Sunday Matters: Heading Into Halloween

Sunday Matters

Day in and day out we do what we can to stay sane. I’ve started to walk again. The pup somehow knows it’s been awhile for me so she accommodates me by walking at a snail’s pace, sniffing every blade of grass she can. She is loving life.

The mornings have been very cool and misty. I’m sure in a few days we will hit warm temps again because our Halloweens are usually warm. Wouldn’t it be cool though if it was all foggy and atmospheric? Still not entirely sure how I will handle candy distribution this Halloween, but I purchased the candy so I’ve committed now.

Did you read the news about all the Charlie Brown TV specials this year? They won’t be aired this year. They will only appear on Apple TV. I don’t own them on DVD but even if I did, our player died and it’s very difficult to get a good one now. They are becoming obsolete. No Great Pumpkin this year. Of all the years to do this why 2020?

Right Now:

This weekend, my daughter has been doing “mock” auditions with this coaching team we signed up with. Two full days of her shooting all over the house so my husband and I have been trying to occupy ourselves elsewhere. Today, there is a parent meeting so I have to figure out which part of the house I can be in for that.

Later, my youth group is meeting for dessert at a local bakery, outside, distanced and with masks until they eat. It’s supposed to rain! Hope it doesn’t rain on us.

This Week:

I do not have much going on this week. I have a couple of reviews coming up for Do Not Look for Me and One By One. One was great, the other was a terrible disappointment. They will post this week.

I am taking Friday off as a personal day. Had to use it or lose it so I thought the day before Halloween would be a good day for it. I am envisioning hot apple cider and reading by the fire. We have to create fall here.


I am zipping through Lisa Jewell’s Invisible Girl. I’ve read a few of her books before and I was anxious to get to this one but my mood and other reading commitments got in the way. I should be able to write the review sometime this week though as I am reading very quickly now.


I did manage to watch Episode 1 of The Haunting of Bly Manor. It’s good. Everyone I know who has seen it says it’s not as good as Hill House but that’s okay. What I’ve seen so far is perfect for my mood at the moment.

Fear the Walking Dead was okay last week. As soon as they bring in the original characters it gets boring, fast. I am loving all the new characters though. I wish that show was more consistent.

Grateful for:

  • Cooler temps and warm blankets to cozy up with
  • Every day that brings this election closer to an end is a day I am grateful for
  • Hats. I was never a hat person because my head is really large but I’ve been wearing hats on my walks and I am digging them now. I don’t think I look all that great in them but whether it’s sun or mist I am hiding from, they work well.

Have a good week!! We are closer to the end of the election. Keep that in mind.

21 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Heading Into Halloween”

  1. It’s ALWAYS brrr-cold-brrr here on Halloween night. I would actually feel extra cold on behalf of all those kids wearing sleeveless or shorts as part of whatever costume they were in. Thankfully, the little kids are usually dressed sensibly but when I was at university, nuh-uh.

    I think we are skipping Halloween this year. I don’t really want to go door-to-door and with little kids, if you are not doing door-to-door then it’s hard to get into the spirit of Halloween. But we’ll see, I may end up planning something on that day. Won’t be the last time that we make our plans at the last minute.

    1. One of my friends said they are going to cook yummy foods, watch Halloween shows and trick or treat in their own home! Behind their own doors in the house. I thought that was a good idea.

  2. We don’t get many trick or treaters even without a pandemic, so I’m not expecting any this year. I’ll probably get a small bag of candy (a kind that I like, of course) just in case. No Great Pumpkin?!? 2020 is a total bust.

    1. Haha. Luckily for me, candy does nothing for me. I certainly don’t need to add more weight to the pandemic pudge I’ve been battling to take off.

      I know, no Charlie Brown. It’s like we are denied all things good these days.

  3. It’s good you are out walking again with Otter pup. It’s the only way to sanity. I walked today & it felt good. I hear it’s going to be windy there, right? Have a great Halloween … whatever it means this year … and I too hope election season will be over soon.

    1. My area had 93 mph winds last night around 3am and it’s been cold. Right now, no wind but I gotta get this pup out for her walk before the winds return. She stepped on a bee yesterday so she is favoring one foot. We shall see. She got spooked. I’m getting nervous about the outcome of the election. I want it to end, but I want all of it to end, if you get my drift.


  4. It got cooler here as well overnight 30s and 50 by day. Glad you are out there walking. I do what I can but not long walks as before because of my knee. We live in a condo with very few children around so we don’t get trick or treaters even non COVID times. Of course, we always buy candy…just in case LOL

    Have a good week. I have book group Wednesday and my annual physical Friday.

    1. What book is your group discussing on Wednesday?

      It’s still cold here. Expected to be 62 today and high, 93 mph winds. I gotta take the pup for her walkies but she got stung by a bee on her walk yesterday so she is still favoring one foot.

  5. I can’t believe you have rain in your forecast, we could definitely use some up here! I don’t understand why the holiday specials aren’t being shown. Is there a sadist at the head of the network broadcasts?!

    1. Money is driving a lot these days. Apple TV owns the rights now, is my understanding. Never rained but got misty and cold. I had a youth meeting outdoors last night and even with my blanket and sweats I was chilling… literally.

  6. Halloween here is usually super cold and we have to break out winter coats. We’re hosting a small gathering with masks, etc. It’s really just activities for my daughter and her bestie. She needs some social time.

    I haven’t gone back to bly house, but we finished Ratched, which I loved.

    1. I didn’t get to Bly Manor this weekend like I had planned because of the World Series. Hope to continue watching it tonight at some point. I thought Ratched was great.

  7. I tried to watch that new WD spinoff “The World Beyond” but it just didn’t fly… Fear the Walking Dead hasn’t really been catching my attention either these days. Though, really, my attention span is a bit wonky and unpredictable. 2020 has been a brutal year. Hope you find a way to enjoy Halloween!

    1. I am recording the new WD spinoff because Rick’s story is supposed to intersect but haven’t watched it yet. Yeah, Fear is always hit or miss. One episode is great. The next, not great. Last Sunday’s was said to be one of the highest watched and I was like… why? It was so boring.

      1. If Rick’s story is in the mix, that might spice it up! As it stands, I don’t think I’m the demographic they’re aiming for. I get the impression World Beyond is trying to attract a teen audience. But it could get better! You never know…

  8. How odd about The Great Pumpkin! And a shortage of dvd players? We still watch movies on dvd when we’re in the rv, so maybe I should by one as backup when this one dies!

    No trick-or-treaters in our neighborhood, so I don’t have to worry about how to hand out candy.

    Wow, you had some intense wind gusts! Stay safe.

    1. When we went to look for a DVD player, the people working told us that most people just stream now. They buy from Prime and then view when they want to on demand. You can still get players but not good ones and they are expensive. Between Target, Walmart and Best Buy we saw two models and both were off brands.

    1. Seems like DVD players are. The electronics guy at the store told me the selection is low because most people just buy and stream now.

  9. I have loved my DVD player during the pandemic. We got rid of cable a year ago, and now we only have Amazon Prime and Netflix along with whatever we can find on DVD at the library. Perfect.

    We got in a real cool front year yesterday, and this morning woke to 56 degrees in the house. I love this. It’s rare and delightful.

    Enjoy your Friday day off. If we don’t have something, we create it. Great philosophy. After all, we are readers.

    1. Our little cold front was short lived. Back to 90 this week. It’s so lovely out though. The light is so golden and feels good on the skin. I’ve spent so many hours indoors. I look like Edward from Twilight but without the sparkle.

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