Last Week, This Week

The Ottterpup

Last week I took the entire week off from work but Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I spent battling a fever. Why do these things happen to me?

My fever and I made many trips to the various markets to get what I needed for the big holiday meal but spent much of my time wandering around in a DayQuil fog. However, I did manage to pick everything up eventually.

By Thursday, I woke to rain but I felt much better. Good enough to whip-up a kick-butt meal. But I was sleepy because The Otter Pup was sick the night before. That photo above is her at the table, waiting for her grub but since she was sick it was greatly reduced to plain turkey and sweet potatoes. That face is her, “Where is my gravy?” face.

I was inspired by Bryan’s post recently so here is what we did on Thanksgiving:

  • I woke at 8 o’clock to set the table and prep stuff.
  • I cooked all the traditional dishes except green beans. We had brussels sprouts instead.
  • While it was all cooking we snacked on cheese and nuts but good lord I bought a lot of cheese. DayQuil fog will do that to you. Oh, I need to get cheese! Even though I already bought pounds of it.
  • We watched the parade but ending up turning it off because it was really cheesy and sub-par.
  • We sat down to watch Miracle on 34th Street, the original, but I somehow selected the colorized version and not the B&W version but my cold-addled brain said, WTH and it was still good.
  • I was supposed to also watch Home for the Holidays but forgot.
  • No one wanted to play games or do puzzles so I read Murakami and drank eggnog while The Hub watched football and the pup begged for food.
  • At 4:30 p,m. I pulled all the food out and had dinner served fifteen minutes later. It was SO good. Three days of not eating made the food seem super good but the kids had more than two plates so maybe I should always be in a DayQuil fog.
  • We took our time eating. I had been washing dishes as I cooked so there wasn’t much to deal with. The weather was cool, a nice breeze was flowing through the house and I had all the candles lit. My son was in charge of the playlist so the music was nice too.
  • After dinner we just hung out and ended it with pie. No shopping or craziness.

Overall, it was a perfect day. Here’s a meal photo because why not? Also, my daughter set the silverware out so ignore the placement. Those sweet potatoes are a Southern recipe I tried which involved placing raw yams into a dish, covering them with brown sugar, butter, nutmeg, cinnamon and… heavy cream and it was awesome.


On Black Friday I did venture out to buy Michelle Obama’s book but that’s it. I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving. I am just now catching up on my blog reading.

24 thoughts on “Last Week, This Week”

  1. I enjoyed your Thanksgiving commentary. So sorry you were sick but at least you watched a neat movie and read! I moved from the apartment to the family room…settled in on the sofa with a furry throw and watched the parade. Macy’s apologized for their issues.

    1. Oh, so you left the apartment. That’s good. Your house always sounds so cozy anyway. How are you feeling today. Do they still give you Neulasta?

      1. Nope…don’t get Neulasta with this chemo and no hair loss! This makes me so happy! I think I told you that already. I felt so good last night…but I ended up not being able to sleep…I was up at four and I was sweating profusely! My head was wet! They say it’s from the steroid infusion I get with chemo. I feel a little off today…and tired and hot…

          1. It’s standard with all chemo…I think…you get Pepcid, steroids and the chemo juice…I have been taking magnesium and getting magnesium fluids because I am always low in magnesium and apparently that’s important…

  2. Ugh, don’t you hate it when you’re sick on a day off? Vance was out of town for Thanksgiving so it was just me and Carl. We worked at the store and then had a simple (but traditional) dinner and watched Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

    1. And I was sick all three of my vacation days. If that happens normally, I usually switch my time to Sick Time and not vacation but I have to use many hours of vacation this year before I lose it and there are no other days to use them up. It’s a good problem to have.

  3. Sorry you were out of it for a bit last week. We had just the kids and grandkids – 9 in all. It was very fun.

    I’m starting Becoming on audio this weekend on a mini road trip. She’s the reader so it should be great; enjoy. (I miss that no drama couple so much).

    1. I didn’t know that she read the book on audio but it makes sense. It sounds like a deeply personal book. I cannot wait to read it. I hardly ever buy hardbacks but I was sick and everyone kept talking about it so I dragged myself to the store to get it. Drama free couple, is right.

  4. Sick during the holidays is no fun 😦 I’m glad you are feeling better. I love the idea of the Thanksgiving post! I’ve been cleaning up some of my past posts and have loved re-reading some of them…so many memories. I would LOVE it if I had Thanksgiving posts from the last 10 years!!

    1. Yes, I thought Bryan had a great idea there. I always post pics on FB but it’s hard to find them later if they don’t come up in memories on their own. Being sick was not fun but at the same time it forced me to be down and I really needed to rest. It’s been a long year. At least I never lost my sense of taste because that happened to me many years ago and the dinner was over salted because I could not taste it while I was cooking.

  5. Thanksgiving was busy here, but it was fantastic. We had a full house and great food. No movies, but there was a round-robin elimination game of video game Mortal Kombat. LOL

  6. Glad you’re feeling better! BTW: I love your dog! I didn’t watch the parade, my granddaughter wasn’t in it this year and it’s so long. Besides, after seeing it in person, the tv version just doesn’t do it justice. Those sweet potatoes sound so good. Mind sharing the recipe? I would need amounts.

  7. Aww, what a bummer to be sick on your days off. Glad you felt well enough to enjoy Thanksgiving though… the food look fabulous! I have an audible credit to use within the next couple of weeks and am thinking about Becoming. Hope you’re having a good week.

  8. That sounds like a lovely day despite your Dayquil fog. Our day was strange: hanging out in the hotel room to avoid the 20 degree outside temps then dinner at my daughter’s roommate’s with 20 people we didn’t know. At least they were a fun friendly group!

  9. I’m so glad you were feeling well enough to enjoy the day! The way you spent it sounds like heaven, definitely a lot more relaxing than mine was having to entertain all day!

    1. It was probably one of the most pleasant Thanksgivings I’ve had in a long time. I wasn’t feeling all that great but no one expected much from me so there was that. LOL.

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