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Sunday Matters: I Heart Books

Sunday Matters

The title of this post is a well-known fact about me but I’ve never loved books more than I do right now, at this moment. I have been picking up the best reads lately. Not all of them are perfect but they take me through my day and leave me with questions when I finally decide to crawl into bed. A busy mind, one that is not crowded by anxiety and stress is good for the soul.

Right Now:

Happy Valentine’s Day! We do not have anything planned except for picking up some takeout and at this writing, we haven’t figured out what to get yet. I love Indian food and it’s often a friendly vegetarian choice. The Hub likes a good curry but he’s not much into the other dishes.

Sparkle Heart

Later, my youth group will meet on Zoom. Not sure if anyone will show because it’s Valentine’s Day after all.

This Week:

Tomorrow is a holiday for my daughter. No school for her but my campus is still open so I am working from home. She has an audition with Missouri State though and then on Friday and Saturday, auditions for the University of Texas at Arlington and the University of Northern Colorado. That should be the end of her audition season unless another walk-in opportunity comes up.

At the end of this week, she has a master class that I can’t really talk about at the moment, but I’ll be able to soon!


Oh my word. I finished Anxious People in one day. A lot of you included it in your Best Of lists for 2020 and I can totally see why. What an odd little book. I bawled. I teared-up in many places. The review should post on 2/22.

I think The Midnight Library is my next read. I have the new Murakami but that one doesn’t come out until April so I want to read it a little closer to its publication date.


Schitt’s Creek. Still. Almost done with Season 3. I am enjoying it way too much.

Grateful for:

  • My son applied to grad programs as you know. So far, he has gotten into the University of Oregon, Claremont and Seattle. This has bolstered his confidence immensely.
  • My daughter has gotten into some good schools so far but she isn’t done with the process so we wait.
  • I have an old high school friend who just entered hospice. He is completely lucid and he is spending every minute of every day appreciating everything he has. It’s heartbreaking to read but he has found some peace taking this grateful approach. If you are the praying type, please pray for him. Everything seems to hold a little more value these days because of his posts.

I am so happy to hear that many of you have gotten your vaccines. I’m not sure what tier I will end up in but whatever tier that is, it’s not a priority one. I am guessing it will be fall before I get it.

Take care of yourselves!

Whatnot – Week 11

When I started these “What Not” posts, I did so because my reading was spotty and you can’t manage a book blog effectively when you aren’t reading. I am reading like a machine now, but I’ve come to enjoy this mid-week post so I shall continue! Can’t believe I am eleven weeks into this.

Last weekend we drove to the coast. We loaded up the pup and her blanket and took off. My daughter wasn’t feeling it so she went to a coffee shop instead. We drove to Ventura so we could walk around the harbor. A lot of people skipped their masks that morning. What didn’t sit right with me is how they looked at ME wearing one. If it’s just you and your friend walking around the harbor then yeah, whatever but when you pass others or hit a crowd, you pull it up. No?  I do.

As we were walking on this clear, beautiful morning, a fog rolled in. You can see it inching its way into the harbor. It’s so beautiful there. After walking around a bit we picked up pizza and ate it in the car!

Ventura Harbor

Oddly enough, we have had our own foggy mornings these past couple of days. I like it. The pup does not. She must have sun or she creeps around the house scowling. I will wait for it to burn off before we go for our walk.

I am currently reading The Distant Dead. A math teacher shows up dead. He’s murdered actually but he’s fairly new to the town and people don’t know much about him so there’s a bit of mystery surrounding his death. I wasn’t sure I was going to like it when I started it but now I am totally into it. I should finish it soon and have the review up next week.

In other random news I am back to being uninspired by meal planning and food in general. I am a good cook but I just feel like it’s too much effort these days. I am happy with PB toast with a drizzle of honey or a nice slice of avocado toast sprinkled with Trader Joe’s Everything but the Bagel seasoning. My family doesn’t feel the same way though.

Hey, it’s Valentine’s Day this weekend. Any plans? I think we had planned to pick up Chinese takeout but I just remembered that I think we still have youth group that night. Hmmm.