The Sunday Salon: Cooking, Reading and a Pup Update

Chloe and The Girl

This will be super quick because there is just so much going on right now. Nothing like a busy Sunday to keep you on your toes. I spent the entire morning cooking meals for the week. With the new pup (Chloe), I find that I cannot take my eyes off of her for too long, so pre-cooked meals this week will make things a lot easier. I am making, Tacos, Southwestern Tortilla Soup, Spaghetti and Meatballs for the week and Hamburgers for tonight.

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As you  know from this post, I hit a speed bump with my reading so I picked up Pit Stops, to ease me through the bump. The timing of this book is perfect. It’s about a woman’s trek across the country with a Pit named Loren. It’s part travel and food memoir but focuses on animal rescue. Since we rescued Chloe from the shelter just a week ago, I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying this book.

Chloe 2

Chloe is doing well. She seems to be fitting right in. She loves to be with us, no matter what we are doing (cooking, reading, watching movies, etc.) Her nickname is Otter Pup, because she looks so much like an otter. Her coat has completely changed since last week. It’s amazing what a little good food will do for a puppy.

Chloe 3

Can you tell that she likes her belly to be rubbed? Every time we come near her this is what she does and let me tell you, she gets a lot of rubbing on that tummy of hers.

Okay, back to pup watch as she is circling me, and you all know what that means. Later I have to go out and clean-up my van because The Girl left the door open and it rained all day yesterday. What a mess!

Hope you have a nice, relaxing Sunday.

26 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Cooking, Reading and a Pup Update”

  1. These pictures are adorable, Ti! Love that your daughter is enjoying Chloe so much! Some of my cats love to sit with their bellies exposed, too!

    Great idea to make meals for the week today. it’ll save you a lot of time.

    I’m beginning to think we synced up our reading lists at some point since I keep seeing books I plan to read soon on your sidebar…last week it was The Elegance of the Hedgehog and now I see Anatomy of Ghosts which is staring me down from my nightstand pile! I hope you like it!

    Pit Stops sounds like a sweet, inspiring book and a perfect one for you right now. I hope you review it.

    Enjoy the rest of your day.
    ~ Amy

  2. Pre-cooked meals can be a real blessing, I know! Chloe is so adorable. 🙂 Puppies are such handfuls, aren’t they? But they sure do steal our hearts quickly. I hope you have a great week, Ti!

  3. I do most of my cooking for the week on Sundays now too. It helps me eate better during the week. It is just for me though since I am not married and have no children. So far today I made oven roasted veges and brown rice with my grandma. Tonight I am doing lemon pepper chicken, turkery burgers, and banana almond muffins. I love turkey tacos and did that one two weeks ago. I used to hate leftovers and now I make myself eat them for a week. lol 🙂

    1. Cooking ahead does take a bit of planning, but if it allows me more time to read and relax then I am all for it. I get so stressed during the week trying to do it ALL.

  4. Sounds like you’re all adjusting to each other just fine! I was amazed at how much our greyhound’s coat changed after a week or two on a high quality dog food. Have a great week.

  5. I’ve done the “cooking for the week” the past two Sundays; enjoyed it so much last week that I decided to do it again this week. It surprisingly doesn’t take that much longer to do several meals at once and it’s so nice to not have to worry about it. Your new family member is adorable! I just can’t imagine taking on a puppy, though. Girls that leave van doors open in the rain are enough work already!

  6. She’s SO adorable! It makes me want a puppy, looking at those pictures.

    Mmm, your dinner’s sound yummy… making me hungry (and making me want someone to fix a week’s worth of food for me!).

  7. Our Pixie and Romeo both roll over and wait for belly rubs. It sometimes makes it difficult to pick them up because they want to remain on their backs. My other three dogs? Yeah, not so big into belly rubs. Back and head rubs is what does it for them.

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