Blue Skies

It’s Thursday (not quite Friday) but after a hot spell it’s cool and beautiful and when I came in this morning I could see clear, blue skies for miles. The air is a little crisp too. So lovely after the pit of hell (heat) I was thrown into last week.

Memorial Day weekend is right around the corner and it has me thinking about grilled burgers with melty cheese and hammocks, even though I do not own one and would not even attempt to get into one.  But the IDEA of swinging in one is nice.

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Photo Credit: Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

Plus, reading is always especially fun this time of the year. I am trying really hard to get through my review copies. They are pretty good but they are all being released at the same time so my timing was a little off there.  Since there are so many review copies, I will highlight the one library book that I really want to get to soon, Under the Harrow.

Under the Harrow

The write-up sounds great but the reviews I’ve read really make it sound like a must-read.

Will I get to it this weekend? Not likely. But, I have hope. What do you have planned this weekend? I just want to read, lounge and eat yummy stuff.

25 thoughts on “Blue Skies”

    1. I wish we had a pool. My kids are at the perfect age to really enjoy it and use one but last year with the drought so many had to drain their pools or not maintain them as well. Enjoy your cookout!! I grilled peaches once and then served them with drizzled honey and vanilla bean ice cream and I swear, I could have skipped the meal and just had that.

  1. I want to do those exact same things. I have a hammock and this might be the perfect swinging week end…I also want to grill a lobster and eat a soft shell crab or two!

    1. Patty, I can’t even begin to tell you how good that sounds!! You MUST grill lobster and then tell me all about it. I’ve never had soft shell crab. I love crab too though so I’m sure I would love it. I heard it’s pretty sweet.

  2. That burger looks really good. My husband is playing in a 3-day golf tournament this weekend and we are also having the whole family over for burgers on Saturday night. We’ve been trying to get together this whole month, but there was a lot going on for many of us. We still won’t have everyone (think a nephew has to work), but most everyone.

    UNDER THE HARROW is a book that I’ve been meaning to read. I do own it. It won the Edgar award recently for ‘Best First Novel by an American Author’. I really need to try it this summer.

    Hope your weekend is fun and relaxing!

    1. Do you have a go-to burger recipe or just go with good quality meat and salt and pepper? Last year I tried a turkey burger recipe where you add cooled grilled onions and peppers to the turkey along with small cubes of gouda. Good Lord they were good and moist and you know how dry turkey can be when grilled. I had it on a gluten free bun and was in heaven.

      1. No special recipe. Just good meat and grilling. I’m kind of a purist about burgers. We will have both beef and turkey, as there are family members who prefer the turkey burger. I don’t really like onion (raw anyway) and I don’t put mayo on a burger. Lots of mustard for me and cheddar cheese. 😉

        1. I love a good gourmet burger but I also appreciate good beef and high heat. I love all the condiments! I’m so hungry now.

  3. I want that burger – yummy!! A hammock sounds like fun. I plan on eating delicious food, reading more Patti Smith ( I just finsihed Just Kids and am about to start M Train), and relaxing. Oh, and watching more Bates Motel. I’m in the middle of season 2 and loving the show. You are so right – the acting is top notch! Hope you have a great weekend 🙂

    1. That burger. Even with a gluten free bun I’d be happy.

      BATES is just awesome. Even with all his kooky-ness, you end up loving Norman and his crazy mother. Vera Farmiga is a much better actress than her sis her was on American Horror Story for a couple of seasons. IMO.

  4. I am so enjoying the cooler weather! I have been reading books for work, which isn’t exactly “fun,” even though they are interesting. I haven’t been able to decide which regular book to read so the work books are winning out.

  5. That burger looks amazing!

    I am not planning to do anything this weekend if I can help it. The three weekends after that are going to be bad enough, so I am looking at this weekend as the rest before the marathon.

  6. We actually had the burgers tonight. Having steak and hot dogs with the neighbors on Monday. Other than that, binge-watching the end of Riverdale tonight with Kim, tomorrow, Bloodline, then Monday or Tuesday, the end of Season 3 of Bosch. Oh, maybe some reading, we’ll see.

  7. We had a very full Memorial Day weekend. It’s usually the one holiday that we have off together that isn’t Christmas or New Year’s. I prefer summer and warm weather so you can see why I like this holiday weekend best. 🙂 However, ours ended up being a mixed bag of rain and some sun, but no pool time yet.

    We had a full house Saturday from book club earlier in the day to a cookout with friends in he evening. It was a blast and I got to use my new cookbook by Mary Kay Andrews.

    I hope you got a lot of reading done. I have 3 book reviews to write this week, and we’ll see when that gets done. I was a reading fiend.

    1. I am still battling some health stuff so I didn’t get as much reading done as I needed to but while the girl worked on her tan I almost finished a book which I started at the top of her tanning session. I need to read and review two this week to be on track.

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