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Sunday Matters: Well, Hello

Sunday Matters

It’s so easy to be consumed by sadness. I don’t get sad too often. I am mostly content and happy. My kids will say I yell too much. I do. Patience is not my strong suit. But these last few weeks really brought me down. My father’s death, the eye injury, etc.  I tried to be all quiet with it all. Sleeping, living on gluten free toast which is like prison food. And yes, I yelled a lot. Short fuse.

Now, after after a few weeks of moping around I am better. I think it’s good to just give in sometimes and to realize that you don’t have to keep it all together. It felt good to just let it all go. I want to thank all of you for the kinds words, the numerous “check-ins” and the fun stuff you all sent me to cheer me up. Seriously, thank you.

Right Now:

Coffee, breakfast, church. Over the last twelve months, church has played a bigger role in my life than it ever has. Mostly, because we finally found a church that we can live with. It’s called Real Life Church and that is what it is. Practical messages for daily living. Come as you are. No fancy schmancy dressing up and they even have a coffee house which even The Girl takes pleasure in. They make a mean hot chocolate. So that is how we will spend the morning. Oh, and trying to get used to the time change. I am not a fan of Spring Forward.

This Week:

  • The Girl auditioned for Brigitta (The Sound of Music) and a lead nun. We find out on Tuesday if she got a callback.
  • Track is in full swing, but The Girl missed some practices because of the show and we had some practices cancelled because of rain. Not sure she is going to be ready by the first meet on 3/21.
  • The Teen continues with his rehearsals for Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.
  • The Teen is starting his SAT prep course soon and the college packets are starting to arrive at the house. He is a senior next year. Wow.
  • I have a parent teacher conference on Tuesday and I am working the book fair on Thursday but forgot my kid will be at track. Bad planning on my part.


I am about 70 pages into Pet Sematary. I fell behind for the read along because of the eye injury (so stupid) but I am trying to catch-up. I think most have finished already. I am also reading The Book of Strange New Things. I started this one ages ago and got totally sidetracked so now I am reading it FOR REAL. I’d like to fit one more book in. A page-turner like The Girl on the Train. Any suggestions?


One thing I did a lot of while moping around was watch Breaking Bad. I started that first season and did not think I was going to like it and now I am more than halfway through season three. What an awesome show.

Still watching The Walking Dead and it’s getting really good. You can’t trust anyone on that show. It’s a fun one to watch and now The Hub and Teen are hooked.

Gearing up for the return of Bates Motel (Season 3) which premiers this Monday.


A new Mexican market opened up on our side of town so me thinks some tacos might be in the works.

Grateful for:

All of you.

Happy Thought For the Week:

Hoping for a good outcome when the callback list is announced on Tuesday. Thinking happy thoughts, doing a happy dance. Also, the Teen is narrowing in on what he wants to focus on when he does go to college and it looks like Arts Management. That makes me happy.


Sunday Matters: Losing My Dad

Sunday Matters

Right Now:

Taking a break from my normal Sunday Matters template to talk about my dad a little. For years, he’s been plagued by diabetes related conditions (blindness, kidney failure, kidney transplants x 2,  staph infections, etc.) and this past week, he gave in to them and passed away.

We’ve not had a typical father/daughter relationship but there were moments, very specific moments where I felt a connection and those moments are what I am trying to focus on now. One memory I have is the two of us spending the entire day at the Central Library in Los Angeles. My love of reading definitely started from those visits. I was only 4 years old and he’d sit me at a table with a stack of books and we’d sit there all day reading. Moments like that were rare but they are what I remember.

I feel oddly disconnected but at the same time very much in the center of it. I just feel so strange. I have never lost someone so close to me.

There are things that need to be addressed as far as my mom and sister are concerned. Of which, I have very little control over. The situation is very dire and although I have no trouble making decisions on most days, the decisions needed to made here leave me completely overwhelmed. Dysfunctional families are fun to read about, but not much fun to be a part of. To complicate matters, they don’t seem to want my help.

I just need a moment to think about it all.

This Week:

This week will be spent trying to figure stuff out. In the mean time, I am still on social media as a form of distraction. I am still reading because if I stop I feel as if I won’t be able to function. I’ll still be blog hopping and chatting away with all of you because that’s how I deal with things.

Grateful for:

Supportive friends and family.