Sunday Matters: Summer Reading is Almost Here

Sunday Matters

This is the time of year where every student is hanging by a thread. They are tired, stressed and just over all of it but we aren’t quite done yet. We still have events to deal with like Senior Showcases and banquets for both choir and theatre and that last-minute push to get work turned in. Please give us strength.

Right Now:

Church this morning and then dinner prep later. I hope to sneak a few pages of reading in but also have high school ministry later so it won’t be much.

This Week:

  • Rehearsals for Little Shop begin this week.
  • Senior Showcase for theatre is this week. My daughter is not a senior but was asked to be in a senior directed piece for A Chorus Line.
  • My 25th wedding anniversary is this week.
  • Registration for summer classes is this week so the girl can get ahead for next year.


At the moment I am reading The Invited by Jennifer McMahon. It’s pretty good. Grabbed me right away. It’s being dubbed a “ghost story with a twist” but I am liking the slow build.


Not much. I really want to catch-up on movies that I should have seen prior to Endgame like, Black Panther and Thor Ragnarok. Not to mention Captain Marvel. But I saw a clip for Wine Country on Netflix and that looked interesting too.  I am so over Maya Rudolph but it still looks good.

New Things I’ve Tried:

I haven’t tried a darn thing but for some reason I am really into the smell of rosemary right now so I am searching for a good rosemary hand cream. I have rosemary all over my yard but the rosemary at the community garden here on campus has the most divine rosemary. I sweep my hands through the plants on the way out and it is like heaven.

Grateful for:

The whole concept of summer reading. I hardly ever stick to my list but the idea of it makes me so happy. I will be compiling a stack for that soon.

Name one book that will be on your summer reading list?

35 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Summer Reading is Almost Here”

  1. I bought The Guest Book purposefully for the summer when we sit on the shade deck and watch the vultures and rest…seriously…our neighbor feeds the vultures who nest on our roof so they walk around on our roof and watch for her! They sound and sor of look like dragons!

    I cannot believe you have not seen Thor Ragnarok. I think I watch it at least once a week! It is tremendously witty! I watched Wine Country and I won’t say a word and I will wait patiently for your thoughts. But I know what you mean about Maya Rudolph!

  2. Rosemary and other pine-y scents are supposed to have healing properties. I’ve taken to using these around my house.

    May is a crazy busy month. Here’s to you getting through it successfully!

    1. Healing properties? I’ll take it. I can’t find a good rosemary hand cream. I’ve looked and looked. Will have to settle for what I have in this community garden.

      1. Sorry T! Happy 25th to you!. For some reason I saw BermudaOnions 40th, and I was thinking of that… Congrats to you both!

      2. Oh! It’s our 25th anniversary, I had to go back to make sure I didn’t say 40th. That would make me a child bride. LOL.

    1. I always forget how stressful these last two weeks are. Mostly because it’s also when all of the final performances take place so there are so many rehearsals during finals.

  3. I’ll see Captain Marvel when it comes out on DVD. I wanted to see it in the theater, but it just didn’t happen. Wine Country is something we’re saving until our wine trip June 8 and June 9. Plus we’re getting shirts made like they have in the movie: “The Big 5-Oh” on them. I know you asked for one, but I’m going to give you two on my summer reading list: The Lord God Made Them All and Every Living Thing by James Herriot, part of his series I’ve been making my way through slowly since last year.

    1. The wine trip sounds super fun. I still haven’t figured out my summer reading but it will be a simple list. I hardly ever stick to lists but I like coming up with them.

  4. May is so crazy! My sister is a teacher and is practically counting down the hours now. I should get going on a summer reading list… regardless of whether I stick to it. I enjoy making them, too!

    1. I know teachers are at their wits end right now too. I don’t remember being so emotional at the end of a school year but these kids really are. I mean, crying and unable to focus.

  5. Ti, congrats on 25 years; it is quite the milestone. i have the eGalley of Invited so looking forward to that one as well. I was just working on my summer reading list – one book is The Last Resort; Marissa Stapley as well as Bookshop of the Broken Hearted (that you read).

  6. Happy anniversary. I had a super busy weekend. We had the book festival on Saturday and the soccer game in the evening. Sunday was a bit more low key, which is nice. Minus my poetry writing workshop, we didn’t have much on the schedule. Her soccer tournament was cancelled, otherwise today would have been busy too.

    1. Thank you! We actually have too much tonight so we will be celebrating this weekend. We don’t do much to celebrate. We are kind of simple that way. A nice dinner is good or even takeout. We are always so busy so just staying home is a treat. I know you can relate.

  7. Ti, Happy Anniversary!! Hope you have a great week 🙂 As for summer reading – I am looking forward to the new Yoko Ogawa, which I just know will be awesome.

  8. I’d like to read A Gentleman in Moscow and Where the Crawdads Sing this summer. Good luck with all your end-of-year activities. And, Happy Anniversary!

    1. Crawdads and Gentleman are both very enjoyable. Gentleman in Moscow is a fave of mine and will be for a very long time.

    1. I know. It’s so fragrant. I don’t cook with it often though. It doesn’t impart a good taste each time I use it. It can be bitter but smelling it?? Yes.

  9. I still need to figure out my summer reads. Happy Anniversary! I also want to see Wine Country. Let me know if you see it and if it’s any good. thanks. Enjoy your week.

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