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Isolation Day #?

My city, all locked up.

Everyone has lost track of the days, right? I didn’t self-isolate until a bit later due to my work schedule but I am doing it now and the days blend into one another. It would be great if we had some sun to break it up. It’s been cloudy and dreary. My dog lies in wait for a random sun beam to stream in from the window.

How is everyone doing? Some of my friends are reporting flu-like symptoms. Others are losing their minds, or starting to, over their young children being cooped up at home. Husbands and wives everywhere are getting on each other’s nerves.

As rough as it is, and for as long as we have to do this, we will survive. It just seems like such a long time and with no definitive end in sight. What I love though is how the community is coming together to make some things accessible to all, like online dance classes, or Broadway shows streamed for free. My daughter took a class with Debbie Allen the other day. Remember her from the TV show Fame? That is how we are getting through this.

Ideally, this would be a great time to read. I am doing better in this area now. When this all started I was so distracted. Too distracted to read but now, I am feeling a little more at ease and starting to look forward to reading again. Of course, the right book helps and the one I am reading now, The Women in the Dark is just the book I needed to get back into it. The story immediately grabbed me.

This has been a year but I offer this, someday this will be in the past.


Sunday Matters: It Continues

Sunday Matters

This is challenging time for many of us. I just keep telling people how weird I feel. It feels good to be home and to live a simple life. It does. I think it’s hysterically funny that my word for 2020 is GATHER. I wanted to cut my schedule down to something more manageable and I think I’ve succeeded but I certainly didn’t expect it to go to this extreme. Some think we will be living this way for months.

Right Now:

We watched online church earlier in the week. Later, I meet with my high school group in a Zoom room. They wanted to try video this time. That means I need to actually do my hair.

The rest of the day will be doing much of what you are doing. I was wondering if taking my daughter for driving practice would be okay if we don’t stop anywhere. We are under a “safe at home” order.

This Week:

I am working from home but online classes start at the university this week so I suspect it will be very busy. I’ve actually been swamped so I’m anticipating it getting much busier.


For the past two weeks, my reading has suffered and you know how well I was doing in that area. It was the combination of work craziness, a book I could not get into, and my need to keep checking news feeds. I simply could not focus, but I finally finished the one book and just picked up The Woman in the Dark. One of the students in my group dropped it off for me!


Oh man, The Walking Dead got really good.

The Crown, still good but kind of dark. Not as light and amusing.

New Things I’ve Tried:

On a supply run, I picked this up. Notice how it’s mostly gone. It’s so yummy.

Grateful for:

  • Being able to work from home
  • A decent stocked pantry
  • Extra time with the pup and girl (Hub still working)
  • Friends who are staying behind with my son at school

It seems like the situation changes hourly. I feel pretty good one moment but then a little antsy the next. I’m glad I have you guys to connect with.