Sunday Matters: Winding Down

Sunday Matters

I always struggle with the title for these posts. Each week it seems like the days drag but then here we are, it’s Sunday again. How are you? As the world starts to ramp up again, we are finally winding down here. My daughter is taking a breather before in-person classes start. They are shooting for March 29th.

I just heard that we are moving out of the red tier, which is pretty restrictive so indoor dining, museums and the like may be opening up again soon. I have been dying to go to the museum. I never realized how much art played a role in my happiness. I kind of did but not really. Isn’t that how it is? We don’t really know until it’s gone.

Right Now:

As you read this, I am at church attending the big service and then youth group follows right after. I am double-masking. Last week seemed to go pretty well. I am actually really glad about youth group going back to mornings. My Sunday evenings are free again!

This Week:

Not a whole lot going on this week. Work, as usual but then mid-week there is a virtual publishing conference I signed-up for. I am eager to see which books they discuss.

One thing I need to do this week is shop for towels. It’s such a domestic thing to look for but I like a good towel and ours are on their last leg. Let’s just say they have served their purpose. Fun! I already went to look at towels last week and was not impressed. Funny how I expect to be impressed by towels. I like the Turkish towels I have seen around but they would get destroyed in this house. One swipe of mascara and they’d be done for.


I just finished Good Company by Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney. I should have the review up next week. I liked it better than her other book, The Nest.

I have two reviews coming up this week that you won’t want to miss. BRAT: An 80’s Story and The Beauty of What Remains.

Now that those reviews are scheduled, I am diving into When the Stars Go Dark by Paula McLain.

When the Stars Go Dark


I fear the end of Schitt’s Creek might happen this week. We have just a few episodes left. It will be a sad, sad day when that series ends for us.

The Walking Dead has gone rogue again. Starts off good. Falls apart. This season is only six episodes due to their COVID shooting scheduled and it’s not going anywhere.

I did catch the Oprah interview after-the-fact. I don’t doubt that they have had a tough run of it and that Meghan has been treated differently but why, why sign-up for such a high-profile interview AND a reality TV show? I am not hinting at the money aspect. I just feel that if they want out, get out. Out of the spotlight. Out of the public eye as much as possible anyway.

I got sidetracked.

My son wants me to watch WandaVision. It doesn’t seem to be my kind of show but I told him I would watch so I will start this week.

Grateful for:

  • I’m glad that double-masking doesn’t add more fog to my glasses. Ha! I feared it would but it actually prevents it! I am using a paper mask and then a fabric one and it seems to cut down on the fog.
  • Happy scents. I am such a scent person. The smell of citrus or a really good candle puts me in the best mood. I just repurchased a perfume that I often wear and just one spritz takes me away from this working-at-home vortex I am in. Before, I was like, why bother? But now, I am more of the school of why not.
  • Soon we get to visit with my son. We will meet in Solvang. It’s known as a “little slice of Denmark” and touristy as heck but it’s fun. I will try to take a photo of the pup in a wooden shoe.

On a special note:

Remember that news that I said I could not discuss? Well, my daughter entered a competition through Spotlight (The Music Center) and was chosen as a semi-finalist for the Non-Classical Voice category!

Sadly, she did not move forward to finals but what an experience. We are so proud of her. She did this in the middle of college auditions so it was just one more thing added to her plate but she ought to be very proud. Here is a snap of the semi-finalists:


Tell me what you are doing this weekend or what you are looking forward to. Or, if you have a great book that I have to read!

20 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Winding Down”

  1. The end of Schitt’s Creek is…well, no spoilers…you’ll see, but worth the wait. Watch the cast wrap up party too. All the feels.

    As for WandaVision… Ugh. I tried but bailed. I’m looking more forward to The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, which at first I thought was a movie but is a series.

  2. We’re on Season…3, maybe? of Schitt’s Creek and I don’t want it to end. Been dragging this out for more than a year.
    I never know what to call my Sunday posts (when I actually do them, that is) either.
    Bummer for your daughter, but that’s great that it was a good experience for her.

    1. I have three episodes of Schitt’s left. I will finish them tonight or tomorrow because someone almost spoiled something for me. Gotta watch to avoid that.

  3. The past few weeks seemed to fly by in a blur, didn’t they? That seems strange since we haven’t really done much, although we did get our first shots. Whoohoo!

