Cover Lust

New Murakami Covers

I am shaking my head because this is so unfair.

I finally, FINALLY own all of Murakami’s novels in paperback and what happens?? They come out with these awesome new covers.

If you look closely, the images on the cover contain clues:

The Elephant Vanishes

See how that center image resembles an elephant’s trunk? Clever, huh?

I. Need. These.

17 thoughts on “Cover Lust”

    1. I have yet to see them in stores but I wonder if the spines form a picture. I can totally see them doing that. 


    1. They are stunning. I wish they’d put them in 5-volume sets so I could purchase a set here and there.  His books in general are hard to find in stores. I’ll probably have to order them online. 


  1. Ti, you are hilarious! You do so much positive press for Murakami he should send you a set for free! This happened to me awhile ago with the Agatha Christie novels (new covers, not free books). So unfair. Let’s get this trending: #freeMurakamibooksforTi

    1. And I wouldn’t be surprised if the spines create a picture when on a shelf together. I have yet to see a physical copy of one yet but I could totally see it. 


  2. I feel like I will die if I don’t get these new covers. I am 3 books shy of having all of his books and it annoys me now because BAM–new covers. I suppose I need to start redoing my collection. :/

    I hope the spines create a picture. I really hope.

  3. Plus the red, black, and white design! They are really striking. Reminds me that I need to read another of his soon! I have Norwegian Wood and After Dark sitting on the shelf. Oh and 1Q84. Where would you start?

    1. After Dark was very good and short. I’d start there. Norwegian Wood was not my fave. I mean, I love ALL of his books in some way, but that was one of my least fave. I did not care for the protagonist. 1Q84 is wonderful but needs to be read in small chunks so you can digest what’s going on. 

      His new one comes out soon so I am stretching Wild Sheep Chase out for as long as I can. BUT, if you can get his running book on audio, GET IT! I mentioned it on FB when you posted your running post but you might have missed it. It’s a wonderful book about his relationship with running. He runs EVERY day. It’s called, What I Talk About When I Talk About Running. I got an audio copy from the library for my iPod but even if you buy it, you will find yourself revisiting it when you need a little bit of calm. 


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