We’re Baaaaack: The 2011 Indie Lit Awards

2011 Indie Lit Awards Rectangular Button

As you may recall, I had the privilege of being a Lit Fiction judge for last year’s Indie Lit Awards. It was a great experience. I met some great bloggers, befriended an author or two on Facebook (all of them rock stars!) and we read lots of great books. Honestly, I was just pleased to be a part of it.

This year, I am a Vice-Chair (fancy, eh?) to Wallace, who is the founder of the awards and once again I am honored to be a part of it. Wallace’s enthusiasm is contagious and rubs off on me in lots of good ways. It’s good for this forty-something (ahem) blogger to rub elbows with young, enterprising individuals. Keeps the juices flowing, you know?

Anyway, we have lots of great stuff planned and nominations open in September but what we need from you now is quite simple. We need you to read lots and lots of great books so that you can nominate them come September. Can you do that for us? All we ask is this:

  • You must be a literary blogger; and a link to your blog must be provided so we can verify this. (You may not be the author, publisher, or publicist of the book you are nominating).
  • Books nominated must have a 2011 release date.
  • You may nominate a book that has already been listed (the books with the most nominations will be what we add to the Long List).
  • You may nominate books in more than one genre, but only one per genre.
  • Nominations are open midnight PST September 1, 2011 – 11:59 PST December 31, 2011.

Why am I telling you about this so early? Well, it’s already March and the year seems to be flying by, but don’t worry, I will be talking about the awards off and on throughout the year so I won’t let you forget about them. If you want to stay up to date, follow us on Twitter @indielitawards.

Until then.. READ and if you really want to help us spread the word, grab a button and share it on your blog.

Lots of great bloggers are involved, check out the bio page to see if you know any of them, and if not… why not check ’em out?

9 thoughts on “We’re Baaaaack: The 2011 Indie Lit Awards”

  1. Hi Ti! I’d love to be involved this time around. I was super-bummed that I had to drop out as a judge for Mystery last year. 2010 was um…not kind to me personally.

    I think the genre I would fit into most easily would be for Memoir. Right now I’m in the middle of tax season, but at the end of April, my day job will officially end and I will have lots of time to give the Indie Lit Awards the time it truly deserves.

    1. Reese, The teams are already in place for this year, but I am cc’ing Wallace so she can add you to the interest list for next year. We are always looking for enthusiastic bloggers. Although you won’t be involved with a panel this year, I hope you will come back to nominate in September. We’d love to have a huge turn-out for that. Ti

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