The Sunday Salon: Rainy and Gloomy but Hey, I’m not Working

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I am still a bit distracted and all over the place with my thoughts so to keep this brief, I will provide a list of what’s going on:

  1. Jill and I loved The Devil’s Star by Nesbo so now we are reading his next, US release (The Snowman). However, we realized yesterday that there is a book in between that has yet to be released here in the US. This gave us pause but you know what? We don’t care.
  2. I announced this past week that the Indie Lit Awards are back for another year of great reading. Check out the post because we’ll need your nominations come September and if you are in a position to promote the awards, please do so. We’d really appreciate it.
  3. It’s raining heavily right now in Southern California. So  much so, that I have water pouring into one of my dining room windows. Get out the buckets!
  4. I am about to drop The Girl off at her friend’s house for a play date, but the mom was like… “maybe come at noon” then she was like, “maybe come later” and then she was like, “maybe she can come for a little bit.” I honestly don’t know if I am supposed to drop her off or not. I’ve called and left messages but no one ever picks up. I guess I’ll find out when I drop her off. I have to remind myself that everyone is not like me. I’m a planner and not everyone is.
  5. I went to the mall yesterday for a girl fix and bought all sorts of girlie lotions and then when I got home I realized that I don’t like any of them, so I am going back to the mall to return them all. I’m sticking with my Philosophy stuff.
  6. Tonight I am making pork chops (wait for it) and apple sauce.

Hope you all have a nice Sunday! As rainy as our weather is, I’d take it over a work day. No doubt about that.


18 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Rainy and Gloomy but Hey, I’m not Working”

  1. It sounds as though the rain is making you wonky today…hopefully the pork chops will help…and I adore Philosophy…it is all I use as I gracefully age.

  2. Heard about the rain from CB James. I could use a good thunderstorm one of these days (not at the pick up time please). I like burrowing, and I haven’t had nearly enough of that. What I really need to do is hunker down and write about eight reviews. That probably is not going to happen today though. No rest for the moms.

  3. Now I’m going around the house saying, “Pork chops and applesauce!” Good grief Ti!! I’m channeling Peter Brady!!

    It’s starting to warm up here in Michigan…but next week it will back to the 30s!!

  4. Some first day of spring around here, huh? Good day to stay in! We got our taxes done, I did some writing, and now I’m planning to get back to my book. If we go out to get some dinner, I’ll bet wherever we go won’t be too crowded.

    NOT looking forward to the drive to work in (more) rain tomorrow, though.

  5. I don’t think that mom wanted to have a play date. And I’m going to try and remind myself to help promote the awards. That is such a neat thing you guys are doing.

    1. I know. I said the same thing but she ended up keeping The Girl for four hours! I called at the 2 hour mark and she said to let her stay. So, she did.

  6. Just read your last response… wow — she kept her for four hours after being that flaky? I am with you, I want to have some concrete plans in situations like that.

    Yummmm, dinner sounded good, hope it was!

  7. Let’s hope the weather picks up for you. All it took for me was one amazing day of sunshine and azaleas and pear blossoms to lift me into Spring Joy. Better than lotions. Or Philosophy.

    1. You’re still in LA? I’ve never been to the Huntington Library. It’s on my list of “to-dos” for this year though. Enjoy it! They have a really nice tea servicethat they offer. Then, hit Vromans! LOL.

  8. We did pork tonight–a roast. Then decided we didn’t want roast so we sliced it thinly and used it in Cuban sandwiches. So yum!

    I have so run into mothers like that! Makes me crazy. I don’t mind if you have to push things back a bit but indefinitely? That’s crazy. And your daughter isn’t of an age where the mom has to really be present. Just in the house doing her thing is good enough.

    1. The play date actually last for over 4 hours! I called to see how she was doing and the mom said to let her stay longer. Then I called again and she asked if she could stay for dinner. I was like… uh…no…she can come home now. Half a day is plenty long enough and boy, when she got home she was so tired and cranky. Even THEY can’t play for that long.

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