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Sunday Matters: June, June, June

sunday-matters (1)
It’s unbelievable to me that we are firmly sitting in June now. Water restrictions have hit and I fear that our quarter-acre plus yard won’t survive. It’s really a catch-22 because we have hillsides to maintain and when they are dead and brown they are a fire hazard. Plus, all the new building in our city doesn’t make sense when we are all using the same water source. We will make the best of it but rain would be really good.

My daughter started her new job yesterday. She is the assistant director for a summer theater camp for kids. It’s the perfect job for her and local which makes it nice. My son has been doing well. He found a groomer for Root Beer and has been taking her on walks around the harbor.

Right Now:

Student ministry is meeting today but we are starting summer programming which is light and fun and just cool for hangs. I’ll be headed over there in a bit and then the rest of the day is wide open.


I finished Notes on Your Sudden Disappearance by Alison Espach. I really loved it. My review posts tomorrow. Now, I am debating which book to pick up. One of my summer reads? Or something else? Ok, well I decided on Sea of Tranquility.

Notes on Your Sudden Disappearance


We tried to watch Stranger Things, Season 4 in Palm Springs last week but my hot spot wasn’t working great so that is what we are watching now.

Grateful for:

  • Summer reading lists.
  • This great weather. Not too hot yet.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Sunday Matters: Back To Missouri She Goes

Sunday Matters

Well, that week flew by. My daughter headed back yesterday. It was a good visit. She got the rest she needed and it was really nice for us to be together again. Cat and dog included.

As for my son, no updates on the job front.

Right Now:

I am getting ready to head to student ministry. I’m also trying to figure out my next read. I actually finished another book! Progress.

This Week:

I don’t have much this week, except I was asked to be on two award panels for work so there will be some meetings for that and a  lot of reading as I go through the submissions.

Since it’s been so nice lately I am feeling the urge to BBQ something. I’m so conflicted though because one surgeon gave me a list of all these foods I can no longer eat and nearly everything on it was part of my vegetarian diet. The other one couldn’t metabolically find a cause for the kidney issues so he recommended nothing. Not too pleased with how that all went down.


I finished The School for Good Mothers and  Memorial Drive so I am on the lookout my next read. I have no shortage of review copies to get to but I must be in the right mood for some of them or I will hit a wall. Once I get back from church I plan to spend the afternoon reading whatever I choose.


Looking for a new show to watch. Perhaps, Pieces of Her.

Grateful for:

  • Nap time with the cat and pup.
  • My church and the circle of friends I’ve made there.

Have a wonderful Sunday and great week! We survived the time change. Actually, I wasn’t too bad off this time around. Usually Spring Forward messes me up for days.