Sunday Matters: I’m Trying

Sunday Matters

Do they still give out gold stars for effort? There are many areas in my life right now where I am trying so hard and yet, doubt creeps in, I mope around, get a little angry and then, I am back to my normal self. What gives?

Right Now:

I’ve got coffee and the news is on. We are experiencing a little heat wave right now. When it’s warm in the morning, you know it’s going to be a hot day.

This Week:

Can you believe it’s time to think about Memorial Day plans? Doesn’t that blow your mind? It’s kind of exciting too because for us readers it’s time to think about our summer reading lists. Will I actually have a list this year? I sort of did last year but not the kind a reader dreams about.

Other than the weekend which is literally all I think about these days, not much is going on. School is ending soon for both of my kids and you guys, my daughter enters high school next year. I seriously can’t wrap my brain around that. When I started this blog, she was five. Five!


I am reading Jo Nesbø’s new one, The Thirst which is book #11 in the Harry Hole series.  Add to that, Summer Dance by Nan Rossiter which is a totally different read but highly anticipated!


Nothing. Absolutely nothing.


Same as above. However, with this heat, kale salads and smoothie bowls sound pretty good.

Grateful for:

I had an unintentional mind break yesterday. Something I had planned didn’t work out so I used that time to just sit and think. Something I don’t get to do often.

What’s up with you?

25 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: I’m Trying”

  1. The heat isn’t fun and I’m sure it’s worse for you since you’re inland. I finally saw the Young Sheldon trailer and can’t wait to watch the show 🙂

    1. I’m sure the weather was just perfect where you are. For us, not so much. I literally felt like I was thrown into a fire on Sunday. I am okay at 95 but once it hits 100 I tend to get a bit crabby.

  2. Sundays are perfect for getting things back in perspective. Had my coffee on the front porch while enjoying the birdsong. Best time of the day, especially this weekend.

    1. I used to not care for Sundays all that much because I usually spent the entire day thinking of Monday but I don’t do that anymore. Sundays, although still busy for me, are the days where I tend to reset myself for the coming week.

  3. We are having a lot of rain today, with time for me to run out and plant a few young peopleannuals I bought to brighten the backyard. Everything is still green, green, spring green. Hope it cools down soon your way. .

    1. It was about 100 both Saturday and Sunday. My poor re-seeded yard is trying to survive but between the gophers, the rabbits and the heat I fear we made a bad decision by putting the grass back in.

  4. I was wondering about a summer reading list, too. Haven’t made one the last couple of summers, but am considering it. My reading has been so haphazard lately… maybe it’s time to get back to a plan? We had a couple of warm days last week (80s!), but now it’s back to seasonably cool. I don’t mind, but would appreciate a little more sunshine.

    1. Just the idea of “summer” reading sustains me right now. I actually have a lot less to deal with now since my son is no longer in high school but with age, I don’t seem to be handling what I currently have all that well. I guess I am just jaded. Too many years running around has done me in. But the idea of summer reading instantly brings a smile to my face so I will try to come up with a list.

  5. I have been on a Once Upon a Time kick lately. Finally up to season four. It is total crap television but the costumes are amazing and the story is so darn goofy that I can’t help but enjoy myself while watching. Plus, HOOK!!! Mindless television where I can sit down, relax and turn off my brain for an hour or two.

    I know I should be looking forward to summer, but I can’t help but feel our summer is going to be just as awful as the school year. Holly still wants to take dance classes, so we get no break in the evenings. I am trying not to focus on that, but it does worry me.

    Mind breaks, however unintentional, are so very necessary. I know you have so much going on right now, that I am sure you needed it. I hope it helped and you were able to use that break to relax a bit and recharge.

    1. Once Upon a Time is a show my daughter watches, and loves. She likes the play on characters. There is usually a twist to them which she enjoys.

      After feeling sorry for myself, I did feel a little better the next day but not by much. Today, I feel better though. A bit miffed but not the walking doom cloud I was on Saturday.

