Whatnot – 10/20/21

The Otter Pup living her best life. Good morning! How are you? I haven’t had much to report around here. The Pup is still missing her morning walks with me because of this knee. Waiting for my referral to get to the bottom of it. It’s gotten much, much worse in the last few days. So now she just sleeps all day. 

By this time of the week, I start to think about weekend plans because I feel so cooped up. The Hub and I try to plan something for the weekend even if it’s just a short drive somewhere. I’ve been wanting to hit the zoo but too much walking involved with that trip. He really wants to see the new Bond movie so maybe I will cave and do that. I just don’t want to be inside with unmasked people due to all the breakthrough cases I’ve seen recently. I know you can stream it but it’s not the same. If you have a suggestion for us, let me know.

My current read is The Stowaway. Readers have had a good time describing this one. I want to know what all the fuss is about.

In other news, the supply chain issues. Every morning I hear warnings to shop early for Christmas. This bothers me. Mainly, because I’ve always hated the commercial aspect of the holidays. Can’t we just be together, do things together and make memories? After a couple of rough years that sounds good to me. I hit Sam’s Club for essentials this weekend and it was so packed with people shopping for the holidays that we couldn’t even get in.

What’s new with you? I am just trying to do something enjoyable each day. Just an hour of something I like. Whether that’s a nap, or browsing new reads online, or cleaning out a junk drawer. Yep, that is enjoyable to me. If you had an hour to yourself, what would you do?

12 thoughts on “Whatnot – 10/20/21”

  1. Ti, hope you can get some relief from your knee issues. I’ve been having some tendonitis in the top of my left foot. Sigh. I told my husband that I was so annoyed with the fact that my ‘mental health treatment’ – walking – was needing to be put on hold for a bit. I have a doctor appointment for some routine stuff early next week. I’ll talk to her about it if it hasn’t improved a bunch.

    As to Christmas, I was talking with my mother-in-law on the phone the other day and she was upset about Christmas gift things in short supply. I said maybe we could all just agree to not worry about the gift-giving and be happy that we should be able to be all together for the holiday. Like inside together (we did Xmas last year outside – socially distanced). I’m not sure she agreed with me, but we don’t need anything really and all the kids are grown. Maybe we’ll just slip a bit of cash in each kid’s pocket.

    1. My knee is turning out to be more than a knee issue. Dislocated fibula and I will find out more when I see the specialist on 11/8.

      Christmas. I just want to relax with the family. That’s it. Okay, maybe eat some good food too.

  2. An hour to myself usually involves reading or going for a walk. I am so sorry your knee is getting worse and hope that a referral will help you (or someone) figure out what’s going on. I do love Christmas, but I feel like I like the lights, the tree, the idea of presents, etc. But, we really are lucky and don’t have any major needs so present shopping feels strange and a bit much.

  3. I have a lot of hours to myself and I keep busy doing housework, reading, painting, watching art videos, etc., but I also have knee issues so that makes the housework utterly exhausting. I haven’t even bothered to ask if anything can be done. I’ve been lame for ages; I suppose I should. As to the movie idea, I’m with you. I have KN95 masks, now, but I still won’t deliberately go anywhere that people will be close together and unmasked. I know way too many people who’ve had breakthrough cases of Covid. They all had “mild” cases, relatively speaking, but not one will tell you their Covid *felt* mild. I just don’t go anywhere unless I have to. I don’t think I’ll feel comfortable again (we went without masks after the second vax and before Delta, but that was too short-lived) till 80% or more of Americans are fully vaccinated and I don’t think that will be soon, although things are improving. We’re still at something like 44%, here. Nothing is budging the locals.

    1. My husband is really pushing to see a movie. We shall see.

      My knee. The xray showed a dislocated fibula! But that’s not all. My appt with the specialist is 11/8. The soonest they can get me in. I am supposed to stay off the leg. Impossible.

  4. I’m sorry your knee situation hasn’t improved. It’s so frustrating to have an ailment that prohibits us from a simple daily walk. My knees have bothered me over the years, but nothing to serious. I started back on the Peloton this morning, which was a nice change from walking every day.

    Ah, Christmas. I used to love it, but it’s so overhyped anymore. We don’t buy many gifts, so I’m not too concerned about starting early. I’ll be happy just having a pretty tree, baked goods, friends and family visiting during the month, and a fire in the fireplace. I’ve stopped sending cards, but I may resume that this year, as I know many people enjoy getting snail-mail, even if they follow me on IG & FB.

    1. One of the issues with my knee that came up in my xray is a dislocated fibula. Have to wait until I see the specialist on 11/8 to find out more. It’s impossible to walk on that.

      Christmas. Last year we didn’t do a photo card since we didn’t do much of anything activity wise. Then, at the last minute I bought old fashioned cards to mail and what a pain. All that addressing. If I do a card this year it will definitely be a photo card.

      Your holiday plans sound lovely. A nice fire, baked goods, delicious food and friends and family. Enough for me.

  5. I’m hoping the knee issue isn’t as bad as we talked about. I’m hoping for better news. I have been reading poetry as usual and taking my time with Dave Grohl’s memoir — I’m really enjoying it.

    Christmas shopping is the least of my concerns. The commercialism drives me crazy. I’d rather just spend time with family.

    Maybe you could spend the day at the beach?

  6. I sure hope you can get to the bottom of that knee issue. You have to stay mobile. And it’s great walking weather so there is that..

    The shopping scare for holidays is crazy. I’m glad we don’t have any really small grands this year because I hate the scarcity of toys. Media thing.

    I’m reading a review copy of THE PARIS BOOKSELLER and it’s wonderful. Sylvia Beach and Shakespeare and Company.

  7. You always can let him go, if you don’t feel comfortable going. Kim and I are watching Dune on HBO Max tomorrow night. We were going to watch tonight, but on and off thunderstorms so we decided to wait until tomorrow night in case the power goes out tonight.

    As for an hour to myself, I’d like to say that I’d read but lately it’s just watching episodes of Castle on Hulu.

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