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10 Books Of Summer 2021

10 Books of Summer

Cathy from 746 Books announced her 20 Books of Summer event!

I know with all the moving that my kids will be doing between Southern California, Kansas and Missouri, I will not get to 20 books. I know this for a fact! But, I was reminded that there is a 10 or 15 book option. With my brain the way it has been even 10 sounds like a stretch but I love a good list and I love planning. 

Here are the details (loosely). Visit Cathy’s page for more info. 

  • Choose your list and share it with her when she kicks off the event.
  • When you post about it, use the hashtag #20booksofsummer21. I plan to use this hashtag for my 10 book goal as well. 
  • Runs from Tuesday, June 1 and finishes on Wednesday, September 1. 
  • In the past she has read the books and posted the reviews by the time the event ends but I won’t be doing that. Especially as August will be really busy for me between the move and also my own campus starting back up. 

Here is what I hope to read and I’ve included publication dates to keep me on track. 

10 Books of Summer 2021 - Book Chatter

Will you be joining us?

Drowning. Not Really.

ARC List
Advanced review copy list.

What you see above is my current review list and the publishing dates for each book. As you can see, I am a tad behind. It happens when you get overwhelmed with stuff and then take days, literally days weeks to mourn the loss of time but then you face facts and get down to business.

So, I’m sticking this here even though my spreadsheet has been staring me in the face for awhile. It’s not too bad. Right?  This is just my review copy list. This doesn’t include my book club book for June (Fates and Furies) or the ones I’ve started and stopped numerous times because other duties have called.  I just need to buckle down and get them read.

That said, reading is a priority from here on out. It should have been the entire time. It’s what grounds me and without it I get a little crazy. Plus, these are all books that I asked for. Clamored for, really. I am just excited to finally get to them!

Anyone else in the same boat?