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Sunday Matters: Thought I Had a Plan

Sunday Matters

Last week I was very optimistic about setting up a summer reading schedule. I’ve always enjoyed summer reading. Then, the protests happened. The news took over. Things got very heated all the way around. I’ve seen so much nastiness and violence on social media. On its own, this is bad but with COVID still lurking about, it’s almost too much. Anxiety is high.

Right Now:

Meeting with my youth group in a bit. I think everyone is getting tired of Zoom, I know I am . After we meet, I am going to try to visit the bookstore. It is open but with restrictions. Not sure I will even get in as their is a limit to how many they will allow inside at once and you know me, I want to browse.

This Week:

Tonight, my daughter has a master class with the University of Michigan which I also have to attend and then on Tuesday, she has a consultation and a vocal assessment with the Musical Theatre College Audition group so she can figure out what she needs to do for college auditions. I will be attending those too. She finished classes so she is officially a SENIOR and no summer school this year because she is ahead of the game.

My son finished with his lectures and just has some work to turn in and then, drum roll please, he will be a SENIOR too. They both graduate in 2021. Can you even believe it?


Hmmm. I wanted to start it last week but I will begin Hello Summer this weekend.


We finished Broadchurch and now I am searching for something equally good. I really loved those characters. It is a hard show to beat.

I ended up watching It: Chapter Two on my own. It was not good. I don’t know why King movies suck. The books are always so good and I know he is often involved in some way. The only King movies I really enjoyed were The Shining and Carrie.

With summer around the corner it’s time for my annual viewing of JAWS.

Grateful for:

  • This little pup, who is modeling the blue light glasses that I got for my daughter. My daughter had eye strain from all the online school work but they got lost in the mail and came AFTER school ended.

Chloe wearing her glasses.

Did you survive the week? Have you ventured outside to do normal things? Tell me what you’ve done. I am still staying at home for the most part.