glad you liked this one too! The audiobook & cast of this is fantastic. I was hooked hooked hooked. Billy & Daisy, a songwriting duo made in heaven. I thought Billy evolved in the story and changed his dominant ways and thus I became drawn to him. He became a sensitive good looking rock ‘n roller, and I was smitten. Ha!

    1. I agree. I admired Billy for a lot of things. I also loved his wife, so, so much. All that tension between him and Daisy. It was too much to handle sometimes. I loved Daisy’s friend Simone too. Such a solid friendship there. Daisy was tough as nails but so vulnerable and such a hot mess.

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