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Sunday Matters: Easter Sunday and Rest

Sunday Matters

Happy Easter! How was your week? Mine was a struggle. Physically I appear to be falling apart. Strange joint pain. Kind of like the pain I had when they diagnosed me with lupus. But I have been negative for lupus for so long now. I really feel for anyone who has to deal with chronic pain because just a couple of weeks of this and I am totally wiped out.

Last week was prom so for those of you who want to see my daughter’s prom dress, here you go. She’s a sophomore but went with friends and had a total blast.

Right Now:

We attended Easter service last night so that we could all go together. Competing schedules are always a challenge in this house. That means my morning is wide open. Also, no high school ministry tonight so I can enjoy the evening as well. I wasn’t feeling “hammy” this week so instead of the traditional Easter ham, we are having steak and seafood. I am going to rest and watch TV and just hang around like a limp noodle.

This Week:

My daughter will be adding another show to her theatre resume this week (Little Shop of Horrors). Registration is Monday night. Auditions haven’t happened yet but I’ll let you know what she ends up with. Rehearsals begin AFTER Footloose so I’m happy about that.

The show my son is in, Bright Star opens this weekend. We have tickets for opening night. Can’t wait.


I am still reading Daisy Jones & The Six but also added the new O’Nan book, Henry, Himself.


I am working my way through Jesus: His Life on the History channel.  I meant to finish it by the time Easter rolled around but you know, life. It got in the way. The good thing is that The Hub is watching it with me. He really enjoys the historical aspect of what’s being presented. We are about halfway through it.

New Things I’ve Tried:

Vegan butter. I am not vegan but sometimes I just naturally move towards a plant based diet and when that happens I just go with it. I figure my body is trying to tell me something. Anyway, this brand of vegan butter is fantastic. It tastes like butter, spreads like butter and melts. Miyokos Vegan Butter is very impressive. I got mine at Trader Joe’s.

Grateful for:

My son was awarded a scholarship for college the other day. He has applied for several but we were happy to see one come through. Every bit helps!

If you celebrate Easter with a special meal, what will you be serving?

Review: There There

There There
By Tommy Orange
Knopf, 9780525520375, June 2018, 304pp.

The Short of It:

The writing in There There is so clear and authentic.

The Rest of It:

There There is one of those buzzy books that everyone is either reading or at least knows about. When it first came out, I immediately added it to my want list but didn’t actually read it until someone chose it for a discussion I was invited to.

The book begins with an essay on the portrayal of  Native Americans over time. Orange then introduces his characters through what appears to be separate stories, unrelated to one another. But as you read on, you slowly realize that all of these characters intersect and ultimately end up at a powwow where a robbery goes terribly wrong.

Each story is utterly compelling. A young woman loses one baby at birth and years later is forced to give up another. A young man, trying to make a future for himself applies for a grant so he can set-up a story booth at a local powwow, Another woman leaves the man who is beating her for a future elsewhere. An infant is born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is forced to grow up with the effects of the “Drome”, his nickname for it. What they have in common is their Native American heritage.

Powerful and engaging. It’s refreshing to read something that feels new and different. If you haven’t read There There yet, you may want to move it up on your list.

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