Listen, Read, Watch: The 3:15 Project


Patrick Carman comes up with the best stuff. He is the author of The Skeleton Creek series as well as The 39 Clues and seems to have his hand in lots of interesting projects. His books are interactive and usually include an online element. Kids are asked to read and then go online to unlock the clues. Nifty, eh?

This time around, Patrick and PC Studio have created the 3:15 Project. What does every teen or tween seem to have these days? A cell phone! The 3:15 Project is app based. The reader is asked to Listen, Read and Watch (that’s the “3” part) and the stories are 15 minutes or less and you read them from a device. Isn’t that clever? My son is a reluctant reader but he is always on his phone and fifteen minutes is easy enough to work in without making it seem like work.

If you’d like to read more about the project or see a short clip, click here. The Android and Apple apps are free and can be downloaded from the site.

Additionally, Patrick has been extremely supportive of book bloggers and his enthusiasm for his projects is contagious so if you support the project, tell a friend or better yet, share it with a teen!

4 thoughts on “Listen, Read, Watch: The 3:15 Project”

  1. I really thought Skeleton Creek was clever, and at least with the first book, my kids were totally into it. I’m going to “pitch” this to them today and see what they think. My daughter, of course, will roll her eyes, but my son the reluctant reader just might bite.

  2. The librarian at my school just showed this to my class. They are very excited about it! There was a short video about the book and the idea on You Tube, so she showed that to my kids. Another great idea!

  3. Hi – I found the 3:15 site on another blog and used “The Lift” on Halloween with my sixth graders and they loved it! When I click on more info site on your blog above, it brings me to 3:15, but I can’t find how to use it and how to sign in for it.

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