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I’ve Been Off the Grid a Little…

…not intentionally, but when there is a show in the works I go into this weird, alternate reality where nothing gets cooked, nothing gets read and the house is less than clean. Like that? Less than clean. Imagine show shoes peppered throughout the house, costume pieces all over the place, things where they shouldn’t be. I do not have OCD but clutter gets me every time.

However, that is all behind us now until the next show. Grease went well. It was strange to hear young people come around a corner saying “I need a cigarette” but they really did… a prop cigarette. I handed out many this past weekend. The Girl did well with her part of the duet but her mic went out. That’s live theatre for you.

School starts this week so we had back-to-school prep to do along with registration. I have a bin of school supplies in the garage so we will probably raid that as we have not been able to shop.

On Friday my uncle is coming out to visit with his wife and we will all head out for dinner. Looking forward to that.

Sometime soon, I plan to prep for the King “Sleeping Beauties” read along. The book comes out September 26! I seriously cannot wait. It’s 700+ pages!

Sleeping Beauties

Is anyone excited for fall to hit? I feel it in the air and I hope this year I can enjoy it.

Sunday Matters: Another Show with School to Follow

Sunday Matters

I missed last week’s Sunday post because we celebrated my son’s 19th birthday and I was too tired to write one. A day at a theme park is super fun but my legs felt broken afterward. I think we all had a good time though.

This Monday we are in production week for Grease with two shows on Friday and  two on Saturday. We are looking forward to seeing it. The Girl has a duet. She is VERY excited about it.

After the show, we get a little bit of a breather and then just like that, school starts on August 10th. We’ve done very little back-to-school shopping so that will have to be worked in somewhere.

Right Now:

Lots of coffee drinking going on at the moment. Also, trying to figure out which Passion Planner I will buy for 2018. They go on sale August 1 and have loads of colors to choose from this time. I am torn between the blue, the rose gold and the harvest yellow.

This Week:

My focus besides the show will be cleaning out closets and the garage. Anytime my kids no longer want something, it ends up in the garage. The garage has officially reached disaster status.

Oh, and after 20 years of automatic renewals, I have to go to the DMV to renew my driver’s license. My picture is so old, it looks nothing like me and probably hasn’t for at least 15 years so I suppose it would be good to get a new one.


I started A House Among the Trees by Julia Glass and it’s really slow. If you’ve read it, does it pick up? I am 10% in.  Because it’s on the slow side, I am starting Into the Water by Paula Hawkins as well.


I’m not watching much. I get too distracted and start cleaning out drawers. It’s what I do when inevitably someone changes the channel to the news. The headlines are plenty. I don’t need more of it at home.


I am not hungry for anything. No cravings. Nothing sounds good. This does not bode well in the cooking department. I think The Girl has had cereal for dinner three times this week.

Grateful for:

Remember my crazy allergic reaction that gave me swollen lips for two weeks straight? Well, I still cannot wear lipstick of any kind but I can now wear a tinted balm from Burt’s Bees. The scar that resulted from my lips splitting is almost gone. So, I am grateful for that colored balm even though I still look like a corpse because the color is so light.

I don’t know what that will look like on my license photo. Probably not good.