The Sunday Salon: An Easter Hello

Sunday Salon

Hello all. How’ve you all been?

It’s been busy around here. Mostly, good stuff but with nightly activities and the spring break that came up  out of nowhere, I felt as if I was Fred Flintstone in his floorless car, running  just to keep up.

A few updates. I had some health stuff going on and the biopsy came back NORMAL. I was very relieved to get those results. I really started to think about what I’d do if they came back abnormal. Not a fun topic of discussion right before vacation so it was a huge relief that the news came in right before I left. Thank you for the prayers and support.

I also alluded to stuff going on at work. I have been known to feel a re-org coming on and sure enough, I returned from break and it happened. The details are not solid yet but my job, it-is-a-changing. Again. Wish me luck with that.

Oh and one other thing, one BIG thing. I got baptized this past Friday! Let’s just say that as a child, my childhood was less than ideal. I had guardian angels along the way that steered me in the right direction so I always felt a spiritual connection but could never find a church that I felt comfortable going to. About a year ago, we went to a special service that a local church was holding and for the next couple of months we’d either watch the service online or go every once in awhile. It’s not traditional. There’s music and lights and a coffee shop, but the Pastor really clicked with us and although the message is what you’d expect to get in church, it’s delivered in a comfortable, friendly way.

On Good Friday, my family and I decided to take the plunge and participate in the baptism celebration. It was SO not me. Cameras, lights and lots of people cheering us on. I was so embarrassed but at the same time, very happy to have finally found a church that we love.

Here we are, freshly dunked! The Hub was getting the car but he participated too.  It’s a horrible pic of me, but you all know me so I know you will forgive the matted hair and the lack of make-up which seemed to disappear once dunked. Not pretty but that’s okay. 

Just baptized!
Just baptized!!

In case you are wondering, The Teen did not participate but he went with us. He has been going to the Mormon church and although I had hoped that he’d join us, he decided not to. Religion is a very personal thing, and I don’t like it to be jammed down my throat so I am letting him take this journey on his own. As a mom, there are lots of decisions I have had to make recently that have been difficult, but knowing my own struggle with religion, his choice of religion should not be one of them.

I was so worried about stupid stuff like the temperature of the water and looking like a dork once dunked but with everyone cheering you on, you stand there dripping wet, but happy. I thought The Girl would get scared last-minute but nope, she wanted to be first!

So, that was my excitement this past week. Yesterday , The Girl had a track meet. It was held on a really old, dirt track and none of the kids knew how to run on it. Out by us, all of the tracks are turf so The Girl struggled a little with her times, but still enjoyed herself. We then had her best friend over for dinner and a sleepover. It was a fun night. They colored eggs and got barked at by the Otter Pup.

The Teen had to work the prom last night so he’s not up yet. I suspect he’ll sleep right into the afternoon.

Here are a couple of photos from yesterday:

Chatsworth Track Meet
The Girls at the track meet. Mine, is the one in the middle.
Dinner with the Girls
A fun dinner with The Girl and her BFF.

What am I reading?

I am reading A Wild Sheep Chase in bits and pieces. Murakami is always so enjoyable and thought-provoking that I find myself savoring his writing. It’s not a book to blow through quickly. I am also reading The Walking Dead governor books. VERY good. I am in the middle of And The Mountains Echoed, a good story but my interest is waning.

What am I cooking?

I wasn’t going to make anything special but then last minute decided to cook-up a ham. I saw a recipe for a peach & brown sugar glaze and I was craving greens so we’ll have the peach-glazed ham, collard greens, mac & cheese (both gluten-free and non), mashed potatoes, carrots and rolls. I picked up a peach pie for the Fam and then I got a creme brûlée for myself. Yum.

What am I watching?

I’ve been watching Chrisley Knows Best. Have you seen that show?? It’s crazy but I can’t stop watching it.

That’s my week and weekend. I am helping myself to another cup of coffee and then hopefully I can take a nap later. What’s your plan for today? I am glad I went to church on Friday because I am dragging this morning.

27 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: An Easter Hello”

  1. so glad to year your tests were normal.i agree religion is personal nice that your son has understanding parents.Happy Easter you& your family.

    1. Happy Easter and  happy Sunday to you! It’s so gorgeous here. I have the windows open and the girls are running around crazy right now. So is the pup!


  2. Wow. You had a Sunday post like mine…so much in there. So much to comment on. SO glad the tests came back OK, and I’m sorry about the reorg but there is a chance things will be better than they were so that is what I’m hoping for. Totally thrilled for you getting baptized. We have so much stuff going on, it is a blessing if you can find a church that brings you peace and joy. And you know my stand on religion, and my kids are struggling with their choices right now. I’m not pushing. Pushing creates all kinds of issues. We will be having Easter dinner at one of Savannah’s fine eating establishments tonight. I can’t wait. Happy Easter to your family!

    1. Oh gosh, you sure can relate to my brand of crazy and that helps me more than you know.  Enjoy that dinner tonight. I hope you post details on FB. 


