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Sunday Matters: Feeling Pensive

Sunday Matters

I am looking at the calendar and cannot believe that this school year is almost over. After next week we basically have one more month but what a month it is! So much going on. I love the idea of summer but summer is not slow for us. We just have different types of activities over the summer and they all present transportation challenges.

Right Now:

Meh. I am feeling “meh” again. Nothing a Matcha Latte can’t temporarily fix. It’s my new favorite thing.

This Week:

Two doc appointments. I try not to schedule two in the same week but sometimes it’s out of my hands.

The Girl is participating in a choir festival on Tuesday. This is a yearly thing and the same event where I stepped off a curb and landed right on my face. I have such a fear of that place now!


I am reading The Flight Attendant. The reviews are kind of all over the place but it has started off good. It will be a TV movie soon starring Kaley Cuoco. I agree with the casting.

I should also start my book club pick for this month, A Gentleman in Moscow.

Free Books

There is still a little bit of time to download FREE Kindle eBooks for World Book Day! I picked up all of them! Thanks, Amazon!

Get your books here!


The Walking Dead is over until next season. This week I am focusing on Fear the Walking Dead. I sure hope this show continues to improve because it too, seems to be flailing a little.

Another blogger posted about a Netflix show called The 100. I thought it was a new series but I see that it started back in 2014. I had not heard of it before her post. Has anyone seen it? It sounds like my kind of thing.


I am seriously sick of everything. The idea of small bites sounds good but that’s pretty much it. Appetizers for dinner?  I could easily eat grilled fish every day but it’s not popular with the family AT ALL. Making anything good this week? Inspire me.

Grateful for:

Once in awhile I go along my merry way and then get derailed. When this happens, it’s like a wake-up call. Pay attention. Don’t take things for granted. Admit that you don’t have it all figured out. It’s a humbling experience, this process. I don’t enjoy it, but I am often grateful for the snap to attention that it provides.

You ever have one of those moments?


Review: Sunburn


By Laura Lippman
William Morrow & Company, 9780062389923, February 2018, 304pp.

The Short of It:

Manipulation & motive will keep you guessing with this one.

The Rest of It:

Sunburn has gotten a lot of buzz and for good reason. It has a cold, rather calculated protagonist. One that you can’t quite figure out which makes this read hard to put down.

Pauline walks away from her husband and child while on vacation. She heads to a small town, finds a job in a small little bar, puts herself up in a modest apartment, reinvents herself as “Polly”,  and then… falls in love.

Why has she walked away from her family? Why has a private investigator been hired to track her? Who is paying for his services? What is Pauline hiding? Plenty.

What makes this a fascinating read is Pauline. She is like a cat. She always lands on her feet no matter what she’s been dealt but she’s not always likable. Guys seem to like her, which she uses to her advantage but women? No. Women do not like her and this is where she finds herself challenged.

I think Lippman spent quite a bit of time developing Pauline’s character. She’s very complex. I found myself not liking her but then I would turn a page and I’d get a glimmer of something similar to like. She is a very strong character and personality and yet there is a vulnerability to her which makes the story plausible.

Sunburn is not a perfect read. There are some stereotypes and moments where you’ll question some of the plot lines,  but all this year I have been reading books that have been pegged as page-turners and this one definitely falls into that category. I guess you could call it a mystery but I didn’t see it as such.

That said, I liked it quite a bit.

Source: Review copy provided by the publisher.
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