Review: Don’t Look For Me

Don’t Look For Me
By Wendy Walker
St. Martin’s Press, 9781250198709, September 15, 2020, 352pp.

The Short of It:

Walker hit it out of the park with this one. It met all my reading wants.

The Rest of It:

Molly Clarke suffered a terrible loss. One that involved her young daughter, killed in an accident right in front of her own home. What’s inconceivable to Molly’s family and even Molly herself, is that she was the one behind the wheel. The one who turned as fast as she could, but not fast enough to avoid her daughter running in front of her car.

The family is left utterly distraught. Molly’s older daughter Nic, remembers the moment like it was yesterday and Molly’s husband can’t even bring himself to look at his wife. An accident, yet one so tragic that the family just cannot move past it.

That’s why when Molly Clarke goes missing one stormy night, only to leave her abandoned car and phone behind, people are quick to call it a “walk away”. She just couldn’t live anymore with all those accusing eyes, reminding her every day of what she did.

Did she really walk away? Or has something happened to her?

Don’t Look for Me is a GREAT read and as I mentioned above, it checked all the boxes for me. A good story. Nice plot twists. Characters you care about. Maybe a tad predictable at one point but a good ride to get there. It kept me guessing in a lot of places and had me stopping to piece things together.

I put household chores aside to read it. I read it during the baseball playoffs. I sat on the couch with it when I wasn’t feeling well and it was just what the doc ordered. These days, you gotta keep your mind busy and off of politics and this wretched pandemic. This book helped me do that.

Highly recommend. I’ve read one other book by Walker, Emma in the Night, which I also enjoyed. If you need to immerse yourself into something other than the news, find yourself a copy.

Source: Review copy provided by the publisher
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13 thoughts on “Review: Don’t Look For Me”

  1. Nice review Ti. We need reads like this Now. I feel very distracted and my reading has suffered a bit these last couple of weeks. I’m trying out Sue Miller’s novel Monogamy … which might help. I feel for that character Molly Clarke … what a terrible fate to live with.

    1. Oh, I know. The mother in this story lives with so much guilt. It’s worked into the story line quite well though.

      Yes, we all need books to keep us busy these days. I am about to finish Invisible Girl today. THEN, I am diving into that buzzy book Leave the World Behind. Everyone keeps calling it disturbing. I’m curious.

  2. Wow, I can tell how much you enjoyed this one. I have the eGalley and am waiting for my turn to get audio from library so I can do a combo read/listen.

    1. I really liked the two main characters. I am finishing Invisible Girl today and then getting to that buzzy book Leave the World Behind. Everyone keeps talking about it and it has made me very curious.

    2. Update: I started the audio of this last night when it became after available as a library download. The story and audio is fantastic so far – on chapter 10.

  3. This sounds great! I need a good book in which to sink my teeth. I feel like I’ve been reading Magpie Murders for years instead of weeks. Great review, Ti.

  4. Oh yes, books that entice you to put away chores are exactly what I need right away. I know I won’t be up for reading about dead kids but it’s helpful to know that upfront.

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