      ​BTW, callbacks for Grease won’t be posted until Wednesday at 4pm. Still don’t know about choir. I heard she was still auditioning kids from other schools as of Friday night. ​

      1. Yes. The twist of these familiar Disney characters is a lot of fun too. Also, HOOK! (Seriously, that man is gorgeous with a sexy accent to boot.)

        You are in for a long week with the delay in choir results and callbacks. I hope it passes speedily and with minimal teen moodiness!

        Are you getting any extra time off for the weekend? Is there some place you can go to get away for a while? Just you and some much-needed solitude if only to wallow (which is therapeutic) and practice some self-help? Have you tried meditation? I am using the Headspace app and have found myself much calmer and more able to put things into perspective now that I have been doing it daily for the past month. It gives me 10-15 minutes each day of alone time and time to just be, not worry, and relax. The instructor on the app is fabulous, and the program is one of the best I have found for helping you learn how best to meditate. It might help you.

  6. I know what you mean about a mind break. I’m hoping to get one this four-day I took off Tuesday too and we’re closed on Saturday. I checked out The Thirst, but don’t think I’m going to get to it. It looks like too many stories right now for my single-minded brain. …as for life, maybe don’t try so hard. 🙂 But I know it’s not easy to do either.

  7. I haven’t made a summer reading list in a few years. I think this summer I want to make a short one and see how many books I actually get read. I’ve been in a physical book slump lately but am loving audiobooks right now.

    1. I’d be lying if I said my list was for planning purposes. I almost never stick to a list. I just like the act of making a list! Maybe this year I should try to stick to it.

      1. I rarely check everything off of my lists, but like you, I like making them. This time I plan on only adding books that I’m pretty sure I’ll read in hopes of FINALLY finishing a whole list. We’ll see 🙂

        1. I just added you to my reader ( I thought you were already in there) so that I won’t miss your list. I better get on mine. There are so many books I want to read.

          1. Thanks for the add! I use to follow blogs, including you. I don’t remember who posted about it but I checked it out and love it.

  8. I think you would definitely get tons of gold stars. Trying is sometimes the best we can do at times. I hate when doubt creeps in – its the worst! Maybe its the heat wave combined with everything you have going on that is making you feel this way. A mind break is just what you needed – more of those will help.

    Memorial Day already!!? Isn’t that crazy?!

    I started watching Bates Motel, because of you and now I am hooked. I’m still on season 1, but OMG!!

    Enjoy your reads! And I hope you have a great week 🙂

    1. Oh!! You will love Bates. It gets really weird mid series but stick with it and you will not be sorry. Such great acting.

  9. Gosh is she really in high school?! Oh my, that’s hard to believe. Have you decided about your plans for Memorial Day weekend? The beach sounds nice but I’m sure the crowds will be headed that way. We had our long weekend here last weekend and went to the mountains where the conditions were perfect & warm for once! And now we’re like 5 episodes into The Handmaid’s Tale, oh my it’s creepy. Have a great week.

    1. Nope. No Memorial Day plans as of yet. I could really just hangout and BBQ. I’d be totally fine with that.

      I want to see The Handmaid’s Tale but I don’t have Hulu. I also wanted to see the new Twin Peaks reboot only to realize it was an HBO thing. Don’t get that either. As you can guess, no TV is being watched in my home.

  10. I haven’t been watching TV at all. I’m so boring. I have been reading poetry, and when my next vacation comes in August, I’ll be finishing Ulysses. Yes, that’s my summer reading.

    Anna and I are hosting another readalong in June at War Through The Generations with Those Who Save Us by Jenna Blum, which is supposed to be really great.

    I haven’t tried to make too many plans, but the house is coming along with new paint and some changes here and there.

    1. New paint? What are you painting? New paint is exciting. I need to paint the inside of the house now that the outside was done last year.

      Ulysses this summer? Did you make much progress or planning to just push through this summer?

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