Week 2 – Fall Tracking

It’s week 2 of me tracking fall here in Southern California. I do believe that there is some red appearing on that little tree there.

On a side note, I was pretty upset to see the carnage left behind by the raccoons this morning. They tear up our yard every year for a few days until they realize there are no grubs in the lawn. It’s infuriating to have a sea of green grass, be completely dug up by these guys! If you look carefully, you can tell where I tried to turn the soil back over with my shovel. Just to the right though, deep holes. Those little bastards!

The weather this week took a turn for some nice, cooler temps. It was 80 degrees yesterday and when I took the pup for a walk this morning it was a cool 50.

I see that some parts of the country already have snow. What kind of weather are you enjoying right now?

18 thoughts on “Week 2 – Fall Tracking”

  1. Here in Northern Nova Scotia, we are enjoying daytime temps in the 50s and 60s. The colours are vibrant. I have been on drives every day this week and the colours are constantly changing: glowing in the afternoon sun, saturated in the rain, and so on. Feeding my soul in prep for the long winter ahead. I LOVE October here!

    1. Your October sounds lovely. If you can believe it, we are expected to get rain this weekend! I have an outdoor meeting scheduled with my youth group and now I am wondering if we can still make that happen. Only a 20% chance and “rain” for us could just be mist. But last night my book club met outside and it was foggy and I had to wrap myself in a blanket to be comfortable. Love it!

      Today, more critters tore up my yard. A gopher now.

  2. Seems like you are having a heck of a fall season already with those racoon! I wonder if there is a way to deter them from doing that or coming into the yard at all?

    Our weather has been warm, upper 70s, and foggy in the mornings.

    Nothing much going on here….

    1. We have tried everything. Electronic deterrents, cayenne pepper, coyote urine, ammonia soaked rags, you name it. Today, the gophers also joined the fun. Two mounds already.

  3. The weather in the Phoenix metro has been ridiculously hot. After living here for 20 years (after moving from Nebraska), I’ve become used to not having much of a “fall,” but our lowest high temperature has been 94… I demand a refund because I think I got sent an extra August instead of the October I ordered! 😉

  4. It was sunny and 76 today. I was able to walk a bit with the hub and then have a coffee on my SIL’s deck so quite nice – 2 more mid 60 days in store and then 50s high….that’s typical New England.

    Raccoons huh? We have some holes with dug up grass on our side yard but I’m pretty sure its moles or chipmunks?

    1. We had raccoons… and then the very next day some gophers destroyed the yard with 6 tunnels. It’s caved in in places. I was so livid. We can’t kill or bait animals here so you have to try natural methods or catch and release. I was wondering if raccoons ate gophers and apparently they do so when the raccoons show up I guess they are digging for the gophers.

  5. I’m in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan on Lake Superior- already have about 3 inches of snow on the ground, temps in the 30s and low 40s. Excited for winter!

  6. It’s 86° today but with less humidity so the “feels like” is in the low 90°’s.

    We don’t have any raccoons but we do have free range chickens that wander in and out of our yards. I haven’t seen any the last few days and my son who lives next door said he saw a fox and thinks it’s scaring them away. I hope it leaves and the chickens come back. I miss seeing/hearing them. BTW: I live in the city limits and shouldn’t be having a fox or chickens running around, but I love the chickens.

    1. Critters. Chickens would be nice. The fox, not so much if he is looking for a meal. A rabbit was just torn apart by predator birds just now, in front of my house. The animals are out of control. I keep thinking an earthquake is about to hit.

  7. How annoying about the raccoons! We have a family of five that wander about our neighborhood in search of food. They eat a little bit of the seeds under our bird feeders, but move along pretty quickly. They have dug up a small area by our deck (we thought we had voles, but there aren’t mounds of dirt, just holes), so I understand your frustration.

    We’re camping up the coast a couple of hours north of home and yesterday was lovely. Upper 50s and sunny, so I had a great walk on the beach while listening to my audiobook. It’s cooler today and very windy with rain showers. Thank goodness we’re in an RV and not tent camping! 🙂

    Hope you’re feeling ok.

    1. After seeing your comment, we have had a war with gophers. It’s like all the critters are against me and then my poor dog got stung by a bee on her walk. We had wind here too. 95 mph winds at one point. All my patio furniture had to be rescued. Quite an odd end to October.

      I am feeling a little better. Not 100% but a marked improvement. SO anxious for the election to be over.

  8. We had 70 degree weather on Friday and then got down to the 40s yesterday. Looking at next week’s forecast, it’s all in the 50s so I guess we are done with 60 and 70 degree weather. Ugh, I get so bummed by critter raids on our yards. We used to have a hard time of that in our previous house, we’ve been lucky so far here.

  9. You have raccoons, we have rabbits. Yes, they are cute, but boy are they destructive! They ate my whole lawn and most of the plants we’ve put in this year. So frustrating!

    1. We have raccoons, rabbits, gophers, possums, I saw one skunk a few weeks ago jump into a bush and we also have bobcats and coyotes. Every day an animal is tearing something up.

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