Sunday Matters: He’s Back and Summer is Ticking Away

Sunday Matters

My son is back from Orlando and he is also another year older! TWENTY years old now.

Evan DCP 2018

Right Now:

Getting reading to head out to church and then later this afternoon, my MIL is having a BBQ for my son’s birthday. I am making a pasta salad to bring and maybe another dessert.

This Week:

My week is pretty open. Just work, volunteering and book club. I hope it’s cooler this week. Our weather has been hellish and deadly. I feel my skin shriveling up every time I go outside.


I am reading The Immortalists for book club. I am reading other books too but I keep switching them out and I am not really getting anywhere. However, I have added tons of new books to my reading pile. My reading brain has already moved into fall even though summer is not to be ignored.


I tried to watch The Greatest Showman at last weekend’s movie night but it was 106 and sunny. I could not see a thing so I must rent it.

As for TV, I haven’t been watching anything.


I got this Greek bottled marinade the other day and made some grilled chicken. That was the best chicken! So lemony and juicy. I served it with roasted potatoes and green beans which was dumb because I had to use the oven and it was so darn hot.

On another night we had chicken again but with chopped seedless cucumbers, Feta, roasted tomatoes (again, the oven) and some hummus.

Grateful for:

All of us being in the same house again. It went by so fast but it was so weird the entire time. While away, the boy learned how to eat steak the right way (medium rare) and he eats sushi now!

I die.

15 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: He’s Back and Summer is Ticking Away”

  1. Glad you’re all back together. Sounds like he had a good birthday with you all. The chicken does sound yummy. Chicken is my favorite meat after steak but I like my steak well done and even a little crispy. I like Sushi but prefer mine to be vegetable.

  2. Happy Birthday to your son, Ti! Wow – this year has flown by it seems, but I know not so much for you. Glad you are all together again. Your chicken sounds wonderful. Enjoy your week and try to stay cool!

  3. Yay that The Boy is back! But how is it that he is 20 years old?! My girls are quickly getting older, too, but I am sure I am not aging a bit – ha!

  4. I’m so glad he is back and you are all together again (at least for a while). In SB it has cooled down slightly so it isn’t so humid and unbearable. Thank goodness!

  5. Happy birthday to E! And welcome back! It is so odd to see how much they change when they are away from you, isn’t it? And yet, the longer he is home, you will find plenty of evidence that the change may not be all that deep quite yet.

    I hope the weather cools down for you! Sadly, I was listening to NPR the other day and they surmised that this might be the new norm thanks to climate change. Ugh.

    1. I have plans to hit the beach this Friday but every time I’ve gone this summer it’s been hot there too. I got a really bad burn the last time I went. There is no breeze which is so weird.

  6. Hahahaha, I am still such a child and I can’t eat steak medium-rare. For a while I didn’t order steak at all just as I do not order sushi with raw fish inside. I know it’s fine! And people do it all the time! THERE IS JUST THIS PSYCHOLOGICAL BARRIER. I can do steaks medium. I’m like on the raggedy edge of respectability w/r/t steaks.

    1. The things with steak though, is that the best cuts of meat really do taste better when they are burned to a crisp. I use to do well-done in my 20s but once I tried a steak medium rare, I immediately noticed how tender the meat it when it’s cooked properly. Sushi though is an acquired taste. I will only eat some cuts of fish raw. I don’t know why some are better than others but I guess maybe texture?? I can’t eat wheat so all that imitation crab is out. It’s all wheat and all the good sushi with tempura, also out. That leaves me only so much to choose from.

    1. I don’t know where you fall with the steak debate but burned to a crisp is not how a person should eat steak and that how he ate it before. Now he is like, “wow, it’s so tender”. No kidding.

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