Vacation Reading: Spring Break Edition

Palm Desert
I think we are the last people in the country to be on Spring Break. It seems as if everyone has had theirs already, or is enjoying it this week but here in my neck of the woods, next week is the real deal and that means that I am taking the week off from work. You’d think that the University would be closed but no… it’s wide open so I am burning some vacation time to take it but it’s all good. I need the break!

Although we have the entire week off, we plan to take some day trips and then spend some time in Palm Desert. We’ve got family there and it’s just a really pretty place to visit. It can be unbearably hot in the summer, but right now…it’s lovely. I can’t wait to see all of that green. And the Otter Pup will be coming with us!

So what will I be reading?

I started an informal read-along of We Need to Talk About Kevin on Facebook. By informal, I did this…”Hey, does anyone want to read Kevin with me and then talk about it afterward?” Some people responded so we will be reading Kevin over the next couple of weeks or however long it takes us to finish it. See? Informal. I don’t do well with formal read-alongs because they seem like work to me but this just seems like fun. If you want to read it too, get yourself a copy and start next week.

I will also be reading The Starboard Sea and Emily Alone. I could add at least three more but realistically, it’s not going to happen. I always take too much and then I end up buying stuff wherever I am so this is what I am bringing with me.

Back in the day, I used to be able to read into the wee hours of the night but now the Otter Pup glares at me if the light is on so I have to go to bed like a good little human. I’ve tried to record her giving me the evil eye but she runs up to the camera and licks it to death. You can’t film a thing with Otter Pup slobber all over the lens and you can’t read a thing if she physically knocks the book and book light right out of your hands. However, if I do get video of her antics I will be sure to share it.

23 thoughts on “Vacation Reading: Spring Break Edition”

  1. No you aren’t the last! Ours doesn’t start until 2:15 next Wednesday. We aren’t going anywhere, we are just going to do the beach, a couple more horse lessons and animal shelters and movies than normal. Have a wonderful time! I worry about reading Kevin and Emily Alone on a vacation though! These are not light-hearted, in fact Kevin threatened to drag me into a funk (even though it is really well-written.)

  2. On your recommendation I got Emily Alone and the companion novel by O’Nan out of the library, but have not had time to read it yet. I hope you enjoy all of your reading.

  3. Would you not rather read something more cheerful for spring? We need to talk abt Kevin is sooooooo…. dark and depressing. 🙂

  4. Spring break here is this week for some and next week for others…

    I use both weeks…lol…

    Love Palm Desert…we used to do that all of the time when we lived in St. Louis…

    I read both books…loved them…in different ways…so I will wait and chat…

  5. I am so glad you are getting a bit of a break, and that you will get the chance to see some beautiful places! Spring Break started this Monday for us, so it’s almost over for my kids. It’s been nice having the kids home, but I am ready for school to start again!

  6. Hope you have a good time on your week off and manage to get your reading done. It’s spring break here this week and it’s so quiet in the neighborhood without all the kids going back and forth. Sammy is the same way in bed at night which is what makes the Kindle or iPad great. He doesn’t mind that. The bedside light though – I get glared and huffed at. Lol.

  7. Someone else told me about Starboard Sea too. So it must be good. I will have to pick up a copy. I got the Solitude of Primary Numbers for a book club read at the moment. Enjoy your time in beautiful Palm Desert. We were in Palm Springs for 2 weeks in Feb. for a vaca and loved the time there, gorgeous! susan

  8. Oh lucky, lucky you to have a week off from work! It sounds like you have a great week of fun planned, although after starting Kevin last night, I agree with others, kind of heavy for a vacation! I just want to warn you that unless this book really starts to grab me, I am thinking I will not have it done in 2 weeks! So, so wordy! 🙂 I am going to balance it with a fairy tale for Carl’s Once Upon a Time challenge and a lighter Sophie Kinsella book. “Talk” to you soon!

  9. Otter pup sounds like she’s related to my Daisy! Drives me crazy! We are just now on Spring Break too so you’re not the last of the crew! 😀
    enjoy your time!

    1. It just started in Facebook. I plan to talk to anyone who’s read it. I will post about it on my blog, too. I am halfway done and already feel the need to talk about it.

  10. my spring break started last wednesday and i was heading to florida, but things came up on the home-front so i’m enjoying a ‘stay’cation instead. as for ‘we need to talk about kevin’, i listened to that one last year and, wow. it was really powerful but i figured out the ending before it happened. 😦

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