Sunday Matters: Minus One

Sunday Matters

There is something special about Sunday morning. It just seems easier and more laid back. Maybe that’s because I am still working from home so the Monday “scaries” don’t hit me like they used to. I have really gotten into a good routine from home. Hope I can make it work long term in some way.

We are minus one now. My son left last Thursday for Kansas and he begins work tomorrow but his car broke down in New Mexico. I will spare you the details. Not sure he is going to be able to start work as planned.  My advice to you, do not break down in a small town.

Right Now:

We have nothing at all planned for today. Trust me, there is plenty that HAS to be done but I am not feeling it. For example, we have to go through my daughter’s closet to get a feel for how much will need to be shipped to her when she’s away at college. We are really trying to keep it pared down. The idea of moving it all out over the summer is intimidating to me since we are so far away. We can only take so much with us on the plane. My son took her guitar for her (which she has shed tears over). He will be helping us with move in and he took her cold weather stuff but there is still a lot. Of course now the “helping us with move-in” might look different.

This Week:

My book club meets this week to discuss The Last Thing He Told Me. We are meeting at a restaurant and I am super excited. We will sit on the patio just to be safe.


I am reading Count The Ways by Joyce Maynard. I don’t know if you follow her on social media but I just love her. I love her writing so much and if you follow her, then you’ve read her short, thoughtful pieces about her husband and her lovely home in Guatemala. I would love to attend one of her writing workshops in Guatemala some day.


American Horror Stories (spin off) began on Hulu. We will probably give it a spin although I am partial to just wait for the next season of American Horror Story: Double Feature.

Grateful for:

  • Now that my son is out, I was able to put his room back in order. Honestly, it looked like a bomb went off in there. The garage is somewhat decent again too since he took some of that with him. A nice clean space makes me happy.

This is so random but I have been thinking about the fall already. Mostly because someone on Instagram posted a photo of the most delicious looking pot pie. First of all, I can’t do pie because of gluten. Second, I am vegetarian now and a vegetarian pie just doesn’t sound good at all. BUT, that pie made me think of all the yummy comfort food that goes with fall. I  know, let’s not rush it.

16 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Minus One”

  1. I am so sorry about Evan’s car troubles – how awful for anyone at anytime never mind in a different state and small town without options. Hope he is back on the road now and safe.

    I can imagine the second-half of your daughter’s departure and planning is equally stressful – serenity now!

    This has been a terrible summer weather-wise so I am actually looking forward to fall as well. I love home made pot-pie and while my husband usually opts for chicken or turkey, I do veggie (broccoli, carrots, peas, potatoes prepared at a small butcher/deli nearby. They are really good and easy to pop in freezer and have on hand.

    Have a good week – hope you are loving Count the Ways (my favorite book of 2021 thus far).

  2. Oh your poor son, that’s a lot to deal with! I hope it’s sorted quickly.
    We had the same issue when we moved my daughter to Uni this year, luckily there is family nearby who have agreed to store the stuff she won’t need (kitchen stuff/linens/etc) over the summer breaks so we don’t have to shift everything back and forth for the next three years, but quite a few students share renting storage space over the break so they can do the same. It might be worth looking into, it’s probably cheaper than excess baggage costs 🙂

    Wishing you a great reading week

  3. I’ve been wondering if your son managed to get help. Is he still in New Mexico? Small-town America is not the greatest place to break down, for sure. Here’s hoping the rest of E’s experience is positive.

    Most of the pies we make (I’m thinking quiche, tomato tarts, etc.) are vegetarian but nope, not gluten-free. I’m just not a meat lover, so I try to do meal planning around the veggies.

  4. I hope there’s a garage that can fix your son’s car! Quite a debacle, ugh. But he’ll eventually get there. Glad you can meet your book club in person — should be fun. I’ve added Count the Ways to my list …. enjoy!

  5. Ooh, I’ve never heard someone describe them as the Monday “scaries” but that is bang on the money. I am having those right now!!

    I know it’s not the fall yet but I will say that one of my new recipes from this year was a samosa pot pie, and it was quite delicious! The recipe calls for puff pastry, which I actually found to be a Bit Much, but you could make it with regular pie crust and I think you’d be happy with the results.

    1. Puff pastry would be very rich. But gluten free crust hasn’t come far enough for me to try it on a pot pie. Sometimes I can get away with one but not for a buttery, savory pie. Too dry.

  6. Oh, no… car troubles in a small rural town is not good. Sure hope your son is able to get it fixed and get back on his way soon! I just started Count the Ways and it’s really good so far. This is the first I’ve read by Joyce Maynard.

  7. I hope you son’s car is fixed! Kids moving out is stressful especially when they’re going far away.

    I don’t think I’ve read anything by Maynard.

    1. His entire engine needs to be replaced so it will be a couple of months. Ugh. He has a rental now though. Had to be without one until they approved the work order.

  8. I hope your son’s car was fixed. I really am so sorry about his troubles. That is no fun, esp. dealing with it alone. I hope he is getting to KS soon and will be settled in.

    Sounds like you have a plan for your daughter’s move, but of course, there will be mishaps and moving pieces. Try to stay calm. 🙂 I know it will be hard all around. Hugs to you all.

    1. Still not fixed. Waiting to find out the news.

      I had a plan for move in but it was dependent on my son and with the travel advisory now, I am ready to wave a white flag.

  9. Oh gosh, breaking down in a small town, on your own, away from home does not sound fun. I am sure by now he has sorted it all out and is probably settling in, but as a parent, I am sure you were nervous for him!

    1. Yes. I mean, he is there. Still has the box truck. Not sure when his car will be delivered to him. This town he is in, St. John is so darn tiny. He gave me a video tour last night and it was like something out of a Twilight Zone episode. Empty. I saw one car.

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