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Whatnot – 02/08/23

HollyYou guys! Look what comes out on my birthday this year! Holly by Stephen King! Yes, THAT Holly. Holly Gibney, one of King’s most resourceful and likable characters. I cannot wait for September 5th! I clearly need to take that day off so I can make my Labor Day weekend extra long. 

In other news, I’ve been in a weird place. After my bloodwork came back positive for numerous autoimmune disorders, I was feeling pretty lousy and sorry for myself. But now, I feel motivated to take better care of myself. I really do not take good care of myself. I’m not making any bold statements here but I am trying to focus on health and rest. We’ll see what role medication plays when I see my new Rheumatologist on 2/13. 

I blew through two books recently, both reviews will be posted soon: Exiles by Jane Harper and The Perfect Nanny by Leila Slimani. Both were quite enjoyable. That leaves me with my book club pick Black Cake which we will discuss next week. I am only a few chapters in so far but it’s also very good. February is going to be a good reading month. 

You might remember how my husband is NOT a reader, well, we’ve established a new routine in the evenings and it’s so nice and relaxing. I set my diffuser up with some lavender and then we both sit and read. He is working on a Bible in a Year plan and I will either read my Bible stuff or whatever else I have going if my Bible plans are all caught up. It’s been so nice! We do this before bed. Even the pup likes it. 

It has been so pretty here. Cool mornings and evenings but bright blue skies and sun. I am historically low again on Vitamin D so trying to get a little sun each day. I will most likely be prescribed a high dose supplement again but trying to get some natural D in before then. 

Do you have plans for the Super Bowl? We do not at this moment. We will probably stay home and enjoy some chili and hot dogs. I am not that into who is playing but my church is a huge fan of KC. Don’t hit me but I think Phil will win. If you added one finger food to chili and hotdogs, what would you add? I feel like I need something else. I still have student ministry on Sunday but will be out by 1pm. 

That’s it from me. I hope you are all doing well. I know some of you are battling health issues too and many of you are still trying to get your homes situated after all the weather damage. Hang in there. I am thinking of you and praying for you too.

Sunday Matters: Since When is February so Busy?

Sunday Matters

February isn’t normally a busy month for me, but it is this year. Since COVID, I try not to book more than three things during the week, but so far, that has been more of a dream than a reality. I’ve also been battling some health issues and depending on which doctor I see, new tests are added so they have me running back and forth to the lab a lot. I have an appointment to assess all the results mid-month so I should have answers soon.

Little Jinxy was spayed this week! Her mama says she is doing well. She will be 5 months on the 11th.  This was taken right after surgery.


Right Now:

A quick bite to eat and then I am off to see the students. Today is baptism day and we do have a few students signed up to take the plunge. It’s exciting and it’s fun to celebrate with them.

This Week:

On Friday the 10th, my church is hosting Tim Tebow’s Night to Shine, a prom event for those with special needs. This will be my third time serving at this event. This time, I am on the corsage/boutonniere team.  I cannot emphasize enough how wonderful it is to see these happy guests. It’s really an amazing night. Looking forward to it.

On Saturday night I am going to a choir concert to see some of our students.  I had a bday party to go to too but it got cancelled.


I finished Exiles. Review should be up soon.  Next up, Black Cake for book club.

Black Cake


Still haven’t settled on a show to watch.

Grateful for:

  • My new essential oil diffuser. I’ve always wanted one. It’s so relaxing to set it up and let it go. I find it to be very comforting while reading.
  • My daughter found a new studio apartment for the next school year. It’s right next door to where she is so it’s still across the street from the school but she will have her own space and they are cat friendly for a fee. Oddly enough, her current roommate will ALSO be in the building with her own studio.  Can you believe that after this semester, she will be in year 3 of college?

Do you own a diffuser? I bought a fairly inexpensive one this time around but it seems to work great. Now, I need more oils. The one I have changes colors and the pup loves it.