Sunday Matters: Feeling Pensive

Sunday Matters

I am looking at the calendar and cannot believe that this school year is almost over. After next week we basically have one more month but what a month it is! So much going on. I love the idea of summer but summer is not slow for us. We just have different types of activities over the summer and they all present transportation challenges.

Right Now:

Meh. I am feeling “meh” again. Nothing a Matcha Latte can’t temporarily fix. It’s my new favorite thing.

This Week:

Two doc appointments. I try not to schedule two in the same week but sometimes it’s out of my hands.

The Girl is participating in a choir festival on Tuesday. This is a yearly thing and the same event where I stepped off a curb and landed right on my face. I have such a fear of that place now!


I am reading The Flight Attendant. The reviews are kind of all over the place but it has started off good. It will be a TV movie soon starring Kaley Cuoco. I agree with the casting.

I should also start my book club pick for this month, A Gentleman in Moscow.

Free Books

There is still a little bit of time to download FREE Kindle eBooks for World Book Day! I picked up all of them! Thanks, Amazon!

Get your books here!


The Walking Dead is over until next season. This week I am focusing on Fear the Walking Dead. I sure hope this show continues to improve because it too, seems to be flailing a little.

Another blogger posted about a Netflix show called The 100. I thought it was a new series but I see that it started back in 2014. I had not heard of it before her post. Has anyone seen it? It sounds like my kind of thing.


I am seriously sick of everything. The idea of small bites sounds good but that’s pretty much it. Appetizers for dinner?  I could easily eat grilled fish every day but it’s not popular with the family AT ALL. Making anything good this week? Inspire me.

Grateful for:

Once in awhile I go along my merry way and then get derailed. When this happens, it’s like a wake-up call. Pay attention. Don’t take things for granted. Admit that you don’t have it all figured out. It’s a humbling experience, this process. I don’t enjoy it, but I am often grateful for the snap to attention that it provides.

You ever have one of those moments?

26 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Feeling Pensive”

  1. Yes…I exactly know what you mean by those slap you in the face wake up calls. Thank you for the books…I never even saw them…books like this help me to branch out of my little comfort zone. I would tell you to make that BBQ’D chicken but you really need a big soft bun, too…sorry! Maybe one day they will make a pill for GF…I made a Siesta Keys Key Li e Pie today, too…the easy one that simply gets refrigerated!

  2. Oh, yes… those wake-up calls. Hope this was just a little one. I made a good corn and tomato salad this week, also a super easy cauliflower rice burrito bowl. Links to both in my weekend post. Can’t believe the school year is almost over!

  3. Thanks for the heads up on the free AMZ books, I downloaded a few (not that I needed them). I had one of the derailed moments yesterday and unfortunately, unlike you, I d

    Have a great week.idn’t feel grateful afterwards 😭

    1. I can’t say I am grateful every time something derails me. In fact, when this first happened I was pretty ticked off! But about an hour later I felt differently about it.

  4. I am feeling meh too. This cold isn’t helping. I am with you when it comes to summer. It’s not really less busy for us either. I have seen the first two seasons of 100 and liked it okay. I keep meaning to go back to it, but haven’t had a chance yet. I would like to read The Flight Attendant.

    I hope you have a great week, Ti.

    1. A lot of people are sick right now. I hope you feel better soon. This heatwave is a real drag. It was actually a very pretty weekend I am just not ready for it to be this hot, now.

  5. I see you are going to be reading THE GENTLEMAN FROM MOSCOW. You know what a huge advocate I am for that book! I know you will love it. He spoke with Elaine Newton in Naples in February and brought the house down.

    1. I hope my club can discuss it. Sometimes a good is good but there’s little to discuss. I have yet to start it. I better get on it. We meet May 3rd.

  6. Hope this coming week is better for you! And that you can get through the choir festival with no mishaps. School does go quickly doesn’t it? Or so I recall as a Mom of a kid. We eat lots of salads these days and chicken fajitas and salmon. The salads have all kinds of grilled meat on them. That may not be to your taste though. BBQ anything is good, but I like smoked turkey as well.

  7. I finally had time to read the book and attend my book club meeting! I had missed two months of meetings, though I did read read one of the books from those meetings finally. Life has just been too busy here.

    I hope you love the book club pick — it’s one I want to read.

    The 100 was a good series, though I haven’t finished it. I really enjoy it. I need more time to enjoy tv watching. LOL

  8. I had to look up who Kaley Cuoco is. Already a movie for that novel?! Anything happen at the end of the WD? I haven’t heard about the show The 100 but we are watching The Terror tv series right now which is based on the Dan Simmons book. You might like the show. I think we are getting it via Apple. Hmm. The time is flying by and April is almost gone, crazy!

  9. Whoa! I didn’t know Amazon was doing a big book giveaway! This is very exciting news, and I have snagged all of them for myself. Thank you for the heads-up!

    I wish I had food suggestions for you. I am not much of a cook. Do you ever do breakfast tacos at all? They are my new thing. I love putting pesto on my tortillas and scrambling eggs and having them with grilled bell pepper and feta.

  10. I’ve seen every season of The 100 so far and I love it. It’s my kind of post-apocalyptic sci-fi. It’s based on a YA book series by Cass Morgan (sp?) but I haven’t read them. I have heard the show is actually better. I’m going to check them out from the library and see for myself. Do watch the show. It’s fun.

  11. Appetizers for dinner? Yes, please!!

    I believe The 100 started as a show on the CW. Something about 100 people left who have to forge a new society. I think. I did not know the show was still running though I know it was very popular for a while.

    How are you feeling? Hope you get some answers from your various doctors’ visits this week!

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