Sunday Matters: Is it Over Yet?

Sunday Matters

It’s weird how we float between normal and not normal, isn’t it? Some days I feel really good. Other days, like yesterday I am walking across a parking lot in 110 degree heat with a mask on wondering how we all got here.

Right Now:

Meh. That about sums it up. No plans. Too hot.

This Week:

The first week of classes for my daughter went well. This week will be more of the same. She goes in for her textbooks on Monday.

I have a book club event on Wednesday but this time we watched a documentary on our own and didn’t read a book. Our club is based on “Conversations” now. So movie, book, show… haha. No live shows right now.


I reviewed In a Dark, Dark Wood this past week. Right after I finished, I picked up The End of the Day by Bill Clegg. It’s a totally different kind of book so it was a little slow for me to start but I’ve settled into it nicely. Both books were on my summer reading list so that means I have one more book on that list to read! I can’t believe it.


I haven’t discovered anything new to watch although I have plenty on my to-watch list. When I have time to watch something I’d rather just go upstairs, change into PJs and read a book. TVs just not that interesting right now.

Grateful for:

  • My son got a promotion. That’s right. He’s only been on the job since the end of June and he is now a supervisor for the hotel he works for.
  • The fires that we’ve had here over the past week have been dealt with quickly. This 110 degree heat does not help but I am grateful that our firefighters are so on top of it!
  • Book sales. I grabbed three books at the used book sale this past week. See my stash below.

Three books

What’s new with you? I heard that Starbucks is going to bring out the Pumpkin Spice everything on 8/25 because we are all ready for 2020 to end. Wonder what their cup design will be this year.

20 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Is it Over Yet?”

  1. How great for your son; good work ethic like mom? There are no book sales here and libraries stopped as well until the virus is gone. I do recall reading Hotel du Lac on vacation in Aruba one year – I liked it and actually tend to like books that take place around hotels, resorts or apartment complexes — there are exceptions though, like The Party Upstairs recently. The Clegg book appeals to me, on my Kindle.

    1. Here in California we are so devastated financially that many of the businesses have been allowed to open with guidelines in place. Many have really followed them too. Some, not at all. The used bookstore provides gloves, takes your temp and requires masks and only ten people at a time. They are doing everything right. The other bookstore I just visited on Saturday just re-opened so they were very strict with their guidelines too. They don’t want to be shutdown again. I felt safe.

      I am having trouble with the Clegg book. It’s not clicking for me at all. The characters are very flat, so far. I am pushing through because I do enjoy his writing but I can’t figure out where this story is going and I am 25% in.

  2. I am into listening to books- I think I am addicted because it keeps my mind free of the negative thoughts generated by COVID and the election. Discovered lots of new authors – two I would recommend are Attica Locke and Christopher Swann

    1. Thank you for those recommendations. I loved audio for my work commute but since I am working from home I find that they don’t work for me here. I start to multitask and then lose track of what is going on. Ha! My current book in print is slowing me down though. It’s taking some time to get into the story and I am thinking about putting it aside.

    1. Yes!! His Disney College Program experience helped when it came to promotion time too. He needs all the money he can get so it’s a good thing.

  3. We were just talking about when Starbuck’s would bring back PSLs last night. I said after Labor Day, but my daughter’s boyfriend insisted it would be soon… guess he’s right! Congrats to your son on his promotion and glad school is off to a smooth start for your daughter. So many uncertainties in the world today! We’re hanging out in CT for the rest of the summer and will return to FL in early October. Sure hope things are better there by then… Have a good week, Ti.

  4. I kind of feel like you do mood-wise, Ti. Most days are fine and I’m in a good place, but I seem to cycle through and then have a bad day. One nice thing is that the bad moods are getting less. Or so it seems. We’ve had very hot weather too and people will insist on going out without water – in the heat of the day. I’ve decided that if I can stand my early walks in August, I can mange them the rest of the year. I had not thought that way in the past. Guess that’s a change for good. Bet you enjoyed ‘shopping’ for those books. Regardless of the rules and how long you took, etc. I miss shelving books at the library. Who would have thought? LOL

    Congrats to your son!

    1. I did enjoy that book shopping but there is an underlying current that keeps me a little on edge. I suppose that’s my survival instinct! So I go in, browse quickly, then get the heck out and sanitize before the car. The other day someone coughed a little too close to me and it was like the movies, I could almost see the green COVID cloud of germs making their way to me. It would be totally dumb to catch it now. We know better. But we do get a little comfortable, I think.

  5. So hot! We were frying in Redlands (around 112) but then went to the beach. I’m now at LAX with my mask heading back North today. Hard to leave my folks. Glad your son got a promotion, terrific. It seems the heat is going to last ugh …. I wonder if the power grid can keep going. Stay well and drink plenty of water!

    1. Have a safe flight!

      I was in the checkout at the market when the power went out. I waited because there was no way I was going to try another store and reshop. It came back on about 20 minutes later. Thankfully. I am not liking the heat at all.

  6. I’m completely ready for 2020 to be over, but I’m not so sure that 2021 will be any better. Now we are hearing of more and more people that we know who are sick here. My stepmother’s church was adamant about not worrying about masks or social distancing, and now her pastor and several members of the congregation are sick. One elderly woman has died. It makes me feel so frustrated with the world.

    Yes, some days are bad and some are good. I’m trying hard to stay away from the news and FB, the biggest sources of my unhappiness.

    I am reading lots of good books, and that’s something, right? Glad your kids are doing well, and I’m glad they quickly put out the fire.

    1. I have a friend whose church is defying the order and I worry for that congregation. Many older folks to consider. My book club was thinking about meeting in person this week with masks, outside and spaced out. I was okay with it but then it was suggested that masks not be worn with additional spacing. I bowed out. I would feel completely dumb catching it now because of relaxed standards.

  7. Congrats to your son on his promotion! I bet he’s stoked. You are making real progress on that summer reading list. I’m still reading poetry quite a bit and plugging away on The Institute on Audio, but I did finish Natasha Trethewey’s memoir. That was seriously emotional.

    1. He’s stoked for the money but it’s a lot of work.

      I am on the last book for my summer list. I feel very accomplished. It’s not that it was a long list but it is actually a list I finished, for once. Haha. Usually the act of making the list is enjoyable enough.

  8. Just getting to my Sunday emails now – it’s been that kind of week. But at least the heat has broken; I actually had the furnace on for an hour this morning to chase the morning chill.

    Lucky you: you scored Hotel du Lac! I haven’t read it yet, but it’s top on my fall reading list.

    Starbucks – meh. We’re two hours away from the nearest one, which means I don’t visit it much and so feel like an idiot, not knowing the correct terms. I swear the baristas are exchanging laughs about me to the guy in the kine behind me.

    Keep hanging in there, Ti. BTW, there’s absolutely no shame in pjs and a book. 😉

    1. Haha. My coffee tastes are simple so when I do hit a Starbucks the order is not complicated but when my daughter is with me, then she always has to order because she asks for extra things like Oat Milk. The baristas like it when I tell them what I am craving and then they choose something for me. They do pretty well with the picking.

      It is currently 105 and it’s almost 5pm. This week is supposed to be bad for us. We’ve been warned about rolling black outs.

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