Sunday Matters: COVID Continued

Sunday Matters

At this point, I am struggling to remain positive. This pandemic stuff is exhausting and a real challenge for a planner like myself. I can’t do anything about it so eventually I move on but there are days where I just want to wallow in misery. This past week has been like that. How are you handling all of this?

Right Now:

Churches are closed again for us. They opened briefly but we never felt comfortable going back so continued with online. We watched the service this past Thursday so my Sunday morning is wide open. I’d like to take a drive somewhere but there are many people out and about and it just feels too overwhelming. Tucking in with a book sounds much better.

This Week:

My daughter starts her summer Musical Theatre intensive online today. It’s a long day and since it’s an East coast program it goes from 7am-6:30pm for two weeks. She is very excited.

On another note, our school district gave us two options to vote on: blended (2 in-person days a week + online, or fully online). Because of theatre and choir we voted for blended but the district isn’t quite ready and decided to begin the fall term online and will reevaluate in five weeks. It’s kind of disappointing but also a relief.

Last but not least, my son’s birthday is this Thursday! He will be 22. I was hoping he’d be here with us to celebrate but as you know he moved back to his college town for work. Not sure what he has planned yet.

This is a photo from his Disney College Program days. Happy Birthday to him!



I reviewed two books this week. Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine and The Guest List. Both were on my Summer Reading list so I feel quite accomplished.

I just finished The Second Home and will have the review up this week. My plan this summer is to start a new book right after finishing one so that I can keep that momentum going. So, I picked up The Safe Place to read next.

The Safe Place


I stumbled upon Celebrity Watch Party on Fox. It’s very entertaining and the perfect thing to watch when you just need to laugh and not worry about the world anymore.

I heard talk of a new streaming service called Peacock. It’s free and it has a lot of shows from NBC and many movies too. I feel like there is a catch but it doesn’t require a credit card to sign up so we are giving it a try.

Grateful for:

  • Still so grateful that I am able to work from home.
  • Grateful that my son’s housemates seem to be working out well.
  • Grateful that my daughter has this intensive to keep her busy for the next two weeks and that she can practice what she loves.

This week I will focus on purging unnecessary things from my house. I tend to do this often but have not since March and it’s piling up. Plus my at-home workstation is depressing me. I need to rearrange a few things I think.

How are you spending your days? Any new hobbies? New shows I should watch? Please share.

20 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: COVID Continued”

  1. Same as you in regards to the pandemic, Ti. It is just too much sometimes. I’m escaping with all the reality TV (particularly cooking competitions) that I’ve missed during the past decade and then some.

    The Safe Place looks good. I’ve been gravitating towards psychological suspense novels during this time, too. Not usually a genre I read much but suddenly I can’t get enough.

    1. I am about 8 chapters into The Safe Place and something is up. Can’t quite figure out what but it’s making me flip those Kindle pages pretty quickly.

      As for today, I am still in a funk. Trying to remain positive. I know much of my angst is from people not following the orders. It’s frustrating that they don’t see the correlation between following the orders and lower numbers.

  2. Glad to know you and your children are safe, despite the chaos and uncertainties. I can see they are not children anymore. We in Canada are faring better, but with the summer months with us, people don’t want to stay home. As for me, I don’t mind the reclusion, read books and watch movies. Good to reconnect! 🙂

    1. I enjoyed the isolation early on but now I am rather sick of my own company. I am reading plenty though and doing projects around the house which help. TV helps too if I can find something good to watch. I am not anxious to go back to the university AT ALL. We have no word on when we might return so for now I just continue to work from home. Fine by me.

  3. I made the mistake of looking at yesterday’s numbers for our county, the state, and the country. The numbers make me never want to apply for another job ever again, and I was already 75 percent convinced I wanted to retire for good. I don’t think I can, but finding a local, part-time, work-from-home gig is proving impossible.

    Our school district is giving 7-12 grades the option of going 100 percent virtual or a blended method. They are splitting all of the grades into two groups no matter which option you choose. We chose the blended method so Holly will be in school MWF one week and TTh the next. The rest of the time will be online learning at her own pace. The virtual only group will have to zoom into classes though so not working at their own pace. Granted, none of the teachers or administrators think this will last longer than a month before we are back into Phase one and in a complete shutdown again. So encouraging.

    Even worse, the main school district of Janesville is making families choose either all virtual or all in-person schooling. PPE is optional. With that news, we are now forcing Holly to wear her mask at the dance studio. There are too many fellow dancers who attend this district, and I don’t feel comfortable anymore exposing her to others’ stupidity.

    I did hear an idea that the state is talking about moving all fall activities to the spring, and spring activities would become summer activities. Graduating would have no impact on eligibility. That is a brilliant idea that I hope gains traction among the school districts in the state.

    I’m just hanging around the house, keeping it clean, and picking out cabinets and flooring for the condo. I can’t say I’m reading much, but I certainly am doing a lot of playing Homescapes and Two Dots. Not very productive, I’m afraid.

    Hang in there, girl. All we can do is know that nothing will be the same in two weeks.

    1. Our county had over 2800 new cases in one day yesterday. People here are bucking the orders. I think by next week we will be completely shut down and told to stay home again. I see far too many of my friends at pool parties and BBQs with no masks so I am keeping a mental list of who NOT to be around.

