Whatnot – 03/23/22

My neighborhoodMy days are blurring together lately. Monday hits and then bam, it’s Friday and I have little recollection of how I got there. These Wednesday posts always seem to come out of nowhere but at least they remind me what day it is.

How are you all doing? I’ve been enjoying the fresh air lately and the scent of flowers blooming. The other day we had some light rain and everything was so fresh and green afterward but today and the next few days it’s supposed to be quite warm so I’ve got the windows open right now.

Hey, I’ve been cooking here and there. I haven’t really done much of that these past few months but with my son here, we’ve been eating out a lot and I am over it. That whole “what to eat?” conversation gets old. Fast. I’ve been making simple meals but it’s good to be eating home cooked food again.

I finished some books so now I need to get those reviews written. My goal is to have them scheduled for the end of this week and the beginning of next. That’s is the plan. I am so easily distracted by world events that anything can happen but both were good reads so I am eager to talk about them.

My neighbor down the street added a Little Library for kids. It’s so cute. There are books and toys in there. The pup and I checked it out the other day. So now I have two neighbors on my walk with Little Libraries. I REALLY want one of my own.

That’s it from me. Have a great rest of the week!

8 thoughts on “Whatnot – 03/23/22”

  1. The weeks do just fly by and being retired it is easy to lose track of the day as well LOL. It’s still in the 50s here but, we have had some warmer days as well – looking forward to having windows open on a regular basis. Trying to catch up on reviews as well. I’m not sure if I will be doing much reading the rest of the month but, perhaps audio books will still work well or NF. Look forward to your reviews.

  2. Isn’t it great to open the windows? I usually have ours open but have to keep an eye out for wind & rain. Our weather was amazing yesterday, but the rain has returned. Wish I could send it south to CA.

    I don’t really mind cooking. It’s the planning and variety that gets old fast. Fortunately, my family doesn’t mind have certain meals on a regular rotation.

    How sweet to have a Little Library dedicated to children. I’ll bet the neighborhood kids love to swap books there.

    Have a good week, Ti. Hope it doesn’t get too hot too soon.

    1. They tell me it will hit 89 today. They might be right as it’s already 75 at 10am. Anything under 98 is good for me.

      The little library for kids is too cute. It’s even shorter so they can reach it.

  3. I’m enjoying the nice weather, and will probably fling open all the windows tomorrow morning and really air things out. Apart from that, PHEW I am exhausted and overwhelmed. This pandemic is taking it out of me. (Still.)

  4. Since I am currently on the East coast (where it is really cold and rainy, by the way), I am missing the So Cal heat wave. I like having my little library, but get mad at people for not taking more books 🙂

    1. My worry is that someone would take all the books. LOL. Your stack would be good. The one down the street is only good because of the books I stuff into it. She does nothing to keep it up and half the time it has trash in it.

  5. You are in that new phase of life where the kids are on their own…easy to lose track of the days. 🙂 Sounds like you are back in the reading groove, which is a good thing. Glad to hear you’re cooking again. I find that it is best most days.

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