Sunday Matters: What Does One Talk About?

Sunday Matters

Vague title for this post but each and every week I never know what to talk about. I mean, I have PLENTY to talk about but does anyone really want to hear it?  I ask myself this question all the time.

I am getting all philosophical again. I’ll stop now.

Right Now:

I am watching the news at the moment. I love the news on the weekend. It’s news-light. Mostly covers fun weekend events, food, entertainment and pet adoptions. I am all for that.

Also, I am still pondering why I an unable to post reviews on Amazon. No one over there can figure it out. I’m a top reviewer and yet, I can’t review there anymore. It doesn’t matter what device I am using or what platform. I can’t even edit the ones I’ve already posted. It’s a mystery.

This Week:

This week has some fun stuff going on:

  • The high school’s production of Oklahoma is Thursday – Saturday.
  • My husband’s birthday is on Wednesday but that’s the night of the dress rehearsal for Oklahoma so while my daughter is there, maybe we will grab a bite.
  • I’m working the box office one night and bringing dessert another night.
  • Book club. I just started the book!
  • I was nominated for a team award at work so I get to attend the recognition event which is pretty cool.
  • Our big tech fair that we host is also happening this week.


I’ll be focusing on A Gentleman in Moscow since we are discussing it for book club, it’s MY book, and I have to lead the discussion so I best get it read.


Nothing new. Fear the Walking Dead has gotten interesting and I have some friends watching it with me which makes it fun.

From Netflix, because I still have a DVD plan, I ordered Alien: Covenant but have yet to watch it. Is it good?


This past week my daughter and I have survived on yogurt bowls (Greek yogurt, sunflower seeds or almonds, gluten-free coconut granola, sliced bananas and a drizzle of honey). I plan to do the same this week. The Hub has eaten cereal a few times and will probably do so again because cooking is not in the plans this week but due to birthday happenings there will probably be some good meals in there somewhere.

Grateful for:

Options. It’s good to have options.

I turn it over to you now. What are you doing today or what fun have you had thus far?

23 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: What Does One Talk About?”

  1. I took myself the garden center. Took my time checking out the flowering bushes and trees. Very relaxing. Spent half an hour choosing the perfect orchid at the perfect price. And bought a miniature lavender rose bush. Love spring.

    1. That all sounds delightful to me. I don’t have much of a green thumb so I kill things unintentionally so when something works I tend to buy a lot of it. Which is why I have spider plants all over. Nothing survives here except cactus and who wants that? No one. At least not a yard of it.

  2. I’m avoiding work that I brought home for the weekend. And the afternoon is racing by. sigh. I’ve written a few blog posts, read a few blogs, cleaned up my inbox, cleaned the kitchen and walked the pups (so I can have Jane Eyre listening time) and helped with the construction of a new chair we bought that came in a box. I love do nothing Sundays. but I really need to get some work done… eek

    1. oh. Thanks for asking! love the glimpse into your life and what you are eating and what you are reading. I go back and forth on that Gentleman in Moscow book. I look forward to your convincing me to read it.

  3. I think that all of us who kind of follow and “know” each other like to hear about our lives…at least I hope we do. I know we do! Your busy weeks amaze me but when I was teaching my days were just like that…there was always something to do after school! Life was crazy and I was always exhausted. I am at a different place now. My life…other than last year…has more freedom…has more relaxed down time…so your life feels amazingly hectic! I am taking the longest time ever to read Women In Sunlight and it feels decadent and wonderful. I want to go to Tuscany! So…have a great week, have a great birthday dinner…we had Cheerios and blueberries and bananas for dinner twice last week…late lunches make us not so dinner hungry…and get that book read! I know it’s a big one! Oh…congratulations on your honor!

    1. Thanks on all counts. I DO enjoy the “day in the life” type posts I see now and then from my fave bloggers, including yourself. I feel as if I know everyone pretty well even though I have yet to meet most of you in person.

      I can get through these crazy weeks okay but this is the first time I am dealing all this health stuff. It’s giving me fits.

  4. Yoghurt bowls sound yummy, but you’ll probably be sick of them by the end of the week. I did the Dewey readathon yesterday and have a busy week at work coming up. Spring has definitely sprung here so my garden makes me happy.

    1. Because of all this health stuff I am having to deal with the yogurt bowls seems to be easy, tasty but also tolerated by my appetite which is not that great. But after another week of it I will be looking elsewhere.

  5. I agree that we all like hearing about your day/week. I love yogurt with walnuts, blueberries, dry oats, avocado, flax seed & wheat germ. It’s so good it’s like having dessert. Happy Birthday to your hubby!

  6. I am sitting here enjoying the sun, the warmth, and the peace and quiet of my backyard right now. It is glorious! No dark and very loud theater. No stress of watching her take the stage or the adrenaline crash that follows. It is going to take some time for me to unwind completely and find my focus again after having it scattered all over the place for so long, but for now, I am just enjoying the lack of theater seats!

    Happy birthday to your Husband! May birthday babies are the best!! 😉

  7. Gentleman In Moscow was my favorite book last year. Every chapter was a new delicious surprise. And look for the clever way the author indicates time/years passing. No one I’ve Spoken to about it or in my book club picked up on it. Enjoy!

    1. I did pick up on the passage of time and how each section of time doubled for the next section. I picked up on that pretty early on because 32 years would make for a very long book otherwise. I am 30% in.

    1. Thanks!! It also helps to bridge the gap between reviews which I am a little behind on at the moment due to required reading.

  8. I love your Sunday posts! It’s always nice to hear what’s going on in the lives of some of my blogger friends — and I’m always hugely impressed by you and your family’s incredibly active lives. I hope Oklahoma goes well! I hope you get to do birthday stuff with your husband another time!

  9. I wish I loved yogurt enough to eat it more than once a blue moon. I hope your husband had a great birthday. As you can see I’m super busy and failing at commenting.

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