Sunday Matters: It’s All Pretty Good

Sunday Matters

I’ve been feeling a little “meh” but I really can’t complain. Everything is pretty good. Just trying to get my walks in and get my nutrition back on track. Spring and Fall are my favorite times to get outside. The pup has a a blown muscle in her leg. I swear, she cannot be more like me as far as injuries and ailments go so we are taking short walks and helping her jump up when needed.

It’s cute how the pup and cat care for each other. The other day Root Beer started to sing. SING. So weird and then tossed her cookies. The pup was very concerned. They take turns fussing over each other.

Right Now:

I am about to head out the door to church. This is the last time J High and High School will meet until 4/24. It will be spring break for the school districts here and then Easter festivities so the break will be nice. When I get home around 1:30pm, we will grab a late lunch and then maybe a nap, maybe a few chapters on the couch.


I am reading Murakami T: The T-Shirts I Love. Murakami is known for collecting things, mostly his numerous records but he also collects T-shirts that mean something to him. This is a collection of essays, if you will, about his favorite shirts! It’s fun and different. I am enjoying these short pieces.


I can’t find anything for us all to watch. Yet.

Grateful for:

  • My son’s part time gig at the local performing arts center. Something to do while continuing to look for full-time opportunities. As Martha Stewart would say, it’s a good thing.
  • Early morning reflection time.

Have a wonderful Sunday and great week! We are due for some real rain tomorrow (so they say). We could really use it.

6 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: It’s All Pretty Good”

  1. The Murakami books looks like a book I would enjoy!

    My youngest cat grooms my dog 🙂

    I watched TORN, about climber Alex Lowe who was killed in an avalanche. It was very good!

    Congrats to your son, I wish him well!

  2. Spring and Fall are my favorites too. Speaking of Murakami, Kim and I watched Drive My Car, based on one of his shortly stories. It was very good, long but good. Glad to hear that your son has found something to do while he is continuing to look for a full-time job.

  3. My Dad told me that they got about an inch of rain out in Redlands on Monday. Do you think you got that where you are?? I think it’s cute about Otter Pup & Root Beer … nice they are friends. Enjoy your week.

    1. I had to look it up but we got 1.164 inches this past Monday. I had a meeting I had to drive to during the worst of it and my umbrella was useless after sitting in the car for two years. Fell apart.

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