Sunday Matters: Healthy?

Sunday Matters

There’s something you need to know about me. I am SO fascinated by pandemics. I really should have been a doctor or a scientist. This whole COVID-19 thing is something I could spend days researching.

At work, I’ve been tasked with creating some pages related to the issue and honestly, I do not mind but question why our campus doesn’t have a more formalized approach to emergencies in general.

That said, half my family thinks I am paranoid and I am SO not. Weeks before California declared anything I purchased some basic supplies but I do that all the time ever since the big Northridge quake. Now, you can’t get hand sanitizer anywhere so I am glad I did.

Also, it really makes me want to read The Stand again. Are you healthy right now? Do you feel okay? Are you at all concerned? The only thing that concerns me is travel. I am not planning to go anywhere, anytime soon but some people don’t have a choice and have to go for work, etc. I know there have been some co-workers here who have traveled to hot spots and have come back to work. Probably not the greatest idea.

Right Now:

All I want is some bacon with an egg over easy. Been craving this for awhile. I need to make it happen. Later this morning I am heading to youth group but nothing else planned for the day.

This Week:

My daughter has her choir concerts this week and one festival. We are seeing her perform on Friday and I will be working that concert as well. I don’t think I have anything else going on.


I just started Miracle Creek.

Miracle Creek


We are two episodes into Season 2 of The Crown. It’s very good.

Last week’s episode of The Walking Dead was great! That show struggles but if they can keep up the pace of last week’s episode the rest of the season ought to be good.

New Things I’ve Tried:

Have you tried Golden Milk? Basically, it’s a turmeric based drink. You can make it yourself or there are plenty of companies that make ready-to-enjoy instant drinks. Anyway, turmeric is supposed to help with inflammation and gut health. I tried it, enjoyed it but of course haven’t had enough of it to make any claims but it was a nice alternative to coffee and with all the health benefits, would be a good drink to have now and then.

Grateful for:

  • Hand sanitizer
  • Coffee creamer
  • Awesome book packages from publishers
  • Spotify

What have you read that’s really good? I got weighed down a little by The Hunting Party and it threw me off my two books a week pace.

9 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Healthy?”

  1. One of our customers said he’s going to reread The Stand yesterday.

    Right now, I’m not worried about COVID-19 but Carl is in panic mode. My only concern with it will be Vance since he’s on a TNF inhibitor. I think the lack of transparency by the government is making it worse.

  2. The Stand would be a fun read now. Or a very scary one that’ll make me more paranoid, I can’t make up my mind. I also want to read Station Eleven. I’ve had to put on hold some upcoming travel plans so that’s been a bummer. Other than that, I’ve been rethinking every weekend plan so far but gone ahead with those for now. Covid-19 hasn’t hit my state yet but we really just need one case and be in the wrong place at the right time.

    I’ve been seeing that turmeric drink at Costco almost every week. Just can’t stomach the idea of turmeric drinks. Partly because, Indian food liberally uses turmeric powder in almost every dish so just imagining the taste of that in a drink doesn’t sound very appealing. I guess for now, I’ll leave the turmeric in my dishes. The research is right though – it’s supposed to be very good for your health. I’ve grown up hearing the same but I can’t tell if that is to make us feel good about adding it to our dishes lol.

  3. I am worried, but not panicked. My daughter flew home from NY last night for a couple weeks and her college said they will decide the week of April 6 if they are going to shut down. We shall see…. I am booked to go to NY and Boston in a couple weeks and so far am keeping the reservations.

  4. I loved Miracle Creek and bonus, just checked my 2,800 books on kindle and I bought The Stand in 2011 but never read it! Now I’m motivated! All kidding aside, these are scary times for more reasons than corona virus.

  5. Maryland has some excellent health officials, so locally I feel well informed and ready. But I see the federal response and just scratch my head. It’s simply insane what the administration is doing/not doing at this time. At the very least, it shouldn’t be about denying it exists or that its not a problem — it should be this is what it is, this is what to do and watch for, and we’ll make sure everyone has the right information when they need it. Mass hysteria is no good, but denial is leaving many unprepared…

  6. I’m not paranoid either, and I always have a stash of tp, pt, canned goods, hand sanitizer, wipes, and my freezers are always full.

    Hint Hint: If you organize a The Stand read along, I’ll join 🙂

  7. I am concerned about the virus as I had planned to travel next week on a plane …. and still am thinking of going. But will keep checking day to day news. Seems pretty bad to me. I was not a big fan of Miracle Creek but I was one of the few.

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