Hello, Library. It’s been a long time.

When it comes to my own reading, I find that I’m not a big user of the library system. Why? Well, when I want to read a particular book, I tend to want it read it right then so that’s where my Kindle becomes the most used device in my household, besides my BlackBerry. I love that you can pretty much hold any library item you want, but the waiting…Oh! The waiting drives me nuts. Especially for the most coveted titles. I mean, how can you plan your reading schedule when you are number 210 on a wait list?

Since I work for a university, I hit its library most often since it’s just a quick trot up the stairs. However, our faculty are allowed to check-out titles for a period of TWO years. That’s right. TWO YEARS which basically means that whatever they’ve checked out is never coming back. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a title listed as “on shelf” only for it not to be there.

Yesterday, I remembered that I had to pick-up my book club’s title for next month, A Very Long Engagement. Well, it’s not really a book I want to buy and it’s not a book I want to get on my Kindle either, so I took a chance and hit the university library to see if it was there. Lo and behold, it was and guess what else was there?

A Very Long Engagement

Looks a bit steamy, eh?

The Little Stranger

I’ve been wanting to read this one for ages.

It’s funny how a successful trip to the library can renew all the warm, fuzzy feelings you once felt for it. I go all the time for the kids, but it’s nice to actually find something for myself and it didn’t even cost me a dime. Gotta love that.

22 thoughts on “Hello, Library. It’s been a long time.”

  1. I never had a problem finding titles that I wanted to read right away when I went to the library and I never put books on hold that had more than maybe 10 people ahead of me so I was always happy to find things that really tripped my trigger. Sadly, I am incapable to getting books back on time and had to give up the library!

    1. The pressure to read them by the due date is another reason why I usually buy books over checking them out. I do end up renewing them online a lot if they haven’t been held by someone.

  2. I suffer from the same impatience as you when it comes to new releases but I have been rather fortunate with getting new titles from my library.

    I’ve seen the movie for A Very Long Engagement and it’s good — I’ll have to check out the book as well.

  3. TWO YEARS?! That’s madness! Haha! I use the Beverly Hills Public library the most because it is small enough to not be overwhelming, its clean (which is a feat here in L.A., as you know) and they actually have a fantastic collection. I do utilize it quite a bit actually. I hope this is the start of some good luck in the library area for you!

  4. I rarely use the library either. It’s not only the waiting that gets me. The book doesn’t always come at a convenient time and then they want it back in two weeks. I hope you enjoy your books!

  5. I can’t allow myself to buy a kindle for that very reason – I’d be forever thinking ‘oooooh, must have!’ and buying spur of the moment books. Plus, I am spoiled by having a really fantastic library down the road – and hardly ever have to wait too long, even for new books. Very lucky!

  6. Also….Kindle’s are convenient but oooooo what about the smell of a real-life book. Rather than being trigger happy on the kindle, my obsession is more costly as I MUST have the real thing on my shelf now….making me quite trigger happy on the ol’ Amazon next day delivery button :-O Would like to hear how the Very Long Engagement pans out, the film is beautiful and I didn’t realise it was a book. Would be great to hear if it is worth reading.

  7. Like previous commenter Wallace, I love the Beverly Hills library–very clean and an amazing children’s section and children’s programs. But I also have a little branch within walking distance, which the kids and I visit occasionally. I should use it more, though!!!

  8. I never use the library – like you, I can’t stand waiting for the one I want to come in. So, I usually just buy it at the bookstore or get it on my Kindle. I’m glad you lucked out and were able to get that Waters book. By the by, I saw the film version of A Very Long Engagment and it was okay – I mainly saw it because of the director and Audrey Tatou. Anyhow, hope you enjoy your reads 😉

  9. Using the college library is a great convenience, but the NEW book collection, although good, just does not compare to what I a request through out State regional system.

    Congrats on your finds Ti. You must have been so surprised!

  10. Two years!? That doesn’t seem right at all! Glad you had a good trip. I actually have similar feelings. I want the book to be available to me RIGHT when I want to read it.

  11. A Very Long Engagement – I remember going and seeing it in the theater quite a few years ago. It was pretty sad if I remember correctly, so be prepared for that!

  12. I have a love/hate relationship with my library. I use it often because I can’t spend a lot of money on books, but frustrates me when they don’t have what I need. They very often don’t own what I want, so I need to interlibrary loan it. I can go with a list of books and will be lucky to find one on the shelf. It has gotten better since I can go online and see what is on the shelf before I actually go there.

  13. You nailed my sentiments exactly! Any new book coming in with any amount of buzz circulating and I am always in the 200 and 300’s on the wait list. I have no patience and I hate having to work my reading schedule around those long waits. In fact, people can start putting holds on books before the books even arrive on the shelves here! Madness I say!
    (2 years? bye-bye book!)

  14. i tend to go in cycles borrowing books from the library. while i always borrow audio books, i only borrow traditional books every month or so because i tend to take out too many and never get to read them all. right now i’m on a wait list for 3 new memoirs that i blogged about in january. can’t wait to get my paws on them. as for a two year rule, that’s absurd! it’s a wonder there are any books left in the library. hee hee.

  15. ahhh. those steamy covers. Hope you enjoy The Little Stranger, I read it didn’t like it much but I think I am going to try Nightwatch next. 😉

  16. I go often for/with my kids, but, like you, don’t often have good luck myself. It’s the patience/impatience factor for me.

    Two years is excessive! Unless there’s some way to vet that a book is being used for academic research, why are the loan periods so long!?

    Well, glad you had such good luck this time – treasure in the library! Enjoy …

    1. Faculty have a lot of pull, which is the case at most universities. They can justify anything and are rarely challenged. I just don’t like that it affects my reading. How dare they!

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