Sunday Matters: Birthday Week Starts Now

Sunday Matters

Hello , friends! This week is my birthday week! I’ve always loved my birthday week because it includes Labor Day. This year, I did not request my actual birthday off, Thursday. I normally do but it seemed weird to be off Monday, come back for two days, be off again and then come back again. I should have just taken both Thursday and Friday off.

Right Now:

No plans today besides a little volunteering later.

This Week:

On Monday, we are staying in town but going to my in-law’s house for ribs! I volunteer Monday nights but since it’s a holiday there is no outreach that night. During they day, I hope to hit the used book store by my house. They are having a big sale.


I have been reading City of Girls for what feels like forever but only because I’ve been reading it in-between other books. I am finishing it this weekend or else!

Also, who is ready for the R.I.P. Challenge?


I watched the movie I, Tonya last night. It was actually, very good. Excellent performances by Margot Robbie and Allison Janney.

Tonight, Fear the Walking Dead, and in a few weeks I will be ready for a new season American Horror Story.

New Things I’ve Tried:

I tried that Rao’s jarred pasta sauce that everyone raves about but it was really, just a good quality sauce. Not worth the price which averages $10-$12  per jar in California. If you can’t make homemade sauce, I highly recommend the Arrabiata sauce from Trader Joe’s instead.

Grateful for:

Three-day weekends. Love them because they allow for one day of errands, one day of fun and one day of rest. Yesterday we hit Santa Barbara for the day. The weather was perfect.

What are you all doing this weekend?

19 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Birthday Week Starts Now”

  1. Birthday week! Three-day weekend! Ribs! What could be better? Not much.

    We really liked I, Tonya too. Sometimes it’s nice to come across pleasant surprises. Another example for us is The Orville, which we recently started watching on Hulu.

    As for this weekend, I’m off for four day, mostly reading, enjoying Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen. I took Tuesday off so Kim and I could go to a winery up in New York.

    1. My son introduced me to a show on Amazon Prime called The Boys. It’s super gritty and dark but is kind of making fun of these Avenger type movies. These superheroes are not heroes. I was intrigued by the first episode. We don’t have prime but my son does so I am not sure we will continue to watch with him leaving for school soon but it was def worth a watch. Has a Elisabeth Shue in it and Meg Ryan’s son, Jack.

  2. Happy happy birthday week! I’m trying to have as quiet a weekend as possible, my more energetic plans having been canceled due to hurricane. So I’m watching North and South, which I haven’t seen in ages, and it’s as delightful as I remembered it being.

  3. Happy birthday week!

    I thought I, Tonya was good, too. It was obviously from Harding’s point of view so I did wonder just how accurate it was. Either way, she sure did have a tough childhood.

    1. What was interesting is that even though it was from Harding’s point of view, I still had very little empathy for her. She came off very hard and trashy. She didn’t really try to disprove that. Maybe she didn’t have much say about how the movie played out.

  4. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great week! I haven’t seen Tonya so I’ll look for it. I watched a movie named Evelyn and thought it was very good!

  5. A very happy birthday week to you, Ti! My birthday is later this month. I love September! Ha! I’m looking forward to a lot of spooky good reading upcoming. My RIP post will be up in a couple of days. Hope you find some great treasures at the bookstore sale (or at least have fun looking around).

    1. As I was browsing the book sale, my kids, separately, kept texting me about lunch so my trip was cut short. I did buy Russo’s That Old Cape Magic though.

  6. I hope you have a Happy Birthday, Ti! Mine happens to fall on my day off since I switched my work schedule around a bit–which is kind of nice since I don’t have to use my vacation hours. Mouse still has dance though and so once she’s out of school, it will be all homework and shuttling her to dance. It seems like most of my daughter’s dance friends have September birthdays, which means lots of party invites. I had hoped to celebrate with my family next Sunday since that would be our one free day, but my daughter’s begging me to let her go to her friend’s swim/dance party that day. I may send her and my husband –then I’ll treat myself to a movie or something and just enjoy the quiet. The following weekend, she’s been invited to two more parties.

    I hope you had a nice visit with your in-laws! We went to a potluck/BBQ and viewing of the Summer performance at one of our dance friend’s homes, which was nice. The dance studio is open today so Mouse has her usual classes. I was kind of looking forward to the studio being closed for the holiday, but I guess because they took a longer than usual summer break, they decided to stay open today. Oh well.

    Mouse got her parts for The Nutcracker. She was happy on one hand, but slightly disappointed on the other. She was really hoping to get one particular part (party girl). The director mentioned to me this past weekend she wants to try her out for that role at the first rehearsal this coming Saturday to see if she can keep up. If she can, she may be moved to that part, but if not, definitely next year. Mouse is excited about being given a chance. Fingers crossed! I want her to get it for her sake, but not so much for mine as it means curling her hair which is an impossible job. LOL Either way, I am proud of her. She’ll be a mouse again either way, and a Chinese dancer. If she doesn’t get the part, she’ll be a Baby Doll. All parts she played last year. Only one of the costumes still fits. :-S

    Sorry for the dance rambling. You are one of the few people I know who gets it.

    I really want to see I, Tonya, but haven’t yet.

    I hope you have a great birthday week, Ti. I say take the entire month and celebrate. As a fellow September birthday month person, I think we deserve it. 🙂

    1. I hope she gets Party Girl!! For the hair curling, high end wands with ceramic coatings work like a charm. My daughter’s hair would not curl but a good wand made all the difference.

      Also, you might get two replies from me because I wrote out this long reply and then my computer glitched and I don’t see it anywhere. Perhaps it sent. Perhaps not.

  7. I had the laziest weekend ever. I was glued to my laptop watching an Australian show. Also my best friend was in town so it was super fun to hang out with her. Happy Birthday week! I hope you are feted and celebrated.

  8. Happy Birthday this week! Rao is only $7 at our Walmart, and I still find that overpriced for jarred sauce. I’d rather make my own. 🙂

    I haven’t seen I, Tonya yet, but I do love Margot! We watched Life of Pets 2 and Rocketman this holiday weekend. Both were good, though Rocketman felt a little rushed with the old-style dance sequences.

  9. Happy Birthday Ti. Tomorrow is the Big Day. Enjoy. I Tonya was a bit darkly funny in a tongue-in-cheek kind of way. I agree it was a pretty decent movie. I wonder what you think of City Girls. I too am reading a long book The Goldfinch which is like a month read for me but in between other reads too. I’m liking it and might finish it in time for the movie this month.

    1. I still haven’t finished City of Girls but it’s not the the book’s fault. Been too busy with college move-in and other activities. I am just in a sad, sad slump.

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