Reading & Speed Bumps

For the past several weeks, I have been a reading fool! I’m not really sure why but when the TBR pile goes from a towering stack down to a small pile of books, who cares? BUT, I’ve come to a screeching halt. A speed bump, if you will.

The Anatomy of Ghosts

When I started The Anatomy of Ghosts a few weeks ago, I was in love with the writing. I eagerly turned each page and it was really to my liking. In between reading it, I was reading two other books, both of which I have since finished, yet this one, I just cannot get through. I can’t put my finger on why, either. I still like the writing and I like the characters but it seems a bit slow and although the setting is one that I love, England in 1786, I am finding it hard to get through.

What do you do when you hit a speed bump with your reading? Normally, if I don’t get into a book within the first fifty pages I don’t think twice about putting it aside, but I like this one (at least so far) I just can’t seem to get through it. It sort of has a textbook feel to it. It’s very scholarly in nature and a bit dense. Maybe I should just put it aside for a bit?

Now that I hit this speed bump, all other reading has come to a crashing halt. This, I am sad about because I was doing so well and now the books are stacking up around me again. Plus, a book that I read sometime ago, which I absolutely loved, has completely left my brain and I’ve yet to write the review. Seriously. I guess it’s more like a pothole than a speed bump.

I think I will put it aside for now and come back to it in a bit. Yep. That’s what I’ll do.


21 thoughts on “Reading & Speed Bumps”

  1. That happens to me too. Why is it so across the board — no reading at all? It is definitely like a pothole… that’s the perfect description. Here’s to hoping you find your way out of it soon!

  2. I am in capable of putting a book aside unless I finish it…but if I really really hate it I will speed read through it and try to forget about it. That is why book choices are so important to me.

  3. I hit a big speed bump recently, too. It wasn’t that I didn’t like the book, it just read *really* slow for me. Once I read past the 100 page mark I feel like I pretty much have to either finish the book or give it up completely. I’m not one to really lay something aside once I’ve made a significant investment into it because I know that once I put it aside, it’ll be uber-hard to make myself go back to it because I’ll feel like I have to start it over from the beginning to really give it a fair shake because it’ll be too hard to pick it back up again in the middle after it’s faded from my mind too much.

    1. That is what happened to me with Harry Potter 4. I read half of it, and then had a baby and never picked it up again. I really wanted to but didn’t think I could unless I read the entire series again, so that is what I plan to do. I don’t know how it will work with this one. It seems like I read a ton of pages yet nothing happened. Since it lacks action, I’m thinking it might be easier to set down, and then pick up again. I could be wrong.

    1. Well, the total crap books are good for a feeling of accomplishment, but my brain can no longer tolerate total crap. I need a bit more substance unless I am sick and have a raging headache or something 🙂

  4. If you are enjoying the book, then I’d still read it in small doses …but have another faster-paced one to alternate with.

    I just started To the Lighthouse, but it’s slow going and my brain just can’t read it when I’m tired, etc, so I started Notes on a Scandal to read when my powers of concentration aren’t up to what Lighthouse requires. We’ll see how this works, since I usually just read one book at a time.

  5. I have been known to put down a book and not return to its pages for over a year. In some cases, a book sat on my shelf, partially read, for over five years! And, guess what, I actually just finished it last month!

    Go ahead, take a break if you can’t sink your teeth into it…. yet.

  6. I love how you answered your own question by the end of the post. When I have a difficult book, I start another one and try to do a little bit each day in the hard book. Some books just need to be read that way.

  7. This happens to me sometimes too! I fear that I’m just going to keep picking up one book that I don’t like after another, like my picker’s off (does that sound bad?). Then I just have to turn to an author I know I’ll love to get me out of my funk!

  8. This has not happened to me too often as I can usually tell be 50 pages or so, whether I should continue. However, if I’ve invested a lot of time beyond that and just lose me passion for the book, I have been known to skip to the last 50 pages and see how things shake out….LOL

  9. I am with Jenners, love how you pretty much answered your question:)

    When I hit a speed bump like the one you are describing, I change gears. Read a magazine, paint a picture, bake some cookies, etc. Sometimes we are just not in the mood to read, no matter how much we love a book.

  10. I didn’t see this post before I commented on your ‘Sunday salon’ post. (oops! sorry!) this book is sitting in my tbr pile but I haven’t picked it up yet. I have experienced what you are now…enjoying a book but not being able to get through it.

    I think taking a break is a great idea & about all you can do when this happens!
    ~ Amy

  11. I’ve hit that several times recently. I just cannot get through The Glass Castle. Not that it’s not interesting (although I do feel like some of it gets repetitive) but for some reason it’s just not doing it for me right now. I think putting yours aside right now is a good idea–come back to it when you’re in the right frame of mind for it. Wish I could do that, but it’s a borrowed book and needs to go home.

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