Review: Verity

By Colleen Hoover
Grand Central Publishing, 9781538724736, October 2021, 336pp.

The Short of It:

Now that I’ve read it, I can see why it received all the hype.

The Rest of It:

A popular author is unable to complete her bestselling book series after a life-changing accident. Her husband, searches for the perfect co-author to complete the series on Verity’s behalf. But in order to do the work, Lowen  must move into the Crawford’s house temporarily in order to have access to Verity’s many files. But she immediately regrets her decision.

This family has suffered numerous tragedies. The death of their daughter Chastin, and then the accidental drowning of her twin sister shortly thereafter. Leaving Jeremy to pull the pieces back together. Taking care of his wife day in and day out and trying to raise their son Crew proves to be a lot so a nurse is hired. But this brings no peace to Lowen as she observes this family.

Verity is always staring at her. She’s supposed to be beyond awareness, but Lowen doesn’t believe it. She believes that she might be exaggerating her injuries, but for what purpose? Plus, after spending days with Jeremy, seeing his pain, Lowen begins to fall for him which is a recipe for disaster.

This book was quite readable and hard to put down. It’s got a little bit of mystery and suspense going for it, and there are some racy bits which is why I caution my younger readers to skip this one until you are older. I can absolutely see why it’s so popular. It seems to have pulled me out of a reading slump.

Have you read it?

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5 thoughts on “Review: Verity”

  1. This one seems like it could be very very intense at times. I still haven’t tried this author but, I did purchase: It Ends With Us so I hope to try that one soon.

    1. I liked it for its entertainment factor. It’s full of red herrings and there is a big ridiculous twist that I saw coming and yet I still ate it up.

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