Sunday Matters: That Was Fast

Sunday Matters

February came and went. Overall, it was a decent month. Since some of our activities have been reduced and the calendar is in a more manageable state. I’ve been able to cook more, read more, and just relax at home. Something I’ve really missed for the past few years.

Right Now:

I use my YouVersion Bible app a lot. This morning I am going to break out my actual Bible and maybe do a little journaling. I don’t like my penmanship. Which is why I never journal. I actually write neatly but in all block letters and it’s tiresome for my hand. LOL. I love the look of a well-used Bible though, one full of notes and the like so I am going to try to pick this up again.

This Week:

I have one little scheduling conflict for Monday which I will have to figure out. Outreach conflicts with my daughter’s Sign Language class and her teacher keeps ending the class early which means I have to leave in the middle of Outreach. Thinking that maybe I should take a break from Outreach until this class is over in May.

I have to get this kid in the car for driving practice. She’s not a big fan of it. But we want her to be licensed by June. So my goal this week is more practice. She’s actually pretty good when I can get her to practice.


I finished The Hunting Party by Lucy Foley. It wasn’t what I thought it would be. I expected more of a suspense, thriller type story. It wasn’t that at all but I still enjoyed it. My review should post this week.

What do I read next? I feel like my pace slowed a bit since this last book wasn’t as much of a page turner as I expected it to be.


The Crown continues to be great. We finished Season 1. On to Season 2.

The Walking Dead opened with the dumbest episode ever and included a seriously cringy scene between Alpha and Negan. Ew. I can’t unsee that.

New Things I’ve Tried:

When I went to Lush the other day they gave me a sample of a vegan facial cleanser called Ultraplant. I really love it. It’s one of those oil based balms that melts makeup off and it smells like oranges. I love it. I am using my sample sparingly. I plan to purchase it when my sample runs out.

Grateful for:

  • Friends who write me letters.
  • My pup’s little corn chip paws.
  • Easy to use home hair dye.
  • Trusted friends I can talk politics with.

That’s all I have. How was your week? What are you looking forward to in March? At the end of the month we are closed for Cesar Chavez day. Yay!

9 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: That Was Fast”

  1. It’ll be easier on you when the daughter gets her license, however, that’s when you will probably worry more as well. The Hunting Party was a DNF for me- it went no where fast if I recall correctly?

    Politics is stressful and I tend to just discuss it with loved ones. We did early voting for Super Tuesday and, although the hub and I voted for diff candidates, I doubt either will be the D nominee.

  2. My reading is slow right now because I’m reading in small snatches.

    Oh, politics! I’ve unfriended a few people because of them but do have some friends I can talk to about them. It’s tough in a red state!

  3. I love the smell of citrus so your new facial stuff sounds yummy. I am so glad you are enjoying the Crown; I think it’s so well done and interesting! I think I am going to watch 1917 on Netflix after I pack for my conference.

  4. It’s hard to talk politics these days and I, too, am thankful for trusted friends to talk with. We got our mail-in ballots, but FL votes after Super Tuesday, so we’re going to hold on to them a little longer.

    Life will get A LOT easier when your daughter has her license… I remember that as being quite a milestone! Reading has been pretty lackluster for me. There’s just too much going on. We’ll see what happens in March…

  5. I love the sound of that week where you did more things that you enjoyed. My social or commitments calendar is barely busy and yet I don’t think I’ve seen such a week in years. Still, I’m trying to tell myself that I’m part of blame by cramming my life with to-do’s. So let’s see if my brain listens (it doesn’t like an idle moment).

    I used to be your daughter when my dad tried to get me to learn driving and get my license. Where I grew up, there was even less of an incentive as roads were always crowded and the public transportation was excellent. So I took a LOT longer to get that license, ha!

  6. It’s good when you schedule calms down a bit. You get more breathing room. I suspect that your handwriting is much like my father’s — he loves block lettering.

    I hope you have a great week and get back into the reading groove. I’m reading We Are Displaced, which I bought like 2 years ago and put on the shelf and never read. I’m trying to fit in new books and ones I bought based on recommendations — more so than last year.

  7. There’s so much anger when it comes to politics that I tend to just keep my thoughts to myself.

    Your daughter will probably love driving once she gets her license that it will be hard to keep her home 🙂 And you will love it too I’m sure.

  8. Good luck to you and your daughter on the driving practice! I’m sure I was a nightmare to teach to drive, so I have all the sympathy in the world for y’all on that. I know she’ll be glad and grateful to you when she gets her license!

  9. The Queen’s sister is good in Season 2 of the Crown, right? That’s what I recall. We are gearing up to start Season 8 of Homeland. hmm. But what to read next? Somehow I missed my library hold on Long Bright River when I was out of town recently. Grrrrr. Now I have to start over again.

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