The Sunday Salon: No Snow, Just Sun

The Sunday Salon

This past week, the news kept talkin’ up the big snow storm that was supposed to hit So Cal on Saturday. Friday night was very rainy and cold. Saturday, we felt a few flakes but the entire thing petered out. Today, nothing but sun and blue skies. So my snowy, reading weekend became a weekend to do errands. I hate that.

Off I went to get puppet supplies because The Girl needs to make a puppet of Jane Goodall. I also hit the grocery store, Target and who knows where else. Now that I am done with the errands, the kids and Hub took the Otter Pup (Chloé) to visit with friends so I am free to lounge around and read. I’ve been reading The Little Stranger. Although I am liking it quite a bit, it doesn’t seem to be holding my interest yet.

Later on, I plan to watch all the red carpet action but I’m not sure I’ll view the Oscars in its entirety. I am not a fan of James Franco (the host) but I’ll give him thirty minutes to change my mind.

Enjoy your Sunday!

20 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: No Snow, Just Sun”

  1. I know what you mean about errands…they are just hateful sometimes…and as for the Oscars…all of the gossip I have read says it is going to be bad…but the Red Carpet stuff is so much fun to watch!!! Have fun!!!

  2. Lucky you not getting any snow. It’s snowing enough here for both of us and we’re getting lots more during the week. Yuck!

    Enjoy your reading. I’m going to settle in soon to hopefully finish up my book.

  3. We’ve had the most beautiful day here in Southern Mississippi…the Head of My Household actually had to tell me to slow down today or I would’ve probably planted something 🙂 We will probably have at least one more cold snap before true Spring…I just know I’m ready to be outside!!

    1. My front garden is usually all planted with flowers by now but I’ve not been able to put anything in the ground. It’s just too cold out here (for So Cal, anyway). I’ve never seen it this cold in Feb/March.

  4. We were all so excited that we were going to get snow down to 1,000 feet this weekend and it didn’t happen. There were reports of fluries in various places around town (Santa Barbara), but nothing stuck

  5. How IS that Otter Pup? Getting lots of treats and toys I hope! I doubt I will make it through the Oscars…I’m exhausted. I’m going to try to catch up with blogs then retire before 9:30 I’m hoping.

  6. I’m planning to watch the Oscars too but I’m starting late and using the DVR so I can skip all the boring parts (which is probably going to be most of it). I’m quite curious how Franco and Hathaway will be as hosts … they seem like such an odd choice.

  7. Sorry to hear the snow didn’t arrive, I bet your kids would have enjoyed seeing it snow.

    I was at Target today… I went in for 3 items and spent $80, I always find more to buy.

    My husband is traveling tonight so I happen to be watching the Oscars. I’m going to turn it off soon, hoping to read and get 8 hours of sleep tonight (A gal can hope…).

    Have a great week!

    1. Well, now that it’s the day after I can safely say the Oscars left a lot to be desired. What happened to class?? It seemed so over the top and bordered on tacky in places. Like Franco dressing up like a woman. Goodness! My friends and I were bashing the entire show on FB. Ok, I’ll admit it. That part was sort of fun.

  8. They kept talking up the snow here too in SF friday night. Sure it was cold but was clear as a bell. They completely forgot that there has to be moisture in the air for there to be snow here 🙂

    1. I was bummed about the lack of snow. When it’s sunny, you just don’t want to stay inside to read. That was my problem this weekend. I felt like I had to get out since I had no excuse to stay in. It sure has been cold though!

    1. The Girl has to do a book report on a person that she admires. After perusing the book store shelves, she chose Jane Goodall. She wanted someone who worked with animals. She could either dress up as Jane or make a puppet. I thought the puppet would be easier so I bought the stuff yesterday. I really don’t know too much about her myself so I suspect I will be reading up on her before the report is due.

    1. I ended up watching the entire Oscar show because a few of us were having fun bashing it on FB. I know.. I can be bad sometimes. Nope. We got just a few flakes. Apparently, it snowed right after we left this one restaurant but we missed it entirely. The kids were bummed. I was bummed, too.

  9. It hailed in Palm Springs on my trip! Crazy.. luckily only for a few minutes.

    I also was laughing a lot (not in a good way) at the awards. They went a tad overboard trying to appeal to the younger crowd. Anne Hathaway, bless her heart, was trying obnoxiously hard and came across as crazy fake in my opinion…. though she did seem to do most of the work.

    Did you see Franco on The Daily Show? If you don’t like him, you would have thrown up. Watch a clip just to make yourself annoyed. 😉

    1. Ok, I saw the clip of the mini-fridge mishap. It got a chuckle out of me. I just don’t see the draw with Franco. He’s “ok” looking, not a very good actor in my opinion and just sort of blah. I guess he’s on General Hospital too. I loved GH when Rick Springfield was on it. Now THERE’s a guy who can hold my attention.

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