    We haven’t tried Schitt’s Creek, but your comments continue to make me curious. We just finished Fortitude, which was good, but so different than we thought it would be. Definitely not your typical police/detective show! Stanley Tucci is one of the main actors, so that made it fun. We’ll probably give Wandavision a try sometime soon.

    It’s been years since we were in Solvang, but we RV camped in Buellton a couple of years ago. It’s beautiful in a dry California way.

    I’m sorry your daughter didn’t make it to the finals for Spotlight, but what a great experience to be chosen in the semi-final round. Kuddos!

    Have a good week, Ti!

    1. About Schitt’s Creek. I sense that you like a good laugh so you will probably get a real kick out of it. It’s wild and sometimes way over the top but I love the characters.

  4. Hey Ti. Congrats to your daughter reaching the semifinals, that’s terrific! So many talented young adults! I didn’t know about the new Paula McLain novel. She usually does biographies so this is something different! I hope it’s good. I’m in quarantine now (due to travel) so I have about 5 days left and then I get out … so that’s what I’m looking forward to. They are very strict in Canada and I can’t leave the property … not even to walk the dog, ugh! By Friday I’ll be done. Weather getting in the 50s here. Woohoo. Enjoy your week.

  5. Congratulations to your daughter on a job well done in the competition! So much stress during a pandemic; now she just waits for college admissions. It’s stressful, but also an exciting time full of possibilities.

    Solvang. Such an interesting place! They have an amazing fudge shop if you are into fudge.

  6. Wow, your daughter should feel very proud. Now for the letters – that will be exciting as well. We started watching Schitts Creek a while back, I thought it was good but the hub wasn’t into it so we opted for some other series – mostly medical in nature. I have the Paula McClain book as well as Good Company (I wasn’t a big fam of The Nest).

  7. I didn’t think I would like WandaVision either, but it turned out to be better than I thought it would be. Your daughter should be proud of her work. I know she works hard.

    We’re opening up to 50% in a couple weeks, but I hope it isn’t too soon. I’m a worrier, so I can’t help myself. People seem optimistic though.

    I am nervous and excite to officially read my poem from the This Is What America Looks Like anthology this Tuesday online, which will appear on Facebook. I’m not sure if it will be recorded.

  8. That’s great that your daughter reached the semis – congratulations to her! You’ve convinced me to finally get started on Schitt’s Creek. That seems to be one show everyone agrees is great. I’m also happy to hear you liked Good Company… I liked The Nest, so am planning to read it when it’s available.

    1. My impression of the first episode of Schitt’s was that these people are crazy. Then, I instantly fell in love with them. I hope you enjoy it. I have just three episodes left.

  9. Congratulations to your daughter! It is an achievement, and doing all that in the middle of a busy application year – gosh, how amazing!

    Glad to hear that schools are opening up! It’s scary initially for sure and then but then feels better.

  10. I think that is the goal for middle and high schools here too–March 29th.

    We’re in the red tier as of today. Not that it changes much. Most restaurants here were already open for indoor dining and many not even requiring masks or social distancing. It is what it is. We’re still going to be cautious, but it is nice to have a bit more freedom. We are looking forward to my mom’s visit and a day trip to the Safari Park.

    I can imagine it is much nicer having youth group in the mornings versus the evenings. I’d prefer that too!

    We need to replace our towels too. My mom gave us a gift card for that very purpose for Christmas, but I just haven’t managed it yet. Think she’ll notice when she comes? LOL

    Congratulations to your daughter on becoming a semi-finalist! That is awesome. She’s so talented.

    This week I have nothing too exciting going on. Work mostly. Mouse and I have dentist appointments this afternoon. Our dentist is at the mall, and since that’s open as of today, I may surprise her with a walk through.

    I hope you are having a great week!

    1. I hit the mall about three weeks ago to look at a coffee maker at Macy’s and did a walk through of the outdoor part. So many stores closed down. A few got bigger. Even the Apple store closed. It’s quite different. Hope your mall survived better than ours did.

  11. The particular mall we went to was struggling pre-pandemic. It didn’t seem too much different when we visited Wednesday, although I noticed a couple of new shops in place of old ones. And maybe a couple more empty stores than before.

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