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Whatnot – 04/05/23

The Getty.Well,  hello there. How are you all doing? Here in California, we are happy to see sunny days in between the Atmospheric Rivers and Bomb Cyclones. This photo I snapped at The Getty museum was the first sunny day in about ten days. As you can see, many people took advantage of it by soaking up some of that vitamin D. It was a glorious day. Cool, but sunny. The skies were so clear we could see Santa Monica from up there. 

The results of my ultrasound came in and once again, it’s “probably” not cancer. Both the doc, radiologist and tech said the lump was smaller. I have to go back in six months but no biopsy will be done. This is good news even though I’d feel better with a biopsy. 

In case anyone was wondering, I have been reading but enjoying my reading so much that I’ve been lingering in each book a little too long. I am  okay with this even though my reading goal is quickly becoming a pipe dream. I should have some reviews up soon. 

This is Holy week for those who celebrate so my Saturday and Sunday will be taken up with Easter services. Attending a worship night on Friday, attending Easter service on Saturday evening and then volunteering for Easter services on Sunday. It will be a full weekend. In between will be a couple of dinners with  friends. Looking forward to it. 

That’s really all I have. I just wanted to pop in here so you didn’t think I disappeared. Have a good week!






Sunday Matters: Time is a Beast

Sunday Matters

March is nearly over (can you believe it?) and California is drowning in water for the first time ever. We’ve had so much rain that all the lakes and reservoirs have to be  emptied to allow for the snow run-off. The pot holes all around town can kill ya! I hit one on the freeway and nearly ran into a big rig. They are supposed to fix them this weekend but that will only happen if it stays dry long enough. Sink holes are popping up everywhere too. It’s wild.

Right Now:

Per the usual schedule, I am headed to student ministry and then will go down for a nap right around 2pm. Ha. Those after church naps hit different and with all my autoimmune battles I cannot function without one. This past week was me on the struggle bus just trying to get through the day. Autoimmune exhaustion is rough because sleep doesn’t really fix it. I just end up dragging myself around until I can get home. Plus, you look fine on the outside but feel dead on the inside. I know some of you can relate.

This Week:

I don’t have much this week but I am going for my 3rd ultrasound for that breast lump detected over two years ago. It was larger six months ago but they still just wanted to watch it. If it’s larger this time they really should do a biopsy IMO.


The Cabinet of Dr. Leng by Preston and Child. I love Agent Pendergast! I’ve really only glanced at this a few times because I picked up Beth Moore’s memoir All My Knotted-Up Life and have been riveted.

All My Knotted-Up Life


  • No TV but I did see The Jesus Revolution at the theater with people from my church. Someone reserved the entire theater for volunteers so we saw it together while the hail was coming down outside. The movie was great!

Grateful for:

  • All of you. With my current health situation I’ve not had the energy to comment too much but I am reading blogs here and there.
  • Our new tax guy. The lady who did our taxes for over 19 years retired so we had to find someone new.
  • FaceTime with the kids and kitties.

What are you looking forward to this week?