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Whatnot – 10/26/22

Chloe smiling.It finally feels like fall!! It was a crisp 48 degrees when I got in the car this morning. It’s been a little windy though which is never good when everything is so dry. The Pup and I have not been able to take our walks due to my knee injuries but they are improving every day so maybe a short walk would be okay this weekend. This is how she looks when she is trying to guilt me into taking her.

Guys, my reading has been going well!!! I need to review My Name is Lucy Barton, One of the Girls, and The IT Girl.  I can hopefully get those written up this week.

Can you believe that Halloween is on Monday? We bought our candy early and if we run out, we run out. The cost of candy is what is was last year, about $18 a bag. We got four which is two less than normal and I think this year will be epic with everything feeling very normal again but whatever we have, will have to be enough or we will shut it all down and eat chili. LOL.

Weekend plans. I think we might have breakfast in Old Town Pasadena and then head to my favorite bookstore on Saturday. If that happens, I need to make a list of books that I want to buy because I always go blank once I enter a bookstore. And, I have been known to buy a book twice. I haven’t read a classic in a really long time. Maybe I’ll pick up a classic.

Our trip to Missouri is coming up in a few weeks. We are excited about that. It’s confusing how they assigned understudies though. My daughter is a lead but she is the understudy for the other lead. I hope we can see her in her actual role. I’m trying to get her to get a booster and flu shot before then but it’s very hard to get adult children to take care of that stuff.

That’s all I have. I hope you are all doing well!

Sunday Matters: The End to a Very Busy Week

Sunday Matters

Wow!! What a week! My church hosted their very first Revival. It was three nights of worship and teaching and student ministry met beforehand for food and fun. I tell ya, it was transformative but man, I am wiped out.

Right Now:

Heading to church now to hang with the students. The Hub is working all three services on the security team so we will take separate cars and meet up later.

Later this afternoon the Halloween decorations will go up outside! If I can get The Hub to take them down from the attic. Sending me up on a ladder is not a good idea.

This Week:

This week should be a lot more manageable. I don’t have much scheduled. The only thing I need to do is plan for my little get-together on 10/18. It’s a dessert night and I am selecting the desserts now.

I need to buy some fall outfits. I HATE to shop for clothes but lately it’s been necessary since I am back in the office part of the week. I’ve been buying pieces here and there and it’s beginning to add up to something.

Son update, after getting laid off he has received a job offer! He will be working with youth and event programming. It pays more than what he was making at the museum and the benefits are better. Win.


Not much, honestly. The new King book is screaming for my attention but some personal stuff has pulled me away from reading, yet again.


I never did see Hocus Pocus 2 because the night we had planned to watch it The Hub decided to fix a toilet.

Grateful for:

  • Ice. Without details, I managed to injure my good leg.
  • This pup. She is a good little nurse.

Have a great week!