Sunday Matters: All Good

Sunday Matters

Sunday snuck up on me. As you saw from an earlier post, graduation is almost complete. One down, another to go.

This past Thursday my son surprised us with another visit. He is good as not telling you what his plans are. He likes to just come through the door. The only thing is that the pup can tell he is coming even from a block away which is pretty impressive since she has never seen or heard his new car. He walked in, we hit the market and got stuff to grill plant-based burgers. He had stopped for fresh strawberries so we made strawberry shortcake too.

Right Now:

He came, he went. He will be headed back to San Luis Obispo today to finish up school and to gather up some more of his things. Not sure if this will be the last trip or not. His car is smaller now. We may have to drive up at some point to grab the rest.

Nothing else planned for the day besides a long walk which will have to be timed for optimal weather (it’s getting pretty hot) and my son’s departure.

This Week:

My daughter starts her camp training this week. Grad ceremony for #2 at the end of this week. Some work items I need to work on in preparation for the fall semester. Yes, I am starting early because I will be moving my daughter to Missouri during the most critical time for my campus. Hoping to get as much set as possible before I go. I don’t have anyone to back me up.


10 Books of Summer 2021 and #VentureForth is in full swing. I am glad to have a list of books I want to get to because I was just approved for some really good ones and now I need to figure out a way to get them all read. Recently approved for: Damnation Spring by Ash Davidson, The Guide by Peter Heller, Taste by Stanley Tucci, and The Family Plot by Megan Collins. See what I mean? It’s a good problem to have.

This weekend I am picking up again with Summer Darlings.

Summer Darlings


My son introduced us to Barry on HBO Max. It has Bill Hader and Henry Winkler. It’s quite funny and clever.

Grateful for:

  • We finally have a move-in date for my daughter. I have secured a hotel room for the week in Missouri. Need to check out the rental car situation. If I can get a rental, because there is a nationwide shortage, then I will book a flight. If not, then we will drive. I’ve padded move-in by a few days on each side to allow for travel and shopping.
  • Plants. I am eternally grateful for all of my new plant friends that I picked up during the shutdown. They have given me great joy and are thriving! I’ve split them into multiple pots now because they are doing so well. I had a horrible track record with plants before this so this is really something. This photo is an example of how my home is covered in plants now.


Enjoy your weekend!

10 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: All Good”

  1. Large or small, few or many, green living things make us feel SOOO good, don’t they? Yours are very pretty – and I’m glad your thumb is greening up 🙂

    Your son comes – and he goes, without notice. Ah, he’s become an adult. More of a difficult transition for parents than for the new adults, I think. 😉

    1. Yeah, he doesn’t really get it, nor does my husband but looking at the empty driveway where his car normally sits makes me sad! I mean, after a day or two I am better but all this change is really affecting me. I blame the pandemic. I use to pivot a lot better than I do not.

  2. I’m sad your son is done with San Luis Obispo – fun place right? I’m glad you got an advance copy of The Guide … good going …. I plan to get to it … It sounds a bit like his others … but that’s okay.

  3. Good luck with the rental car… they seem to be few and far between down here. People have had to be super flexible and even fly into different airports in order to snag one. Your plants look so green and healthy… I love having them around, too!

  4. My initial reaction is to hope you get to fly to Missouri, but I realize if you drive you can buy stuff here and take it with you, which might be nice.

    1. This decision is eating me up and it shouldn’t be that complicated. The flights into Springfield are not working out without a long layover, sometimes 8hours or more. Now we are looking to fly into Wichita which is four hours away. Decisions.

  5. That’s a good surprise, having your son come home for a visit. I haven’t been reading but volunteering with summer swim is about to heat up.

  6. You will have a great time getting your daughter settled in school. Glad you are able to start making plans for that.

    Taste by Stanley Tucci sounds great. It’s not at my library yet, but your mention of it reminded me that I wanted to take a look at his cookbook (2012), so I requested it.

    Look at all those plants. Nobody would ever think you didn’t have a green thumb. I’ve been looking into native plants lately, and I’d love to learn more about succulents.

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