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Sunday Matters: All Kinds of Reading Going On

sunday-matters (1)
I don’t want to talk too much about it because I will jinx myself but the reading is going well. I am catching up on all my review copies and have already put a dent in my summer reading list. This is very good and it makes me happy. Especially since they’ve all been really good reads.

This week CSI Vegas is filming right across the street from my house. It’s been a little crazy with parking, large equipment and the like but the one thing that killed me was the cutting down of a very large tree. It may not have been part of the shoot because the city was there too but now that that beautiful tree is gone, the east side of my house gets all the morning sun. Nice, but also much warmer as the AC has already kicked on.

Right Now:

I am headed to student ministry. We are “at the movies” for summer programming and it’s always a fun series, where clips of a movie are shared in-between a lesson of sorts. It’s enjoyable, especially when popcorn is enjoyed.


I finished and reviewed Sea of Tranquility. What a unique story. My next read is It All Comes Down To This by Therese Anne Fowler.

It All Comes Down to This


We finished Stranger Things, Season 4, Part One. It definitely had its moments but overall, it left me wanting more. That show doesn’t do well when everyone is split up.

We are looking at Korean dramas again. Many of you recommended some so we will decide this weekend what our next lazy watch will be.

Grateful for:

  • This time with The Girl home. She is working full time but when she is home, it’s nice to hear her singing again. The pup is in heaven.
  • My church family. There are some really good people in my circle.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Whatnot – 06/08/22

the-passenger-setIt’s been a minute since I’ve posted a “whatnot” post. I’ve been a little tied up with my reading. Still trying to make-up for my slow-down after my surgery. I am catching up though! Catching up is good because ALL the books coming out this fall have me so excited! Like the new Cormac McCarthy set. The Passenger comes out in October with Stella Maris set to hit shelves in December. Do you enjoy his writing? His subject matter is very dark and heavy but I do enjoy his writing. 

On a personal note, my son and his cat Root Beer have settled in nicely. She has a window that overlooks the apartment courtyard so she watches all the coming and going until he gets home. This apparently involves lots of dog sightings. I wonder if she misses The Otter Pup.

My daughter’s theatre job is going well. She loves it. They’ve already invited her back for winter break which is nice.

I never mentioned it but I saw the new Top Gun over Memorial Day weekend and it was really good. Say what you want about Cruise but he makes good movies. Makes me want to watch the original again. On another note, we have one more episode of Stranger Things, Season 4 and I have thoughts. Many, not good but I will hold judgement until I watch that last mega episode.

I am reading my book club pick for this month, The Swimmers. It’s very interesting. The writing is interesting in that there are many informal lists of things to set the stage and while reading, I could 100% relate to what she was sharing. It’s so short but is packed with meaning.

Have a good week! The weekend is nearly here. I’ve been gathering some recipes that stretch the dollar a bit. Inflation is a bit much right now. And with some areas in my region charging nearly $10 a gallon for gas, I find myself trying to cut back a little.

Oh, if you missed my summer list, check it out here!

Have a great week and tell me what you are reading!