Whatnot – 04/05/23

The Getty.Well,  hello there. How are you all doing? Here in California, we are happy to see sunny days in between the Atmospheric Rivers and Bomb Cyclones. This photo I snapped at The Getty museum was the first sunny day in about ten days. As you can see, many people took advantage of it by soaking up some of that vitamin D. It was a glorious day. Cool, but sunny. The skies were so clear we could see Santa Monica from up there. 

The results of my ultrasound came in and once again, it’s “probably” not cancer. Both the doc, radiologist and tech said the lump was smaller. I have to go back in six months but no biopsy will be done. This is good news even though I’d feel better with a biopsy. 

In case anyone was wondering, I have been reading but enjoying my reading so much that I’ve been lingering in each book a little too long. I am  okay with this even though my reading goal is quickly becoming a pipe dream. I should have some reviews up soon. 

This is Holy week for those who celebrate so my Saturday and Sunday will be taken up with Easter services. Attending a worship night on Friday, attending Easter service on Saturday evening and then volunteering for Easter services on Sunday. It will be a full weekend. In between will be a couple of dinners with  friends. Looking forward to it. 

That’s really all I have. I just wanted to pop in here so you didn’t think I disappeared. Have a good week!






5 thoughts on “Whatnot – 04/05/23”

  1. I’m glad your weather is improving! I started following active_norcal on Instagram and love seeing all the images of the snow that CA has received, but enough is enough, right?

    I’m sorry the doctor didn’t request a biopsy, but I’m glad he and the radiologist say the lump is shrinking.

    I think it’s a good think to take your time with the books you’re reading. We shouldn’t feel pressured to read x-amount of books each year and zip through them quickly to achieve that goal. I’ve always felt that if an author takes months, if not years, to write a book, I shouldn’t speed through it.

    Have a lovely Easter!

  2. We’ve always wanted to go to the Getty but we still haven’t gotten there. And why don’t they want to do a biopsy on lump? I’m just wondering but glad they think it’s benign. The weather looks to be calming there. Mid-April when our trip is — should be nice. Enjoy!

  3. Glad you’re weather is getting better! I think I’d want a biopsy too. I’m reading a lot more than I did the last three years but it’s still not up to what I was in ’19 and back.

  4. The Getty is such a great museum; that’s great that you had a chance to visit. I am woefully behind in my blog visiting.

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