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Drowning. Not Really.

ARC List
Advanced review copy list.

What you see above is my current review list and the publishing dates for each book. As you can see, I am a tad behind. It happens when you get overwhelmed with stuff and then take days, literally days weeks to mourn the loss of time but then you face facts and get down to business.

So, I’m sticking this here even though my spreadsheet has been staring me in the face for awhile. It’s not too bad. Right?  This is just my review copy list. This doesn’t include my book club book for June (Fates and Furies) or the ones I’ve started and stopped numerous times because other duties have called.  I just need to buckle down and get them read.

That said, reading is a priority from here on out. It should have been the entire time. It’s what grounds me and without it I get a little crazy. Plus, these are all books that I asked for. Clamored for, really. I am just excited to finally get to them!

Anyone else in the same boat?

What Shall I Read This Summer?

Summer Reading

The weather was so warm last week that it got me thinking about summer and what I’d be reading on those long, hot days. I LOVE a good reading list and summer reading lists have a very special place in my heart. When I was in grade school, I hung out at the library every summer. Call it cheap daycare, but I really got into those summer reading programs and blew through them in no time at all.

Sometimes I’d hunker down in a reading cubby right there in the children’s section and hang with my book stash. Other times I’d venture into the main reading room and read with the adults. I always felt so grown up when I did that. But now? There’s work and chores like cleaning, shopping and laundry. Fun killers, if you ask me. Last year, I tried to participate in an adult summer reading program through the local library but their website had issues and just wasn’t fun to update. No, my days of lounging at the library are pretty non-existent.

That doesn’t mean that the fun is totally gone though.

This year, I am not going to come up with an actual list. Mostly, because I have a hard time sticking to it. This year, I am toying with the idea of selecting a chunkster and reading it slowly over the summer. I want a a memorable book. Preferably one that I can be proud to “put behind me” so to speak. I will be reading other books too. I mean, I have a review list “this” long so I can’t avoid that but it would be nice to say that during the Summer of ’14 I read [insert title here].

If you could recommend one chunkster to me, what would it be and why? Also, I guess it doesn’t have to be a chunkster but if it is, then that’s a bonus. I figure that in the process, we will be creating a list for everyone to enjoy.

Titles to exclude: A Suitable Boy, The Goldfinch, Moby Dick, The Fountainhead (I am reading or have read these)