Sunday Matters: Where Do You Want To End Up?

Sunday Matters

Hello!! There’s a lot going on in the world right now. Thank God for books. I’ve spent too much time doom scrolling and I am ready to dive back into reading.

In other news…

The big question we are asking around here is “where do you want to end up? Why? Because my son has applied to so many places, and in so many different regions of the country that it’s time to narrow it down. Realistically. Do you really want to be in snow again? Cold weather? Root Beer the cat has acclimated to California weather nicely and I am sure she doesn’t want to go back to snow. No small towns either. Nope. I know he’s anxious to be on his own again but let’s take a moment to consider all things right now. You know?

Right Now:

I’m about the head to student ministry for the better part of the day. My son might come by with Root Beer so the students can meet her. They would honestly love that but getting him up at a decent hour can be a challenge.

This Week:

Not much going on. I started to organize paperwork for tax prep. Not at all fun.

I did manage to find flights for my daughter to come home over spring break. She is very homesick but flights from Missouri to California are ranging from $600-$3700. I am not exaggerating at all. I wish I was. I suppose it’s because of the high cost of fuel but I managed to book right before Russia attacked Ukraine so I’m really not sure why the fares are so high.

Masks are pretty much optional now where I am. I am somewhat relieved by it because watching low-paid employees battle with jerks about a face mask gives me so much anxiety. I am still wearing mine when there are a lot of people around and that’s my choice.


The School for Good Mothers. Slowly. No fault of the book at all. I am still limping along with my reading.


Still watching All of Us Are Dead. A Korean zombie show on Netflix. Now that my son is home we’ve not been watching it every night so it’s taking some time to get through those 12 episodes. I think we are on episode six.

Grateful for:

  • Leisure wear. Athletic-wear. Whatever you call it. I live in it now.
  • Crisp mornings and sunny days.

Have a wonderful Sunday and great week!

10 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Where Do You Want To End Up?”

  1. I hope your son finds a place that is a right fit for him. CA to mid-west is a drastic change for most I would assume. Yes, thank goodness for yoga pants and tunics these days. I am also procrastinating on sitting down and doing our taxes but, I MUST get it done in the next few days. Masks are also mostly optional here as well except in health care settings.

    The School for Good Mothers wasn’t the best fit for me but, then timing is everything. Hope March is a good month for you.

  2. I can be a doomscroller at times, but on the weekends, I try to give myself a break from all news. I have an app that blocks Chrome and Instagram (it’s Stories where I see more news) called StayFocused. Kim has the password so I won’t fall to temptation or if I do, it’ll stop me from the doomscrolling. I’m not saying that it will work for you, but it’s helped me… And all this to say, I can relate.

  3. I hope your son can find a place that makes him happy and isn’t too far away from you. In some ways, it must be nice to have a lot of options, but it can also be a bit paralyzing to make a decision.

    I got our taxes off to our tax man a couple of weeks ago, but it always takes him longer than I would like. My husband is self-employed/retired, so they’re a bit more complicated, otherwise I’d probably do them myself.

    Oregon will lift its mask-mandate on March 19th, but we’ll continue to wear them in stores and the library. Probably in restaurants, too (until we are served our food). It will be interesting to see if case numbers climb again, especially with the new variant (BA2). Thank goodness for vaccines and boosters!

  4. Good luck to your son as he decides what his future path will be. Hopefully not too far from you guys. I’ve decided that I’m never going to go away from the whole yoga-leisure pant/top thing I’ve worn in the last few years. Kind of like I’ll never go back to wearing ‘dress’ shoes. Why should I? Ha! Hope your week goes well and you enjoy your reading a lot, Ti!

  5. I got my tax refund over a week ago.

    I hope your son is happy wherever he ends up, and hopefully that is close enough to you that you can see each other more often.

    I didn’t even know there was a new Covid variant. Hoping this is the last one and we can go back to normal. My family and I still wear a mask everywhere we go.

    1. Since everyone here is pretty much done with masks, we will find out in two weeks if that was a bad idea. I wear mine if there are a lot of people around and I am indoors but you know, people have started to comment on why I am wearing one and I have been less than gracious in my response to them.

  6. This time CDC’s call to make masks optional feels timely so no battles from anyone as schools and places of business have been relaxing the mask guidelines here. I’m relieved too. Otherwise, every time this type of decision is made, battle lines are getting drawn here. Hopefully, there is no more virulent strains but we’ll know in a few months right?

    It can be very challenging deciding where to relocate to, no matter what the age. So I hope your son both gets to make a choice he prefers and also adapt well to the place.

  7. Sounds like he would be able to find something with all his great work and activities. I hope that he narrows down what he’s looking for. Sometimes it is ok not to know. It helps you find places you know you don’t want early on. Because you just know when you start or stay there for a bit that it isn’t the right fit.

  8. It’s so exciting that your son has so many choices, but I am sure it’s overwhelming as well. I hope he listens to you and does a little whittling down by preferences first (size of town, region, etc). And, how great that your daughter is coming home for spring break!

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