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Review: Lessons in Chemistry

Lessons in Chemistry

Lessons in Chemistry
By Bonnie Garmus
Doubleday, 9780385547345, April 5, 2022, 400pp.

The Short of It:

Pure fun with a little bit of science and feminism.

The Rest of It:

Elizabeth Zott is a chemist. In the 60s. She is brilliant, but pegged as “difficult”. Her discoveries are impressive but not to her peers. Her male peers consider her to be more of a lab tech than a ground-breaking scientist. When she uncovers something big, her male boss takes credit for it. None of this is new to Zott. It began in school and unfortunately affected the job offers she received. This is how she ends up at Hastings, a research institute run by a total tool.

It is at Hastings that she meets Calvin. Calvin, is a well-known scientist and a hot commodity for Hastings. He could have worked anywhere but chose Hastings for its mild climate. You see, he is also a rower so good weather year-round was a plus even though he could have gone anywhere.

Lessons in Chemistry surprised me. From the cover, I had ZERO interest in reading it. It looked like one of those fluffy romance reads. But then I read an article that praised it on many levels. And then my book club selected it for this month’s pick. So, not only did I find a copy, I BOUGHT a copy. Something I rarely do. It surprised me in many ways:

  • It’s full of science but masked as cooking tips
  • Zott is difficult, but in a very likable way
  • There is an adorable dog
  • Yes, there is romance but not fluffy, silly stuff
  • There are highs and lows. Not all happy stuff
  • It does illustrate the difficulties that women faced in that decade

This is one of those feel-good reads. It will be on my fave list at the end of the year because it includes love, loss, overwhelming challenges, and in my opinion, some really great characters. However, with all that good, it was predictable, which is why this is a four star read for me. It’s predictability did not affect my enjoyment while reading it though. I eagerly looked forward to it every time I picked it up.

If you passed this one over due it its cover alone, give it a go.

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Sunday Matters: Rhythms

Sunday Matters

Getting back into a routine is hard after so much time off. It’s always hard but everything post COVID seems a tad harder. Is it just me? Plus, my house is out of sorts with the kitty cat around. Whatever I put away, she pulls out. Everything is a toy to her. Hair ties, pieces of paper, socks, you name it. All over the house. She is so darn cute though and she knows it. 

Right Now:

I am headed to student ministry. Later? I’ve been in the mood to cook something so maybe I will. Maybe I won’t. Ha! I like the idea of home cooking for the kid before she heads back but she is often not here.

This Week:

Monday is MLK day so I have that day off. Wednesday I have book club and we are discussing Lessons in Chemistry. I enjoyed it a lot. Emma heads back to Missouri on Saturday and begins classes that week. 


I have an entire list of review copies I need to get to but I just got one that just sounds like a lot of fun (The Block Party) but it isn’t released until July so I may wait to read it. Maybe I will read Demon Copperhead next. 


I did watch The Glass Onion (Knives Out 2, kind of). It was silly. Kind of fun to watch but no case to really solve. Not like the first movie. We also watched Bullet Train. Entertaining with lots of action but not what I expected. It’s a comedy. Many funny moments. 

Grateful for:

  • My son’s short visit in March. 
  • Meal prepping. I do so much better when my work lunches are planned ahead of time. 
  • Super green drink powders. My body always feels depleted so at least I know I am getting what I need when I down these green drinks. I haven’t gotten a subscription to any yet but I may do so soon. 

How was your week and what’s coming up?