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Whatnot – 12/22/21

Chloe and her red blanket.Hello and good morning. We are getting a little bit of rain and cooler weather here in Southern California which is a very good thing. The pup loves to snuggle up with her blanket on days like this.

As you know, my daughter is home and my son comes in on Christmas Eve. The plan is to pick him up from the airport and then head directly over to my MIL’s house for dinner. We don’t have firm plans for the week but we hope to put something together soon. Omicron is rearing its head everywhere. Closures announced daily. I feel that a shutdown is imminent and I hope flights are not affected this time around. It’s hard to plan for things. We saw Hamilton and The Band’s Visit recently and I kept checking for cancellation notices as some shows were cancelled due to COVID. We were lucky. My kids want my husband and I see see Spiderman before the theaters shutdown again. Maybe we can fit that in this weekend but I’m not sure I want to be in a sold out theater right now.

I made the mistake of scheduling a bunch of appointments this week. I don’t know why I do this. It’s my vacation. After Thursday the appointments will be over for awhile although I was told yesterday that I have to have surgery, TWO surgeries to address the problems with my kidneys. Yes, both of them. I was not expecting that. First surgery is in February.

I’m ready to just relax and have fun. We decided to eat out on Christmas. I always cook but the idea of shopping for groceries was too much so we will eat out and it will be good. I will make breakfast and then we will head out to an early dinner.

How is your reading going? I am trying to finish one more book and then I am calling it a year. For those who celebrate Christmas, Merry Christmas to you! It’s almost here!

Whatnot – 12/15/21

Reese's pop-up book shop!Good morning! Today is the day that The Girl makes her way back to California. If all goes well, we pick her up late tonight from LAX! We’ve been telling The Otter Pup all week long that her sis sis is coming home and she keeps looking for her. We are all pretty excited to see her. 

In other news, last weekend I visited Reese’s pop-up Book Club shop at the Westfield Century City mall. It’s so cute and fun. I didn’t buy anything because after looking at the shelves I realized I’ve already read most of the books. It was so fun though. They made us cappuccinos and showed us the secret door full of books.

Then, we had lunch at Eataly!! What a great experience. I had the best gluten free pizza! The Hub had a broccoli rabe sausage pasta that he said was very good. Look at that bright green.

Eataly Pizza and Pasta

I still need to write up my review of Dune. Still.

On my lunch break today I go in for cortisone shots for my knee. The doc is trying this first, to see if reducing the inflammation is all that I need because the meniscus is shredded. There is nothing he can do for it besides removing it and then I would have no cushioning at all. The ACL he is hoping will improve with reduced inflammation.

Anyway, I may be busy with The Girl back at home but I will do my best to finish up my reviews and pop in for updates.

Have a great rest of the week and stay safe out there!