      I am so glad my daughter can still do this intensive virtually. I just could not imagine her being in New Jersey right now for it. No way.

  4. I’ve been in a major funk this week as well. Even though our state is doing well, we don’t feel ready to resume a business as usual attitude. Also, it been hot and humid for a few days so more time indoors. I can’t focus on print books very well so listening to an easy audio right now.

    Hope your son has a nice birthday. I’m happy your reading seems to be going well and work at home is still an option for you.

    1. My funk continues. I know I am spending too much time getting angry at how people are behaving. Businesses who were told to shut down are open and ignoring what they’ve been told. Some bars, packed to the gills. No distancing. This will never end if they continue to buck the order. It’s so frustrating.

      I am really sad about not being able to celebrate my son’s bday with him but he had his roommates and friends to celebrate with and even had to work that day but all will be well.

  5. And now the Governor made the school decision for all of us in CA so online it is. I agree that in person or hybrid is better, but given the COVID numbers, remote is the safe choice. Your daughter’s intensive will definitely keep her entertained for 2 weeks!

    1. Because this intensive is on east coast time, I was worried about her getting up at 7am our time but she was up early and even made breakfast. So far, so good.

      I agree. I am glad we are starting school online but with the way people are acting, I think we will be online much longer than the five proposed weeks.

  6. So sorry to hear about all the upheaval for folks with kids in school. What a mess in so many ways. Glad many are finding ways that their kids can do what they are passionate about, even if it’s not in a ‘normal’ manner. I have up days and down days, but this week I decided to catalogue my reading journals (I’ve kept them since 1993) on Library Thing. I know – weird – but it’s keeping me busy and I’m enjoying entering the data and remembering books that I haven’t thought of for a long, long time. It’s soothing somehow. What works, right? Take care and breathe….just breathe….

    1. I am glad the high school is starting online but by the way people are acting here, I don’t see it getting any better anytime soon. I seriously want to shake some people. If the guidelines are followed we could get a handle on this but noooooo. Their civil liberties and them wanting to sue the governor are too much.

      I can see how catloging would be rather soothing. Order. Routine. Today my big activity in between work is re-caulking a sink.

  7. I’m having a hard time too. I’m such a planner, and right now I can’t plan any damn thing. I’m trying to focus my energy on things that I can control, like dinners I can make and books I can read, but even that feels pretty shitty — like, how dare I do such petty things instead of fixing the whole world?

    Have you watched The Babysitters Club on Netflix yet? It’s immensely sweet and dear and made me feel better.

  8. Ti, you are definitely not alone in trying to stay positive as evidenced by the comments and also I agree. I’m having a hard time too….we did some purging today too finally. My father and nephew were able to come over and take a mattress and bed spring to a transfer station for the dump in a nearby county. We’re glad to finally have them out of the house and have a little more room in the small house we live in.

    1. It always feels good to purge stuff. I cleaned out my closet yesterday but did more organizing than purging. Everything really needs to go. I’ve gained ten pounds while working from home and nothing fits. If I ever go back to work I will need to start over with clothing. I hate shopping and shopping in a quarantine is a drag because you can’t return anything.

  9. Whoa your daughter’s day online with musical theater sounds long! My eyes would fall out. Hope your son had a good bday. You’re on a roll these days with your reading! great going. I flew into LAX yesterday and all went better than expected … mostly empty flight and everyone at airports wearing masks (like me) … I’m at the OC but not going out / getting food deliveries. And will eventually next week or after drive to Redlands to see my parents. I’m trying to heed your warnings! Luckily I have much cleaning to do here …. and have a little patio & windows to see out ha argh!

    1. I am so glad you arrived safely and that the flight wasn’t packed. Spending some time outside has been my saving grace. I’ve been utilizing my patio so much more. It’s no fun to quarantine but I can’t wait to hear about your quarantine reading list because I know you must one.

  10. Howdy from one planner to another. I’m trying to plan meals a week at a time so I can minimize grocery store trips. I’m also trying to cook at least one new thing a week from recipes I’ve had squirreled away for who knows how long. So far cooking new food has been pleasurable but let me tell you I am tired of cooking. We get take out about once a week and patio dining at restaurants is still allowed in NM so we’ve done that a few times.
    I’m working on a grapevine Christmas tree. I’m taking cuttings from a few grapevines we have and wrapping them around a small tomato cage. The vines dry to a lovely brown color. After all the vines are dry I’ll put in some mini lights. I’m not very crafty but it is a great way to spend an afternoon. I’m grateful our local libraries are open. Books are reserved online and a librarian pulls your request. When it’s ready for pick up, you are called and allotted a time for pick up. Easy to social distance too with your books on a cart labeled with your name,all that’s needed is to pick em up and scan em out.
    We’re getting some much needed rain this afternoon. Enjoying being on the patio just watching the clouds. Little things.

  11. I’ve hit a funk myself. This definitely takes a toll. I’m hoping that we get rain for the garden and that we can go for a hike early on Saturday this weekend, because i need some outdoor time.

    1. It was foggy and cool this morning for us and it’s a cool 76 right now. No rain in sight for us. It would be nice to get some. Everything is so dry here.

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