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Whatnot – 09/08/21

The Otter Pup on a road trip.Good morning! This will be short and sweet as I haven’t too much to report. Thank you for all of the birthday wishes! This past weekend was fun. We hit Montecito, Santa Barbara and then hit Ventura Harbor so the pup could go for a road trip too. She got her fish and chips, well, one chip. She has a sensitive stomach so we are very careful with her food. Fish, not breaded. As you can see from the photo she loves a good road trip. 

I try to buy a book on my birthday each year but this year, I didn’t. All of the books I want are coming up on my hold list and when you read a book in a couple of sittings it’s hard to justify $28-$30 for a hardcover. I shall wait, patiently. Maybe not so patiently for My Heart is a Chainsaw

I am currently reading We Were Never Here, the current Reese pick. It’s interesting. 

We Were Never Here

In other news, I’ve been watching Only Murders in the Building with Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez. It is so good. If you have Hulu, check it out. It’s funny and charming and reminds me  of old school mysteries. 

Unfortunately my daughter is not feeling well. She just got tested so please pray, think good thoughts, etc. It’s very hard to tend to her from afar. 

Have a good rest of the week!

Sunday Matters: Happy Birthday To Me!

Sunday Matters

Hello friends! It’s my birthday today! Normally I take an extra day off from work but this year the Labor Day holiday is my extra day. To celebrate, we puttered around Santa Barbara yesterday. Ate all the things. Being near the ocean makes me happy.

Right Now:

I am about the head to church to hang with the J High and High School students. I’ll be there until around 1pm. Then, the whole day is wide open.

My daughter went home with her roommate to Arkansas for the long weekend. It was nice of them to invite her. I am sure they will have a blast.

This Week:

Flu shots are available now. If you are so inclined, you might want to get one early to avoid the COVID booster clash that I am anticipating. I can go during the week but the hub can only go on the weekend so we will do the walk-in event on Saturday.

Nothing much going on this week but on Saturday night we are having dinner with two dear friends. The last time we had dinner was right before the big shutdown. Feels so surreal to think of that dinner. I was still at work and the dinner conversation was full of “what ifs”. As we all know, these last two years have been a big what if.


I am reading Reese’s new pick We Were Never Here. Then, I want to read My Heart is a Chainsaw for RIP.


American Horror Story: Double Feature is really good. I am recording The Walking Dead this season and will watch it all at once. I am just not motivated to watch it now but I want to see it through. I heard this is the last season after all.

Grateful for:

  • My daughter’s friends at MSU. They look to be the sweetest group of people.
  • That someone from Kia corporate finally called my son about his car. It’s been gone since 7/17 if you can believe it. I don’t want to get excited too soon because they have not reimbursed him for one cent as of yet.
  • Always so grateful for my little Otter Pup.

Have a wonderful Sunday and check in if you can!