Sunday Matters: Can We Just Get Through the Month?

Sunday Matters

You guys are the best. Everyone I’ve “met” here through blogging are true heroes in my book. No matter what is going on in my life, I always receive the best support and the nicest comments from y’all. I so appreciate you.

The end of the year continues to be rough in my house. I feel beaten and bruised from all of it. Too much scheduled, too much to plan for the coming academic year. Just, too much. We jump one hurdle only to see another one coming up.

School ends on June 6th but summer school starts on June 3rd. Who plans these things?

Right Now:

My health has improved. This is great news and the reason why I am now allowing myself a half cup of coffee on the weekends. All of my stomach ailments are still there but manageable. Just trying to really be careful about processed foods and generally, what I put in my body.

At this moment I am savoring this half cup of coffee.

This Week:

Thank goodness for long weekends. On Monday, we will be grilling up burgers and hot links and enjoying all the traditional sides. I used to make everything on my own but why make potato salad when your supermarket makes the best there is?

The rest of the week will be hectic because of finals. I can’t get this kid to study even if her life depended on it.


I am finishing up The Invited. I had really hoped to have it reviewed by now but last week was brutal. I’ll get the review up this week.

For the long weekend, I wanted a really good book to speed through so I am going with No Exit!


I haven’t had time to watch a darn thing. I’ve been a flipper lately. I just sit there flipping channels and catching pieces of things like Bridesmaids, or Castaway (the most depressing movie ever), or Toy Story, which I found delightful all over again. I sat for half an hour watching a documentary on Ted Bundy. That was fascinating.

New Things I’ve Tried:

The one thing I want to share is The Nothing is Wasted podcast. It’s about pain and how we deal with it. All kinds of pain and the trauma that goes with it. It is Christian based but the conversations are very thought-provoking. I’ve been totally absorbed on my drive home.

The Nothing is Wasted Podcast

Grateful for:

This platform. I don’t post all that often but having this platform to share my thoughts has been so valuable to me over the years. I am one of those “head-thinkers” where a lot of stuff spins around in my head 24/7 so it’s helpful to have a platform like this to get some of it out of my head.

Are you grilling-up anything special this weekend? See how I popped back to food?

17 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Can We Just Get Through the Month?”

  1. First and foremost, I’m glad your health is improving and hope it continues to improve. Second, even though we don’t have kids, just because of the nature of work at the library (with new changes, just the regular things of the job – overdues and the like, and our Friends’ group’s annual book sale coming up), I’m feeling slightly beaten and bruised too. I’m glad to have a long weekend too and to be going away June 8 and June 9. Both of these weekends are giving some respite in the middle of a hectic time.

    I don’t get everything out on my blog, but blogging has helped me to get myself out of my head – and into other people’s heads ;). But really, it’s been good to know that I’m not alone…even if all of our struggles are different.

    I’m not grilling a blasted thing. But my neighbor is. 🙂 Burgers and hot dogs at our neighborhood picnic. Looking forward to the food and fellowship.

    1. I do think age plays a part in it. At least it does for me. Before, I’d take my punches but recover quickly. Now, not so much.

      Long weekends give me life. We aren’t even doing anything but a short trip to the coffee house or a quick lunch out and I’m happy. I want to hit the used bookstore today but I took a brief look at my book stacks and I really have plenty but they are having a sale today.

  2. How can summer school start before the school year ends? That makes no sense to me.

    I’m so glad you’re feeling better.

    I hear you on the potato salad. My mother-in-law was known for her potato salad but didn’t have time to make it for a family event so she bought it. Everyone commented that it was the best she’d ever made so she never made it again.

  3. Potato salad! I was craving my mom’s and for some reason I have no ability to make yummy ordinary things. We tried a tiny cup of potato salad from a local BBQ and it was so good that I forgot all about my mom’s elusive one. I wanted it for this weekend but we didn’t want to go all the way to get it so we tried some from our Country Butcher and it was even better! I guess my point is what is the point when there is really great potato salad out there?

    I can imagine your hectic week. When I was teaching I was exhausted the entire last month of school…grades, parties, tests, memorable moments…it was all consuming!

    All I am watching is British TV…crimes and mysteries and loving them.

    Our Mem Day food consisted of Friday night lobster rolls, last night hot dogs and that potato salad, tonight Ina Gartens mustardy grilled flank steak with more potato salad and orzo salad and Monday hamburgers! I think my response is longer than your post!

    1. You definitely had a foodie weekend! I have a leftover Angus burger patty for lunch and a tiny bit of that potato salad. I said I was feeling better and I jinxed myself. Babying the tummy today.

  4. Someone messed up on when summer school starts 🙂

    I want to grill hamburgers & hot dogs and have macaroni salad (my DIL makes THE BEST!), corn on the cobb and S’mores.

  5. We’re having a nice quiet weekend here; it is so great to have my daughter home so we’re just enjoying each other’s company. And holy moly, the winds just started up here so watch out… they may be coming your way!

  6. Hope summer is etter for you and the household in terms of activity. The Japanese recommend nature bathing or tree bathing, that is, a walk in the woods, to relax and regroup. Hope you find the time!

  7. Yay, to feeling better. That half cup of coffee sounds so good to me. I had to give up coffee, too. The pain I was having from drinking it was not worth it. Ugh. Those dates for school sound crazy – who does that?! Hope you are enjoying this weekend – the food sounds yummy! I want a burger, too 🙂 Let me know what you think of No Exit. I’m not reading anything at the mo, because I can’t find something to sink my teeth into. Plus, I kind of want to just loaf around – feeling too tired to do anything.

  8. Hugs to you. It really has been a rough time for you, and I’m so sorry that things haven’t let up yet. I hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day, at least!

    I read a thing on Twitter one time that said adulthood is saying “if I can just get through this week” over and over again until you die and it seemed HORRIBLY TRUE.

  9. We had a very quiet long weekend with not too many activities for once. We took Katerina to her friend’s house for the pool and then to a movie with her other friends but that was about it. A lot of downtime is what I needed and she did too, I suspect.

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