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The Sunday Salon: A Nice Long Weekend

Sunday Salon

Today is the last day of my four-day weekend and it’s been wonderful. Yesterday, Concerts in the Park kicked off and we rocked out to Queen Nation. My entire family loves Queen. I had no complaints from anyone about going. You know how it is with teens sometimes, but as soon as we got there, The Boy hooked up with friends and everyone was happy.

Concerts in the Park 2013 #1

Concerts in the Park 2013 #2

Concerts in the Park 2013 #3

The Hub estimates that there were about 25K in attendance. I am horrible at guessing such things but there were tons of people for sure. I love our town because it has all the modern conveniences yet maintains that small town feel. I love it when the community comes together to enjoy these concerts. It’s such a treat and I always see faces that I haven’t seen in ages. So nice.

Today, I am moving some stuff around in anticipation of our switch to U-verse next week and a trip to the mall is needed for a few things but other than that, we’re just kicking back today.

What am I reading?

I am reading Marisha Pessl’s Night Film. Oh my goodness. It is wonderful and creepy and I can’t seem to put it down It’s a chunkster but I am  really into it and trying to make it last as long as possible. I am also reading Heading Out to Wonderful by Robert Goolrick. It’s also very good but in a completely different way than Night Film.

What am I cooking?

I like to cook-up something good on Sunday but I haven’t hit the market, nor do I want to so I’m not sure what we are having later. The Boy has to go to a dance rehearsal for a friend’s Quinceañera so he won’t be home anyway.

What am I watching?

Over the weekend, The Girl saw Jaws for the first time. She loved it but was very sad for the dog that never returned and wait for it…the shark! That’s my animal lover. Right now, I am sitting here watching Roseanne. It’s wrong that I love that show so much. Later, I need to catch-up with episode 2 of Under the Dome. I hope it gets better because it’s sort of sucky right now.

What are you doing today?