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I Cannot Love Friday Any Harder Than I Do

This has been an interesting week. The Girl, I guess I will always call her The Girl, is now in high school. When did this happen? Technically, yesterday. Her summer will be filled with shows and volleyball.

The other one, the Lad? The Young adult? He’s done with school for the year and starts his new job next week. He hasn’t been contacted by anyone since sign-in so I keep thinking of that Seinfeld episode where George shows up for work but isn’t sure if he’s hired. I told him to bring the Penske file with him just in case. Smirk.

Penske File

I finished a great book and I am giving a copy away so be sure to enter.

I found a new band to love and I am declaring this song my personal song of the summer. I noticed they are playing in LA in July too.

This weekend we are working a prom for those with special needs. I did this last year and it was a blast. I can’t wait to serve our honored guests.

There is just something about Friday so Happy Friday to you all!

Blue Skies

It’s Thursday (not quite Friday) but after a hot spell it’s cool and beautiful and when I came in this morning I could see clear, blue skies for miles. The air is a little crisp too. So lovely after the pit of hell (heat) I was thrown into last week.

Memorial Day weekend is right around the corner and it has me thinking about grilled burgers with melty cheese and hammocks, even though I do not own one and would not even attempt to get into one.  But the IDEA of swinging in one is nice.

Photo Credit: Purplegoo.ca
Photo Credit: Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

Plus, reading is always especially fun this time of the year. I am trying really hard to get through my review copies. They are pretty good but they are all being released at the same time so my timing was a little off there.  Since there are so many review copies, I will highlight the one library book that I really want to get to soon, Under the Harrow.

Under the Harrow

The write-up sounds great but the reviews I’ve read really make it sound like a must-read.

Will I get to it this weekend? Not likely. But, I have hope. What do you have planned this weekend? I just want to read, lounge and eat yummy stuff.