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Review: The Woman in the Window

The Woman in the Window

The Women in the Window
By A.J. Finn
William Morrow Paperbacks, 9780062678423,  March 2019, 464pp.

The Short of It:

If you enjoy unreliable narrators then you will be entertained.

The Rest of It:

The Woman in the Window is another book that everyone seems to have read. When it first came out, I took an immediate interest in it but then, for whatever reason it got pushed down to the bottom of my list. THEN, there was the controversy over its author. But when my local used bookstore had a copy sitting on the shelf, I grabbed it.

Dr. Anna Fox is a psychiatrist but suffers from agoraphobia. The reason for her agoraphobia is not revealed until much later in the story, but she spends her days watching old, black and white movies, spying on her neighbors from the safety of her home, and drinking buckets of Merlot. Just like every Hitchcock movie you’ve ever seen, she witnesses a crime. But when she reports it, no one believes her because she comes off as a drunk, mentally unstable woman. Which by all counts is not wrong.

There is more to the story, of course. I figured out the twist pretty early on but it didn’t affect my enjoyment of the book overall. I will say this, why so much booze? There is a booze reference on every page. Anna’s condition was enough to make her the unreliable narrator of our dreams but the constant mention of Merlot drove me absolutely nuts and reminded me a lot of the protagonist from The Girl on the Train.

The movie trailer looks really good:

It was a fun read. Deception everywhere. An unreliable narrator who drinks FAR too much but I liked her. I can see why so many picked this one up.

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Sunday Matters: Will You Watch?

Sunday Matters

I am not into football all that much but I do enjoy the Super Bowl. No big parties for us. I will make food and we will camp out on the couch and enjoy it. I love the commercials although there haven’t been any great ones in recent years. I also enjoy the half time show.

Right Now:

I’ve got student ministry this morning but then it’s Super Bowl time. While I’m there I will let my Crock Pot work its magic. Chili and simple finger foods. Gotta work some veggies in too.

This Week:

My daughter decided NOT to do The Little Mermaid. i was kind of shell-shocked by the decision but proud of her too. She realizes she has too much on her plate and wants to zero in on some things she’s put aside lately. Plus, she is still in Godspell so theatre is still there just not TWO shows at the same time.

We don’t really have anything going on this week. Even my volunteer gig at Outreach was cancelled for Monday so I have that night to myself. It feels odd but good to have time off. I know many of you have known me for so long and know how I struggle with balance so this is huge.


I finished The Woman in the Window and will have the review up this week.

I am still deciding on my next read but it could be What Rose Forgot. I am on a roll with quick, suspenseful reads so I want to keep up the pace and choose accordingly.


Maybe now that I have some time I will be able to watch a few movies. I’ve not been able to watch much.

New Things I’ve Tried:

I tried this awhile back but forgot to mention it. Those Del Taco Beyond Meat tacos? Not. A. Fan. Weird, mushy texture. Like paste. Very weird aftertaste. Like way too much taco seasoning but full of chemicals. I don’t eat a lot of meat so I am all for meat substitutes but this version didn’t work for me.

Grateful for:

Real tacos with lots of cheese and hot sauce. Haha. I’m kidding. Well, not really. Who doesn’t love a good taco?

Will you be watching the Super Bowl? If so, what are you making?