  3. Congrats on the baptism. Glad to hear your tests came back normal. Sounds like your life in transition with your job, but sometimes that can be a good thing in the long run. Good luck to it all, and Happy Easter!

    1. Thank you! I am hoping the work thing turns into a promotion. We’ll see.    Visit my blog: Book Chatter


  4. It sounds as though you are happy and going with the flow of life! We love watching Todd’s hysterically funny…but we are hooked on Southern Comfort, too! Happy Easter!

  5. I’m so glad to hear your tests were normal!!

    Congratulations on your baptism! I think you look wonderful in your photo – so full of joy! You are so smart to allow The Teen to take his own spiritual journey.

    Happy Easter to you and your family!

  6. Mmmm creme brulee. But more importantly, I’m so glad that the biopsy came back normal. That must have been such a huge huge relief to you and your family.

    I’m sure you are having such a lovely Easter, especially after the recent baptism. Good for you for letting the teen go in his direction. It’s been an off and on source of contention in our family over the years (I grew up Mormon but haven’t gone to church regularly since I was a college freshman). It’s a hard thing for a parent to accept, I’m sure, but inner peace and happiness are important to everyone.

    The girl is just gorgeous Tina. Happy Easter to you all.

  7. Congrats on your baptism. Glad you’ve found a church home too. Very meaningful right on Easter Sunday. Happy Easter to you and yours!

  8. So happy your tests were normal Ti! Sounds like u have so much happening —congrats on finding a church that works for you. With kids it’s important to pick your battles and to me religion shouldn’t be one of them. Have a great week

  9. What a post! I am so glad that you got normal results. That is a relief, and I am glad that you’ve found a church that speaks to you. I, too, think religion is a very personal thing…and it should be. We had a great Easter dinner with Anna and her family, and our daughter and theirs had a great time….even if The Girl is a teen, she’s so gracious to spend her time with my little girl.

  10. Welcome back! It sounds like your spring break trip was good, but I missed reading your blog. You had a lot of news to fill everyone in on. So happy to hear that your test results were normal, and congratulations on your baptism. 🙂 The work thing sounds stressful; we had something similar a few years ago and I would find myself having nightmares about it. I was sort of amazed how much it bothered me. Hope you had a great Easter!

  11. Wow, what an eventful week! Congratulations on so many different things and good luck on the others! 🙂

    I really enjoyed And The Mountains Echoed, though I also don’t feel it was as good as his other books.

  12. I’m happy to hear everything is A-OK health-wise! Rest easy and enjoy life.

    Your kids sound like great people.

    I want to read And The Mountains Echoed, but I have to get through A Thousand Splendid Suns first. I feel hesitant to start because I’ve read so much Middle Eastern fiction that I feel like I’m in a rut with it.

    How is your wild sheep chase going? I adore that book.

    1. Re: Wild Sheep Chase, there is a lot of ear talk in this one! I am only about 50 pages in. 


  13. Whew! So glad the biopsy came back normal, Ti. The waiting can be so hard, I know.

    I don’t envy you your work situation, but I do hope it works out well for you.

    Congratulations on your baptism! How exciting for you and your family! I think it’s wonderful that you are letting your son take his own spiritual journey. It’s not always an easy path to be on, but it is a personal one that isn’t the same for everyone.

  14. Ti, Yay on the results!! So glad you are okay 😉 As far as religion goes – that’s awesome you found a place you feel comfortable at (and I think its great you let The Teen figure it out for himself) – it really is a personal thing. Sounds like a lot is going on and you definitely keeping busy. Murakami is always a great read – I was actually thinking of picking up one of his books to read, as I have been on fire lately with my reading mojo. I have been reading a book a day and loving it! I actually just finished fangirl (which I loved). I’m currently reading Rob Lowe’s first autobio and enjoying it immensely. I actually love Chrisely Knows Best – he is crazy!! Hope you have a great week!!

  15. So glad that the results came out fine, phew! Also congratulations on your baptism. So glad that religion and church worked out the way you wanted it to.

  16. Sounds to me like a great way to spend a Sunday! 🙂 So thrilled for you for the NORMAL biopsy! YAY!!!! I walked into a freezing cold mucky pond a long time ago to get baptized! Faith is awesome to have and use daily 🙂

  17. Sorry to take so long to get back to you…Easter Sunday, we were away, but I did want to congratulate you and your daughter on your baptism. I also did enjoy A Wild Sheep Chase. It was my first Marukami…yes, I’ve since fallen out of love with his work, but I did enjoy that one a lot.

    1. The Hub was baptized too but left to go get the car as we were freezing! It was interesting with all of the people, lights and cameras around. My son recorded it but hasn’t posted it anywhere as of yet. 


  18. Congrats on the baptism and finding a church home! We struggle trying to find a church home. Found a minister we love but hate, hate the music. It’s tough when your kids choose a different path but at least The Teen is choosing a religion – one of mine is an atheist which is heartbreaking for me.

    1. I think it was the right time for us in general because once we decided to try church, we found one right away. My father was an atheist and my mom was Catholic so imagine how confused I was as a kid. 


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